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Upon a Wave Chicane

Yesterday had its good and bad moments.  This last week has been bad for returns:  I’ve a new outfit and a pair of shoes that I have to box and return this weekend, which sort of pisses me off, because I really wanted both of them to work out and they didn’t.  And for most of last night I was working from the point of near-exhaustion.  I mean, by the time came to turn in, I was literally struggling to keep my eyes open, and I was probably out in five minutes after crawling into bed.

The good news there is I woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm went off, so up comes the computer and I’m here ready to do my thing.  Today and tomorrow are left for the week, so I hope they go quickly, leaving me to go off for a visit on Saturday, something I need in a good way.

I did finish the scene, though in no way did I start on the next because tired, people, tired.  I did come up with a scene for my kids that happens a few years into their future, but I’m not telling what it is, nah nah, I know all these things before you.  Just so you do know it made me cry, but right now everything makes me cry because tired and near the end of my hormone cycle, so getting weepy is the order of business.

As for this scene–well, Annie is a determined little girl, that’s for sure.  The Overly Attached Witch Girlfriend is gonna see her boyfriend awake and asleep no matter what . . .

"I've put a spell on you--For Reals!"

“I’ve put a spell on you–For Reals!”

. . . and what Annie wants, Annie gets–


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Unlike being in her dreamspace, Kerry’s swirled around like the fog was stuck in a cyclone. There were thing poking through here and there—parts of his house, what looked like the Fight School Ready Room, a section of what looked like a street in London—and Annie thought that Kerry was just falling into REM sleep, so his dreams hadn’t begun. She stood on the edge for a few seconds and watched things flow together, then floated into the maelstrom looking for her soul mate.

She found Kerry near the middle, lying upon something that appeared to be a dream version of his bed. He was under the covers, his head on the pillow, staring upward through half-closed eyes at a ceiling that didn’t exist. Annie realized this is probably what they all looked like before the dreaming started: asleep in the physical realm but semi-aware in their dreamspace until one’s subconscious formatted the space into a viable dream.

Annie didn’t need to wait for Kerry to begin dreaming; she was here, standing in his space, and while it might be possible to alter his space, there was somewhere else where would likely be easier to share a dream—

She picked up the light-as-a-feather Kerry and held him tight before drifting backwards towards the edge of the dream sphere. Annie felt there wasn’t a need to flow through the dreamform of Kerry’s space: there was a corridor that linked his and hers to their shared space, and she thought if she concentrated hard enough they find it, enter the corridor, and…

There was a slight jerk at her back and Annie felt them surging backwards as the fog faded out and light drew close around them. They were only in the corridor for what felt like a few seconds before they entered a realm of gray and lavender mist. This is ours— Annie looked around as she released Kerry and set him to floating before her. We’re in our shared space.

The mist began to move as their subconscious minds began to format the contents of the sphere. Annie didn’t want Kerry to miss this, so she began lightly tickling the tip of his nose. “Hey, my mlechna banitsa—” She giggled as his face began twitching. “Come to me. Come be with me.”

Kerry’s eyes snapped into focus and he turned his head to the left. “Annie?”

“Yes, my love.” She floated so she was laying next to him in dream air. “Happy Boxing Day. Can you guess where we are?”

He looked around. “This is—” He twisted around so he was facing Annie. “We’re in our dream space, aren’t we?” He smiled when she nodded. “Are you dreamwalking?”

Annie nodded again. “Yes—finally. Now . . .” She looked off into the distance. “I think there’s somewhere we can go that we haven’t visited in a while.”


There he is, her sweet little pastry, all nice and cuddly with her in a dream that she’s walked.

Our time together is like a dream, and our dreams together are like--real life?  Whoa.

Our time together is like a dream, and our dreams together are like–real life? Whoa.

As for the title of this post . . . it comes from a misheard song lyric found in the song Can’t Get It Out of My Head by Electric Light Orchestra, from the concept album Eldorado.  Given that the album is about a person who finds they only truly come to life when they are in dreams, it’s a fitting song for these scenes.  One of the lyrics in the song is “Walking on a wave she came,” and for some crazy damn reason I always heard it as “Walking on a wave chicane,” which is probably something Kerry would do as well.  Which means I’m going to leave you with a song–

–and promise we’ll see where they are in a dream tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Upon a Wave Chicane

  1. Last night I went to bed early–I was utterly exhausted. I got up at 4AM to take my husband to work (his big truck was in the shop yesterday) and bless his heart he made me a to-go cup of coffee because he knew I would need it. 😀 Now I’m awake and working on things. 😀 I feel so much better after going to bed early.
    Sorry about the shoes and the outfit not working out.

    • Oh, well, at least I’ve better locked down the shoes and the outfits, and I know I can’t wear certain types of jackets. It’s just a pain to have to box it all up and send it back. And I need coffee, too. 🙂

  2. Why do I have this feeling that Kerry is being led by his nose . Ha ha

    Is the scene where Annie and Kerry the future you are talking about ? Why did it make you sad ?

    • Kerry has a girlfriend who comes to his dreams to see him. He’s actually pretty used to that by now.

      I can’t tell you what the scene is. It’s actually much sweeter than sad, really, but it’s emotional.

      • No matter how solid a relationship is, they’re still teenagers….. I expect some emotional teenage angst that can make or break a fragile relationship. But theirs isn’t fragile, so I’m sure they’ll get over whatever it is that troubles them. I’m assuming t’s Kerry who will be troubled in the future. There are numerous issues yet to come , and I hope Annie will be strong enough to handle them, for Kerry’s sake…. and for her, too, of course.

        • Kerry’s in lurv and Annie is, too, and they are lucky in that they show support for each other–I believe it was Kerry who first said, “We’re a partnership.” Annie’s also the sort of girl who would shy away from looking for support/help, and the one time you see her getting it from Kerry, she not only accepts it, but does so in public. She opens herself up to him as much as he does to her.

          Now, wait for the hormones to hit them both. Or Annie to find Emma in one of his dreams. 😉

          • Emma in one of his dreams….. you just have to say that. o_O Actually, that’s where my questions re dreams are going. What if Annie finds Emma in Kerry’s dreams….. it’s more than likely it will happen. What if Kerry’s dreams first before Annie is able to get there…. and Emma happens to be there. That’s the unconscious doing its stuff. What will Annie do when she sees Emma and Kerry together. I don’t think Kerry has control over who comes in his space.

          • I said it because I knew it would wind you up. There is only one girl in Kerry’s dreams, and she knows that.

            Once Annie gets *real good* at she could enter his dreams any time. But the thing is, just because someone’s in your dreams doesn’t mean you’re hot for them. He could have a dream where she’s pestering the hell out of him and he can’t get away. Then Annie would just zap Dream Emma and that’s that. And then talk to Kerry and take him somewhere nice, and . . . you can figure the rest. 🙂

  3. According to someone elsewhere on the Web, the word is recorded that way on the lyric sheet. But I don’t think it was sung that way. I’ve listened to it several times and it always sounds like “she came” to me.

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