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Cartref yn ôl ar Gyfer y Gwyliau

And with a title like the mouthful posted today, it means only one thing:  someone’s back home in Wales.  It goes without saying that this is probably not a good moment for my Ginger Hair Boy, because home is not a good place for him, but at least he didn’t have a break down moment like the last time he left a certain Chestnut Girl who was on her way back to Bulgaria.

He know he’s going to see her in a few weeks, and this slight pain he feels is a good one.  Or so he was once told.

Therefore let us to head off to the place of the return and see what transpires next.

No word if Kerry picked up a tasty steak pastry before leaving the station, however.

No word if Kerry picked up a tasty traditional steak pastry before leaving the station, however.


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry followed Ms. Rutherford out of Cardiff Central Station and headed towards the Audi saloon with the raised boot lid. He set his roll-on bag in the boot, tapped the lid to activate the auto-close mechanism, then got in on the rear passenger side, setting his backpack between his legs. The moment his seat belt clicked shut, the driver put the car in gear and pulled out.

Weather was about normal for this time of year for Cardiff: cloudy with a light winds and about eight Centigrade. The sun had set about an hour before, but the lights of the city kept everything bright. It was rare he saw this part of the city when it was dark: the few times he’d went with his family anywhere during the evening, they bypassed downtown by taking Western Avenue. Not that they ever went anywhere at night . . .

His mind wasn’t on being home: it was on Annie and on meeting her father. After the discussion he had with Ms Rutherford before their late lunch, he couldn’t get over the feeling of her dad scrutinizing him, of trying to determine if there was something different about him. He didn’t get that exact feeling while standing across from him in the jaunt waiting area, but a few hours later, after he’d had time to analyze the meeting, the meeting left him a little unnerved.

Annie told me there were things I needed to know about her family— He caught a quick glimpse of the prison as they drove eastward. She didn’t mention anything about her father doing his best to make me feel a bit insignificant.


After a few hours of sitting and lunching and enjoying some great sandwiches and talking with Ms. Rutherford, Kerry finally starting to get those “I just met my girlfriend’s father” jitters, and it’s not leaving him in a good place.  The last twenty-four hours have been pretty heavy for Kerry, with parents meetings and talk of babies.  What else can get laid on his twelve year old ass before he’s dropped off for Christmas?


Bernice sensed his contemplation. “Thinking about anyone I know?”

“Annie—” He looked straight ahead. “And her dad.”

“Ah, yes: the future father-in-law.” She almost chuckled at the sideways look Kerry sent her way. “There’s one thing I didn’t tell you about fathers—”

“What’s that?”

“The never think there’s any boy who’s good enough for their daughters. They spend their entire lives providing and protecting their little girls, and then along comes some boy who captures her heart, and . . .” She shrugged. “I want to say it shouldn’t be that way, but often times it goes in that direction. You do have one thing going for you—”

He looked across to his case working. “And that is?”

“Annie. From what I know, from what you’ve told me, she’s made her choice, and she isn’t about to change her feelings for you. Given the powers of persuasion she has with her parents, I believe when the time comes, she’d get her father to come around to her way of thinking.” She glanced out the window to her right. “More or less.”

“That’s comforting.” Kerry chuckled imagining that confrontation. “Guess there’s nothing I can do about it right now.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it, period.” She turned back towards Kerry. “Just be yourself, Kerry. If you try to actively impress her father, you’ll likely end up looking ridiculous. Don’t try to be someone else: be the one with whom Annie fell in love. That’s all you have to do.” She reached over and patted the back of his right hand. “That’s all that’s necessary.”


It seems like this holiday jaunt is a lot about the kid’s future, and while it seems like it’s Gang Up on Kerry time, you’ll see in a bit that Annie’s gonna get here share of questions, too.  This is a package deal, and you can bet someone in Annie’s family has a few questions, too.  And does it need to be mentioned that a time will come when Annie gets to meet her future in-laws, and who the hell knows how they’re gonna take this headstrong girl with a strange accent?  Especially Kerry’s mom:  she seems like a bit of a control freak, so what’s it going to be like when she runs into another one taking over her son’s life?  The Controlling Mom meets The Dark Witch.  Should be a good one.

