Start and Finish

Let’s have a “I’m in Pain” update first.  Well, shoulders are better this morning,  but they were on fire most of the night last night, and I was using salve and ibuprofen like it was going out of style for most of the evening.  I’m much better this morning, and since it’s going to be an upper 70s, low 80s kind of day, I’m going to wear a light sweater without a bra and see how I feel after work tonight.

I did get some new pumps which I’m going to wear at work today to break in, so I’ll be in a completely different kind of pain before this night is through.  Oi.  I’m just a glutton.

The sorta good news is that I manged a few hundred words into the novel last night.  The bad news is if I hadn’t written about fifteen hundred words for my recap last night, I might have actually written more here.  Three hundred and fifty words is something I consider an accomplishment, and the chances are good that I’m going to get this scene, and chapter, and even part finished tonight.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because it seems like I’ve been here forever.

The set up is simple:  Annie’s waiting, listening, and thinking–

Except Annie doesn't have a phone.  and she's standing.

Except Annie doesn’t have a phone. and she’s standing.

She won’t have to do much for long . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie waited just inside the door to the locker room, but stayed within the partitioned area that keep people outside from looking in. She didn’t need to see into the locker room to know what was happening; there were only two people there, and she was informed before coming to this place of what she might see.

She heard mumbling, quite words, and she imagined the two people sitting close together, chatting softly, one consoling the other. Annie felt something pulling at her, and after her lunch-time conversation with Deanna, she wondered if the feeling was psychosomatic, or if she felt something due to the close presence of a special-someone’s aura. Is that connection in place at this moment? Am I feeling his emotions through his aura? Everything she’d read on auras to this point told her she could tell another person’s emotional state by looking at their aura, but she’d never know of a case where someone could use another aura to feel that person’s state.

Is this what makes us special? She wanted to peek around the partition and see if the conversation was almost over. Is this why we’re soul mates?

Holoč Semplen stepped around the partition and sighed. “He’s better now.”

“He not upset?” Annie considered stepping around her coven leader and looking into the locker room.

“He’s still somewhat upset, but he’s stopped beating himself up—” The professor leaned back to take a quick look. “Almost. I think . . .” He smiled at his student. “I think you’ll do far better at eliminating that feeling than I.”

She nodded slowly. “May I try?”

He nodded his head to the left. “Go ahead. I’ll be outside; I’ll make certain you’re not disturbed.”

“Thank you, Professor.”

“You’re welcome.”

It was only after the professor was out of the locker room that Annie stepped out from behind the partition and walked into the locker room proper. She headed directly for Kerry, who was still dressed in his racing uniform, and sat on the bench next to him. She lay her hand upon his leg, just above his left knee. “How are you feeling, my love?”


Locker room and Kerry’s in racing leathers.  It’s about as simple as things get, right?

Let’s hope they remain simple tonight.