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Down On the Deck: Home By the Sea

Here I was, yesterday, saying I wanted to finish this scene and chapter, and guess what?  Did!  Totally did.  No, really.

See?  No brag, just truth.

See? No brag, just truth.

And as you can see Chapter Seventeen awaits, where it’s a week later and–humm.  Looks like the kids are heading home for the holidays.  Yes, it’s that time, when the school shuts down for two weeks and all the kids go home to see their parents.  And if you look closely, you can see that Kerry is heading back to Cardiff and Annie is heading back to Pamporovo.

Actually, Chapter’s Seventeen and Eighteen deal with the kids being away from each other–the first scene of Chapter Sixteen is one of only two times you’ll see the kids together the next two chapters–but that’s in the future, and right now we’re finishing up the present, and it’s time to get my kids together again.


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

The dots on within the image had already crossed half the map when Nurse Bianca called the deck and informed the girls that Nurse Thebe and she were downstairs with warming blankets. Alex was able to get off a quick thank you when Kerry called in. “Flight Deck, this is Overnight. On my mark lowing to four hundred kph and beginning our decent.” He paused for about six seconds before continuing. “And . . . mark.”

Emma, as group pilot, gave the overall command. “Overnight, slow to four hundred kph and follow us down.”

Penny kept her eyes on the display, watching the dots descend towards Cape Ann. She nodded her approval. “Smart move. Forty kilometers out, coming in at four hundred kph—”

“They’ll be here in ten minutes.” Annie figured out the plan during the time Kerry informed them.

“A little more, actually.” Alex waved her hand over a pad. “Lights up on the roof and the Clock Tower. They should be able to see us now.”

“And we need to do now is lay out a landing pattern.” Alex walked over to the window and looked out onto the darkened meadow. “And light a few fires to everyone can warm up on the spot.”

“Good idea.” Penny tapped Annie on the arm. “You’re helping, right?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Annie gave the display another look. “You think I’m waiting up here—”

“—While he’s down there? Nope.” Penny tapped near her ear piece. “Overnight, this is Flight Deck. We have the Flight School overhead lights and the Clock Tower beacon lit, and we’re going to set up your landing grid for you. Over.”

Emma returned with the acknowledgment. “Roger, Flight Deck. Should be on the ground soon. Over.”

All three girls were about to turn from the hologram when Kerry’s voice broadcast through the room. “Hang on, Overnight: A little homecoming music is in order. Hit it.” Immediately four loud guitar cords rang out followed by a heavy drum and bass rhythm. A few seconds later the vocals rang out: “Home by the sea/home by the sea—”

Annie chuckled. “I’ve heard this one before.”

Penny stared at the dots in the tank with a smile on her face. “Bloody hell.”

“That’s my Darling.” Annie grabbed the coats and levitated them towards the girls. “They’ll be her in a few minutes.”


Once more the Flight Deck is running pretty smoothly considering it’s being run by three teenage girls.  They got the action down.  This is why when the bad guys came calling, the school just locked shit up and put the kids out there with the adults, because nothing is crazier than a teenage witch.

“That’s my Darling.”  I actually loved writing that line, because if there’s something Annie’s doing this year, it’s getting loosened up around people.  Well, people she likes.  Other bitches best watch out or they’ll get a lightening bolt shot their way.

And here we have Kerry bring everyone home with music–He’d actually sort of foreshadowed this back on PEI:


“Already figured that out.” He pushed the map display to his right until they were looking at the western coast of Nova Scotia. “Right there.” He marked the point. “About as west as you can get before you run out of land. Which means . . .” He sketched a line to the southwest until he encountered a well-known point of land. “Rockport. And our home by the sea just to the west.” He quickly connected the marked points on the map, creating a line from their current location back to the school. “There’s it is: that’s the route.”


“Our home by the sea”.  So what song does he play coming in?  Why, Home By the Sea, what else?

Not only does he play it, he plays it loud:


All three girls hurried downstairs and found Bianca and Thebe waiting just outside the main hangar door. Penny began pointing to different spots around them. “Alex, set up three fires on the right, I’ll do the same on the left. Let’s get them in a large semi-circle.” She pointed straight ahead. “Annie, could you set up a row of lights for about twenty, thirty meters, maybe five meters apart?”

“Not a problem.” Annie rose about a half-meter off the ground and crafted a white light source on the ground before floating out about five meters to do the same thing again. She did this five more times, setting up a thirty meters runway for the flight to line up on and bring them into the group of fires Alex and Penny created.

She floated back to where the girls and nurses stood. Annie adjusted her wool cap and glanced skyward. “Do you hear that?”

Alex looked up and grinned. “Music?”

“Yes.” Annie grinned wildly. “Kerry must have it his tablet loudspeakers.”

“Jeez.” Penny shook her head. “Vicky must not worry they’re going to be heard from the ground.”

“It’s not like any of the Normals would see them.” She pointed towards the southeast. “I think that’s them.”

Annie saw two sets of yellow-white lights moving off to her right: one seemed to indicate where to turn, and the other seemed to point downward. The continued moving to her left as they now appeared to quickly lose altitude over the east wall. At the north end of the meadow tree line the lights continued swinging to the left, then stopped and began approaching her.

