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Fifteen Thirty Over

Today is sort of a strange day.  I’m feeling weird this morning, probably because I stayed shut up in the apartment all weekend and did little more than sleep and write.  There is a good side to that last, and it’s that I wrote well over five thousand words during this stint, and that means I’ll hit one hundred and fifty thousand tonight or tomorrow, because I’m only one thousand, one hundred and five words from that mark.

It all really depends on how I feel after I do my recap tonight.

Yesterday, however, I found something, though “found” is a relative term because it’s not like it ever went away.  What I found was my one hundredth post titled Centennial, and I’m actually pretty amazed by it, because, well, I was keeping track of posts then?  That sounds a little retentive, yeah?

I’ve been spending a little time at night going over some of the stuff I wrote way back in the days when I first started blogging, and believe me when I say it wasn’t pretty.  Mostly because I was kinda lost in my own life, and I had little idea about what I wanted to do, both with my writing and my life.  If you can believe it, I was a mess, and I’d just gone through one of the worst summers of my life, in terms of what it did to me emotionally and mentally.  I had very little to look forward to at that point, save for one thing:


And for some strange, nefarious reason, I decided to begin blogging–

"No, this will be easy, I'll just write about whatever come to mind. That should work for the first week--"

“No, this will be easy, I’ll just write about whatever come to mind. That should cover the first week–“

And it just went from there.  Mostly I wrote about writing–big surprise!  Actually I started writing about writing because, truly, I felt it would keep me writing.  In a way it did:  at the end of August I started in on a story that would eventually becoming Kuntilanak, and I began blogging about the experience of writing the story, getting it edited, and eventually publishing the damn thing.

Also, all this blogging led me to decide to continue writing, and from there I spent the month of October getting ready for my first NaNoWriMo, the one that produced the only novel I’ve published–so far.  And because I had the blog, I used that as an outlet to show people what I was doing, how I was doing it, and when I reached November, I wrote about how much I was writing.  Sort of like Inception without the BLLLUUURRRRRRR every few minutes.

Today is post one thousand, six hundred and sixty, hence the post title, and a little calculating shows that Friday, 2 September, 2016, will be post two thousand–assuming I don’t miss a day somewhere in that mix.  It’s almost a year off in the future so I can’t really think much about the date, because no one know what and where we’ll be at that point.

I do know this much:  if I’ve blogging, I’m still writing.  And probably blogging about writing.  Probably writing about my kids.  Let’s hope the first novel is published by then, the second is done, and thinking about the third–

Because there are still a lot of stories to tell.

10 thoughts on “Fifteen Thirty Over

  1. Awww, no exerpts. It’s okay, rest your brain. There’s too much thinking going on there. What do you when you get home….. thaw the meat ( which will take hours … you have to take it out of the freezer before you leave for work. ) One of these days, I’m going to give you easy to cook recipes that are very filling , Philippine soul food, and just the right food in winter. Philippine foods are simple…. you don’t have to buy anything exotic , except maybe soy sauce and fish sauce. Ha ha The fish sauce smells bad but tastes good. If you like, Malaysian, Thai , and Indonesian food, then you’ve eaten fish sauce without knowing it.

    • I usually cook pre-made, so tonight I’ll likely toss something in the oven–I’m thinking pizza bread–then write my recap, then work on the novel. I really want to finish the chapter, because the next chapter has the kids going home, and we get to meet someone that we last saw at the very beginning of the first novel.

      I’ve had fish sauce knowingly. I love all kinds of East Asian foods, so no problem with that.

      • The guy who came over to Kerry’s house what’s-his-name? And already going home for the holidays ? By the way, how long is the holiday vacation ? I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do Kerry and Annie belong to any religious group ? ( I just thought of Pope Francis )

        Also, what happened to Lisa ?

        • Mr. Mayhew was the representative who visited Kerry’s home. Yes, it’s 13-14 Dec, and in a week they’re heading home for Yule. Kerry’s family is a combination Catholic/Lutheran, but they don’t really practice. Annie’s father is an Orthodox Christian and her mother was raise Protestant, has sort of let her beliefs fade. Like Kerry’s parents, neither practice actively. Neither kid has been to church in years, and Kerry told Erywin he’s not really a believer. Annie’s never said what she believes, and probably won’t even if you ask her. Both kids are tolerant of other beliefs, as you can tell.

          And Lisa? She’s around. She’s just not needed right now. 🙂

  2. Must be that time of year. I’ve been thinking about my writing, blogging, etc. and with NaNo coming in less than 5 weeks my mind is in overdrive. Preparing for NaNo now. 😀 I think I originally began blogging to chronicle various things, not just writing, but it really has helped my writing a great deal.
    So glad you stuck with it I love your posts.

  3. I can’t remember the exact date I started blogging, although I know it was a little over two years ago now. I’ve learned many things since then about blogging, writing and whatnot. It’s funny to see how much we grow in terms of both our writing and our lives.

    You’ve had some MAJOR changes in your life since you began your journey, and I can only imagine there are many more exciting adventures in your future. 😉 You’ll reach that 2,000th blog post, and you’ll still be working with your kids… Unless the world ends first, that is…

    • Oh, these kids are all over me! I’ve said before that my first post was the middle of April of 2011, and I was off and on for a while until June of that same year. I’ve noticed my audience has fallen off a bit, but that’s to be expected: people come and go, and a lot of people just read from a distance and don’t click into your blog.

      And, yeah: I’ll probably be working with these kids for a while.

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