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Preparing For All Points Homeward

Since I was on the road all day yesterday there wasn’t a bit of writing–other than my blog post, naturally, but in many ways I don’t count that.  However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t ready for this morning . . .

First off, Chapter Nineteen has begun.  We’re onto the point after Yule and, if you look at the image below, you’ll see we’re even into another year:  2103.

It won't be long before I'm up to our current year--whenever that may be.

It won’t be long before I’m up to our current year–whenever that may be.

Besides being the title of a song and album, “Goodnight Vienna” is Liverpool slang for “It’s all over,” and that pretty much sets the tone for this chapter:  the holiday is finished and students are on their bounce back to America.  It could also means more, but for me to say so . . . naw, I don’t play that way.  But I do like to pick up action somewhere on the worlds stage–maybe like in the namesake of the scene title?


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie walked through Level 3 of the Vienna International Airport appearing as if she knew exactly where she was going—which, in fact, she did. After leaving her parents at The Foundation Jaunt Lounge, the concierge gave the message left for her almost an hour earlier, and those directions were the reason she was absolutely certain of her destination.

The lights were on in Level Three. The sun had set two hours before and full darkness was nearly upon the city of Vienna, though outside of the terminal windows the glow of the distant city were bright against the cloudy sky. Annie loved Vienna, and while there were other cities that stirred her teenage sensibilities more, there was an energetic charm that undeniable. One day I have to come here with Kerry and show him around . . .

She neared Gate G9 and saw the end of her journey nearing: the Vienna Tea and Coffee House cafe, situated in the middle of the level. Their selection of beverages and snacks wasn’t her reason for coming to this spot: the person waving at her from his table was. Annie headed directly for the table and took the seat being offered. “Hello, my love.”


In case anyone is interested–or not, ’cause I’m gonna tell you anyway–those three paragraphs came about from about forty minutes of looking about and trying to get things to load on a crazy wireless connection.  First off, I needed a map of the airport terminals at Vienna International, and wouldn’t you know they’d have a pdf of said layout?  But of course, because that’s how the world runs today.

Terminal map--check.

Terminal map–I mean, Flughafenplan:  check.

On the map I see that Level 3 has areas for people to rest and eat.  So I do a few more searched and I find an ifly.com listing for that level at the airport, and that’s when I discover that right by Gate G9 is the Vienna Tea and Coffee House.  The Vienna Airport site indicated that passengers were the only ones who access the G Gates on Level 3, but we know better than that:  if my kids and jaunt in and out of international airports around the world, they can also access any public spot in said airports.  If nothing else they’d just turn invisible and thumb their noses at airport security as they walked past the checkpoints.

And because a few Google searches are all that’s needed these days to find out just about anything you like, you know there are pictures of this location online–

Welcome!  Coffee, tea, or . . . another beverage?

Welcome! Coffee, tea, or . . . another beverage?

Now, where the guy in the orange shirt is sitting in the picture:  that’s where Kerry sat waiting for Annie.  He could have been sitting in the back where there’s a couple of easy chairs in front of a fire, but he wanted to people watch–and it’s also easier to see his soul mate coming . . .


“Hello, Darling Sweetie.” Kerry pushed in her chair and retook his own. “I see you got my message.”

“I wouldn’t be here otherwise.” She took the cup offered and waited for Kerry to pour the water over her tea. “I see you came prepared.”

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you arrived.”

She set the cup aside to let the tea seep. “So you’ve been here an hour?”

“About that.” He shrugged. “I emailed Ms. Rutherford this morning and told her I needed to get out of Cardiff, so if she could come for me about an hour early I’d appreciate it greatly.”

Annie immediately imagined more trouble at his home. “Was your mother causing trouble for you again?”

“Naw, nothing like that. It’s just since cooking for New Year’s Day, all we’ve been having is take away or leftover take away, and I wasn’t about to sit through a quick nuking of last night’s Chicken Tikka Masala again.” He shook his head. “She showed up an hour early and told my folks my flight had been moved up, and we have to leave like now—”

Annie chuckled because she could imagine his parents turning somewhat panicky at the prospect of their son missing his international flight. “Did you at least get a hug when you left?”

Kerry raised an eyebrow. “What do you think?”


“Got a goodbye and see you in a few months and that was it.” He ran his finger around the rim of his tea cup. “Not that I was expecting anything else.”


You can bet that Annie had a light dinner with her family–who are an hour ahead of Vienna–before heading off to the airport, and she probably received a few hugs and maybe a kiss or two before leaving.  Kerry, it appears, was getting lots of leftovers, and he’d had enough of that crap that he begged out early with the help of his case worker.  Two years ago he probably wouldn’t have given a shit:  now he’s different, and being on his own and eating what he likes are his thing these days.  Oh, and the lack of affection thing?  Looks like someone’s got that covered, too–


She reached over and gently rubbed his hand. “Well, until you do return to Cardiff, you’ll get all the hugs you need.”

He smiled as he started at the table surface. “I’m gonna need a lot.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

“And kisses, too.”

She began grinning. “That can be arranged as well. Because—”

He looked up. “Yes?”

“I require all that as well.”

A tight smile formed upon Kerry’s face as he rocked his head back and forth. “Good thing we’re heading home”

“It’s good indeed.” She leaned over and planted a light kiss on his cheek. “I love you, Kerry.”