She heard Penny giving instruction for the flight as they lined up on the makeshift runway. The music was easily discernible now, and she could now clearly make out the lead flight, bundled up tight against the cold, with nary a square . Kerry pointed downward with his left hand until they were within touching distance of the ground, at which point he flattened his hand and spread out the lights at his fingertips, while Emma waved her right hand overhead to slow the group, then pumped a fist into the air bringing the flight to a complete stop. The last few lines of the song played—”Cause you won’t get away/So with us you will stay/For the rest of your days/Sit down/As we relive our lives in what we tell you”—before Kerry punched his tablet and shut down the song.

Emma pulled down her balaclava before looking backwards over her shoulder. “Dismount.” She was off her broom a few seconds later as Kerry pulled down his balaclava and slipped his goggles up onto his forehead.

Each of the girls grabbed a couple of warming blanket. Annie immediately made clear which team she was going to treat. “I’ve got the lead.”

Penny chuckled. “Figured that.”

Annie saw Kerry drop his backpack and come around the front of his broom and hold up his right hand for Emma to slap. They exchanged a quick nod before Kerry turned towards Annie, a huge grin affixed upon his face. “There you are.”

“Here I am.” She secured one of her blankets around Emma’s shoulders before doing the same to Kerry. “You need this.” Standing this close she saw patches of frost on his parka, and noticed his glasses were partially fogged. “Come on, both you—” She took Kerry’s hand and waved for Emma to follow. “Come warm up.”


Kerry does a quick high-five with Emma–who seems to have a good pair of lungs on her and likes being in control–and then he’s like, “Open arms for my Sweetie!”  Annie’s being nice handing a blanket to Emma, but then she’s not going to be a bitch a ignore her like someone used to do her.  And there’s frost on Kerry’s parka–probably from when he warmed up coming down to the school.  The temps went up considerably, believe that.


The entire flight had left their backpacks next to their brooms and was now crowding around the fires as the nurses examined a few of those students seen shivering. The two instructors went from student to student asking them them how they felt, patting each on the shoulder. Vicky checked on Emma before turning to Kerry. “I see you’re in good hands.”

Kerry wrapped his blanketed arms around Annie. “In the best, Nightwitch.”

“As I thought.” She stepped towards the middle of the runway. “Okay, listen up—” She raised here voice so everyone could hear. “As soon as you’re warmed up and feeling better, move your brooms and your packs to the hanger—do not unpack them now—then go get something to eat. As there’s no racing tomorrow, we’ll have a debriefing at nine, and after that we’ll unpack and put away our gear. And anyone who doesn’t want to change now let me know and I’ll have housekeeping move your clothes back to your dorm rooms.” She flipped her parka hood back, removed her wool hat and flight helmet, and shook out her hair after stripping off her balaclava. “It was a pleasure flying with all of you.”

“Hey.” Emma pulled her blanket tight as she stepped closer to Annie and Kerry. “I’m gonna see if Nadine will give me a jaunt to the Dining Hall.”

“No problem.” He grinned back at his wingmate. “After flying a couple of thousand kilometers, I think we’ll walk back.”

“Okay, then: catch you later.” She gave them both a wave and walked off.

Finally alone, Annie unzipped Kerry’s parka, pushed back his hood, and removed his head gear, dropping it to the ground next to them. “Feeling better?” She slipped her arms under his parka and around his torso.”

“I am now.” He leaned his head against her shoulder. “What’d you do last night?”

“Hung out with the girls and Jairo.” She felt comfortable and secure against Kerry’s body. “Penny and Alex had me over to sleep with them: they asked Professor Semplen to get housekeeping to move another bed into their room. They said they didn’t want me sleeping alone.”

Kerry held tightly on to Annie. “That was nice of them.”

“It was.” She whispered into his ear. “Did you miss me?”

He moved Annie back so her face was mere centimeters aware, then kissed her slowly for almost twenty second. “Oh, Darling—” He pulled her into a warm embrace. “Every second I was away.”

“So did I, my love—” Annie closed her eyes and held on tightly to her soul mate, least she slide to the ground. “So did I.”


No racing, just Midnight Madness after a little dinner and a cup of something warm, and some warm arms to lay in.  Annie got to do a bit of a sleepover with her covenmates, and Kerry is giving her a long, lingering kiss in a fire-lit PDA, probably because his lips are cold.  Yeah, that’s what it is.

Everyone’s home in what turned out to be a long chapter–one of the longest, actually–and now it’s time to send the kids away for a few weeks.

Where a few more surprises await them . . .

19 thoughts on “Down On the Deck: Home By the Sea

  1. Oi ! Milagro !. Walang echa puera ditto, huh..

    has Emma turned a new leaf ? I’m not totally convinced. I still have to see what happens during the Polar Express. * not gonna hang the katana on he wall just yet. , he he *

    Anyways, I’m pleasantly surprised . Annie being nice to Emma and Emma not ignoring Annie.