But that’s for another time, and tonight I’ll get my shot and after that make another video to mark an occasion that happens this Sunday.  So much to do, so little time in which to eat, drink, and try to be merry.

At least I enjoyed my Cosmos with dinner last night.

At least I enjoyed my Cosmos with dinner last night.

14 thoughts on “Cartref yn ôl ar Gyfer y Gwyliau

  1. Ha ! Just a teeny glitch and already , Kerry is rattled. * Get off it, boy. *

    It’s a good thing Kerry didn’t say yes to a vacation in Bulgaria. I don’t think Annie’s Dad was in the mood for this kind of stuff . ” So, not yet, Annie.”

    But I hope Kerry can spend a few days with Annie during their summer vacation. 3 months is quite a long time to be apart even in normal world. It’s an opportunity for Kerry to be in Dad’s good side. he he I mean, Kerry can take his classmates’ insults, he’d been in a serious life or death battle in Kansas, not to mention the Day of the Dead, so who’s afraid of future Dad’s searing stare ? ha ha Annie should tell her dad Kerry is a topnotch flyer. Kerry and Dad can then do this son and dad bonding thing thru shared interest.

    In the Philippines, male suitors do stuff for the family, like gathering woods, fetching water, or maybe help the girl’s family in the fields. Everybody does that and this is an accepted tradition. I hope this tradition isn’t dead yet. My Mom said my sister had a suitor in HS, and the guy used to go on weekeneds to our house to clean our cars, ha ha ha. Poor guy. The love of his life immigrated .

    • Kerry may have the beginnings of a bad ass sorceress and witch, but the whole “future father-in-law” thing does have him a bit shook up. He’s not had to think about family much: it’s just been Annie and him. Now, suddenly, family is coming into this, and he’s seen some snideness from his mother about Annie (she’s not said anything good or bad, but she’s probably thinking that a good girl from an Irish family would result in a lot of red haired grand kids–and the girl would keep Kerry in his place, too) with her dad giving him the “You’re Not Worthy!” feeling. One might assume that since Annie’s mom was coming to pick her up, and the year before her father came as well, Annie *may* have been warning Kerry the night before without telling him outright, because she knew if she’d said, “Oh, and my father will be there,” he’d have gotten nervous.

      Annie has mentioned that Kerry flies, and now she can talk about him racing–though, is Kerry a better racer than her father? That could lead to a few issues if he is . . .

      • Eh. Kerry can always let her dad win. No problem. ” Oh, and dad, you not only keep a daughter, you get a son who’ll follow a tradition ( the flying thing) and hopefully, have grandkids who’ll follow their footsteps. Maybe Dad can give him a job somewhere ? * lol

        heh. You mean, Kerry’s Mom will introduce Kerry to a nice, red haired Irish girl ? That would be a good plotline.

      • Come to think of it, Kerry hasn’t thought much about family issues… but, has been thinking of ” honeymoon ” and marriage, in that order. Well, it’s not in order, Kerry. First you have to meet her family and try to know more about them, in person.

        Ugh. I’m a traditionalist.

        I highly doubt there will be issues with Annie’s family. Now, about Kerry’s. They have left him to fend for himself all thru his young life…. if they interfere, ” they’re gonna hear a mouthful ” from me. ha ha

        • It really is a difference of cultures. Kerry’s like most now-twelve year old boys: they don’t think about things like meeting a girlfriend’s parents and stuff like that, and when he totally, physically fell in love with Annie the year before–again!–he only thought of her. Family was like an afterthought.

          Annie, on the other hand, she’s been working on this wedding things since she was six, and she’s probably already thought out all the angles about how her family might react to Kerry. She knows that with him being an outsider, there’ll be some resistance that Annie has chosen this boy, but she doesn’t care. She’s already designed her dress, picked out the hall–and has the name of her husband. The rest is formalities.

          Oh, and if Kerry’s mom tried to break them up–it’s Dark Witch Time. Won’t be pleasant.

  2. Ah meeting the in-laws, rarely is one lucky enough for that meeting to go well, and from what I’ve read in this post both parties are in for a bumpy ride. This should make for excellent future writing material.

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