He returned the kiss. “I az te obicham, Annie.” Kerry took a slow sip of his tea before setting his cup down in a hurry. “Oh, I forgot—” He rummaged about in his backpack for a few seconds before removing a small, gift wrapped package. “Happy Christmas, Darling.”


What’s this–presents?  It would seem that way.  I’ll have more on that tomorrow after I write the rest of the scene.

It won’t be long before my kids are home . . .


15 thoughts on “Preparing For All Points Homeward

  1. Mrs. Malibey’s not getting any Mother of the Year award , definitely. I guess that’s what’s gonna happen in summer in Kerry’s household for 3 months … take out and left-over dinners. I wonder why Mr. Malibey puts up with her crap. I guess Mrs. Malibey wears the pants in the Malibey household and Daddy Mlibey is a wimp. I’m not judging. In fact, I don’t believe that it is the role of women to stay in the kitchen. But she should at least put some effort to make a homemade meal once in a while when Kerry’s home. Ah, what do I know. My mother’s always been a homemaker who has all the time to cook dinner for the family. I don’t know what it’s like to have a mother who works 9 to 5. Still, my heart goes to Kerry.

    • No, Lori Grimes got all the Mother of the Year awards a few years back. 🙂

      I’d say that fact that dad uprooted the family from outside San Fran so he could take a management position with BBC indicates he’s looking to move up–and Kerry’s mom is good with that, since she’s able to work part time there as well.

      I grew up in a working household, and the order of the day was leftovers most of the time. These days it’s probably easier to grab take out/take away than it is to cook, and Kerry’s getting used to having “home cooked” meals at school all the time, so the standard of what he used to enjoy–after all, he did mention once he used to love fish and chips from one place in Cardiff–has been replaced.

      I would say that meeting a certain Bulgarian girl in Vienna was probably more of a driving force that what he was going to eat. Sure, he’s tired of leftovers, but those hugs and kisses are even better . . .

      • To be honest, I get tired of Mom’s homecooking, too. I welcome a few Chinese dinners once in a while. * loving Orange Beef *

        Even my Mom complains. ” How many different dishes can I cook 360 a year, day in and day out? ” So, we’re like, ” Mom, what’s for dinner? ” “We’ll; have Chinese , I guess. I don’t feel like cooking. ” And we’re like ” YAY ! Orange beef and Shrimp Chow mein. ” ! ! Or maybe a bucket of KFC, extra crispy, with biscuits and gravy…. and Mom always makes salads, like coleslaw, ( cheaper ) to go with the chicken.

        Or we buy Roast Peking Duck at a nearby Asian supermarket,. We usually buy cooked dishes that Mom cannot cook. She tried Orange beef one time, and , well, it just wasn’t the same. The family’s verdict …… not a keeper. Don’t do this again, Mom. Ha ha

        • You guys seem to get a ton of food at the holidays, though, which is a plus. I love roast duck, by the way: I’ll be out the next time you have it.

          It’ll be interesting if Annie and Kerry start up a household and it’s like, “So what’s for dinner, Annie?” “I thought we’d have take away.” Or, “We can jaunt into Lyon for dinner.” Or, “You wanna eat, get off your lazy witch ass and fix something!” If they ever get real good with teleporting, then eating out is wherever in the world you wanna go.

          • Well, Annie and Mom do jaunt to Paris to shop. Ah, the rich are different from you and me.

            Plum Roast Duck….. it’s really good.
            Oh, Kerry and Annie have the money to eat out 6/7 . This couple is so lucky, that is, if they end up together.

            Well, we had a catering business in the Philippines. So, do you remember one time I said I was in a hurry coz Mom and I were going shopping ? Well, a co-worker of mine wanted mom to cook for her for her bday party. She’s from the Philippines, too. Since then we have had 2 more, for her siblings. And hopefully from other families, too. * whispers * don’t tell the IRS…. it’s just a small thing.

          • I would never say a word, don’t worry.

            I don’t think Kerry and Annie will eat out every night. Part of the fun of making a home is cooking, and Annie does enjoy home cooked meals. It seems like her mother cooks more than they eat out, and magic helps there. I think Kerry would love to make something for Annie, and you can bet he’ll try his hand at some Bulgarian food.

            But when they’re able to get out on their own and they’re still young–yeah, they’ll probably dine out a lot. And they could eat just about anywhere eventually.

  2. I’ve been trying to imagine Kerry with Emma, and compare it with Kerry and Annie.

    I think he meshes more with Annie because Kerry is a gentle, loving and kind person. Emma has a nasty streak in her, and I feel Kerry’s nature will never mesh with Emma’s personality.

    It’s in Philippin eculture to have that kind of spread. We can’t help it. There are as many desserts and local sweets as main dishes. Filipinoparties last one day, starting at lunchtime til nighttime, lunch , midafternoon , and supper. And they prepare also for numerous non- invitees. A Filipino party is an open house.

    • That’s the one thing I’ve tried to point out: Kerry and Emma may work well together, but that’s *all* they do. She’s really sort of needy in a overt way, and while Kerry loves affection, he’d get tired of that sort of attitude fast because his affection is more–shall we say mature? A lot of that comes from all the time he spent with Annie in their dreams, and learning what each other likes. He was shy to start, and Annie drew him out.

      Emma would be like throwing herself at Kerry–something we’ve seen–and Kerry doesn’t get into that. When they do throw themselves at each other, it’s more playful and fun than desperate.

      Wait until you see what Kerry got Annie! 😉

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