    Now I can focus on what awaits these two when they go on yule vacation. Maybe Annie’s Mom will be there and she’ll invite Kerry to their home in Bulgaria ? That woud be nice. I mean, Annie’s mom has already acknowledged their relationship, after all, ,and as long as the invitation is proper, there’s really nothing wrong wih it, in my opinion.

    • Emma did apologize for that, and if Annie had ignored Emma she would have looked like the bitch. Annie always knows what battles to pick, and snubbing Emma there would have made her look bad.

      The only problem with getting Kerry to Bulgaria is how. His family isn’t aware he’s a witch, so he can’t get jaunted there. You will see Annie’s mom, though. And maybe a few other people, too . . .

      • Well, Kerry can go home to his parents first, ask for his parents permission , and pretend he’s going to fly to Bulgaria , but actually Annie’s mom can just jaunt him to Bulgaria,right ? From your reply , I guess it’s not gonna happen.

        • We’ll have to see. Somehow I could see Kerry’s parents going, “How are you paying for a flight to Bulgaria–at Christmas????” Raises way too many questions. Also, his parents aren’t hip to the fact that “The Girl Who Writes” is a little more than just a writing partner.

          • Heh.. His mother suspects him of being gay, and now she suspects as well that Kerry is more than ” friendly ” with a girl, she doesn’t like that either ? Damn if he does, damn if he doesn’t. If I were Kerry, I’d just tell them The Girl Who Writes ” is paying because, Mom, dad, she’s filthy rich. And they already bought the ticket.

          • Yeah, if he said she was rich, mom and dad would probably light up. Then they’d want to meet her. I can’t wait for that scene when Kerry’s folks meet Annie. And, um I know exactly when that happens.

          • Of course , they’re bound to meet Annie sometime, when it’s gonna happen, I have no idea.

            It would bemore awkward for a guy to meet the GF’s parents, especially with dads. ” You haven’t done any weird things with her, have you ? ” But, I don’t think it would be a problem. Annie’s Dad is todo pasa where Annie’s concerned. His little princess.

            Okay, I’m fan fictioning. Please indulge me. he he

          • I do. 🙂

            Oh, I think it’ll be fun when Annie’s dad meets Kerry. And, yes: he still thinks of Annie as his “little girl”. I wonder what daddy would say if he knew she’d already bed spooned with Kerry through the night?

          • His intestines would explode? I don’t know. She does have her dad eating out of the palm of her hand. He indulges her every whim… I mean, she wants a house by the lake, and he builds it, for Pete’s sake.But then, Annie’s just 13, so I guess his blood vessels would burst ? And immediately have Kerry sign a contract that he would make an honest woman out of Annie and marry her at a designated time and place, etc. meanwhile they should avoid situations where weird things may happen .More importantly, there shouldn’t be any cheating with another girl mentally and physically,” otherwise a curse would be placed upon you and your family. You would be rendered impotent and useless, and your lineage would stop at your feet. You woud forever suffer from toothache, and debilitating migraines, and no magical healing would cure you. ”

            * evil laugh *
            Just kidding. Give my apologies to Kerry. lol My imagination ‘s gone berserk.

          • Annie can be quite . . . persuasive. I also think she could be a bit like Veruca Salt from “Willy Wonka” when she wants something–“I want it NOW, DADDY!” That would be Ultimate Annie, and that’s probably when Annie’s Mom gets upset with her being “selfish”.

            At this point Kerry hasn’t thought about some of the stuff that comes from dating Annie. They are in a world of their own at school. Wait until he has to start doing the family thing with her folks . . .

          • He gets to hang with Mom. That should be fun. “So, Kerry . . . have you had anymore ‘Dreams’ about this girl . . ?” Yeah, mom: tell your boy to get his raging hormones under control.

          • ” In case something happens, how are going to support this girl ?

            Don’t worry ,Mom. The doctor at our school’s infirmary says this protection stuff she gives us is foolproof. By the way, Mom, this girl has a name…. her name’s Annie.

            Is that where the family conversation is going ?

          • It’s hard to say. I think part of it would be the problem Kerry’s parents might have in believing he has an actual girlfriend: in a way they still don’t see him as being mature enough for that sort of thing. He’s “still a child” in many ways to them. And if he told them there was magical birth control in the food–OI! First their would be the, “How is that possible?” and then would likely come the, “Do this mean you’re FOOLING AROUND???”

            And if his mother does the “this girl” stuff, Kerry will go nuts. That’s just another way for his parents to passively dismisses her and his feelings.

          • And they would be right. Kerry after all, is only 12, for crying out loud. If I heard this ” protection ” thing from my own 12year old son, I’d freak out, too. I’d freak out if he was 15 or 16.

            So that means, vacation in Bulgaria is out of the question.

            So, what’s gonna happen ? Spend his vacation Skyping Emma ?

  2. I really do love those two together, and I’m glad Annie’s making friends with some of the other witches in the school so that she’s not alone while Kerry’s away. It’s good for her and for him. 🙂

    • That was one of the things I wanted to get out there, that once they moved up to the next level they could be seen hanging with kids their age. And since the C Levels are a friendly bunch, they enjoy having those two with them. It’ll be even more interesting when Annie and Kerry are the C Levels in the next book and they have to make the new B Levels feel welcome.

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