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A Year Down From Coming Out

Let’s talk about the last year.

Last year was the time when my transition was shifting in high gear.  I’d finally started on hormone replacement, and I’d started coming out slowly in person, to the point where I was sorta living as a women pretty much everywhere save work.  Pretty much everyone on line knew I was out, and most of them were asking questions about what it was like to go through the craziness.

It was then, last year, that I created the post Welcome to My Trans World, which all actually arose from questions about what I need to do every two weeks when I perform my hormone shot.  I filmed them on the Friday afternoon after returning from work, and spent nearly the whole night uploading them to YouTube so I could get them into my blog the next day.

The funny thing is, at that time I didn’t realize that I’d posted them on 10/11/2014, because 11 October is National Coming Out Day, when those who are still hiding their sexual orientation and/or gender identity are encouraged to let those around them know the truth.  On this day in 2012 I altered all my on-line presence to reflect my new identity, so I’m pretty familiar with the concept of getting out of that closet.

I’ve actually planed on doing a follow-up for some time now, because why not?  Some people are still interested in what I’m going through, and the changes that have occurred in the last year have turned out to be pretty extensive.  I was told that last year’s videos were fairly informative, and I thought, “Maybe I can help others get a handle on what they’re going through as well if I do more.”  Just remember, kids:  it’s the thought that counts, but actually doing something helps a lot more.

So here we go:  four more videos talking about the good and the bad of transition and HRT, and some of the things I’ve experienced and are experiencing right now.  Hope you find them informative, and perhaps a little helpful.


First off, though, we get down into an intro, so if you don’t want to continue you can stop right now:


Now we get to the business.  Here I talk about what has been the good part of hormone replacement therapy, after being on it for more than a year:


You can’t have the good without the bad, and there that comes roaring down:


Here are some of the things related to my transition that have nothing to do with hormones, but are nonetheless good, because they are a huge part of my transition:


And finally, a few final feelings about what I’ve went through, more or less, in the last year, and why transitioning was important to me.  This also gets pretty emotional in parts, so be ready:


There you have it.  I hope, if you went through each video, you enjoyed what I had to say, and took something away from this.  And for everyone else who simply shows up to look at the excerpts of my novel, don’t worry:  that’s coming real soon.  I only gotta write a few hundred more words and you’ll get totally hooked up.

Would I lead you astray?

24 thoughts on “A Year Down From Coming Out

  1. Coincidence: FB reminded me this morning that it was 2 years ago today I shaved off my beard after finally accepting to myself that I was a trans woman. Happy coming out day to you! xxx

  2. I went through each video. Hey, you’re great. And, you have to deal with womanly emotions from now on. You will cry at sad movies, sorry, he he. Can’t help that.T ears will just fall ,whether you like it or not. Kind of embarrassing , y’know.

    Guess what, you’re right. There’s quite a noticeable physical change…. much softer, less angles…. and I think your voice has changed too.

    Oh,by the way, I read your response re Kerry being a LATCH KEY kid. I wrote Clutch key…. ha ha… I wrote that while watching a Philippine movie, and the scene had a girl taking driving lessons, and the driving terms were Clutch, then gas, cambio,primera.

    • My voice is changing mostly because I’m altering it; HRT won’t affect the vocal cords any. I don’t believe it’ll get very high, but most people never seem to notice.

      I used to cry at movies before. These days it doesn’t take much to get sad. And you’re right: the emotions are really a huge part of transitioning. Guys simply don’t gets how much estrogen can mess with you.

      Kerry had a key. One of the reasons he wasn’t supposed to go out of the house at six was because his parents didn’t want to get into trouble. But if Kerry didn’t wander off like he did, he might never have met Annie while he was reading. It wouldn’t have had the same impact happening in his room

  3. Watched all. Started sniffling along with you at the end! You’ve had quite a powerful year. Your statement about what defines you is beautiful and true. You indeed are awesome. 🙂 I’m glad to have gotten to know you. *hugs*

  4. I watched all of your videos and can definitely relate to you on the emotional front. I have probably mentioned this before, but before when I had my “easy bake oven” I was an emotional wreck. up down, slammed side to side. the worst rollercoaster ever. Come to find out, I had endometriosis, so they took it out. and I tell you, it was just like I finally stepped off the rollercoaster and felt peace for the first time in years! It was very wonderful and freeing! I still cry at stupid sad movies and stuff but the emotional hell is gone. I pray you find that happiness again and get to enjoy it for a lot longer than a moment in time. We love you Cassidy and applaud your strength and bravery for what you are doing! Take care~

  5. “Your boobs are like your genitals, they don’t define you as a woman. What defines you as a woman is the fact that you are a woman.”

    Yes! So true. =) Thank you for sharing these videos. The insight provided is wonderful. From your first videos, and seeing the progress you’ve made and hearing about what you’ve gone through, I’ve felt my eyes opening up to a lot of things I didn’t really know about transitioning. I’m still watching the videos, but I wanted to comment before I moved on to the next one cause that quote — and the way you stated it — really sticks in my mind.

    And yay to sideboob! =) I don’t have much of it myself, but what I do have I definitely enjoy when I find shirts/dresses that can properly show it off.

  6. This is beautiful and so are you – congrats on this milestone. I don’t have time to watch the videos but send tons of love your way. ❤

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