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Close Out Returns


These days I find my mind wandering a great deal, and trying to stay on subject isn’t always the easiest thing.  Just like now:  mind is off somewhere else besides this blog.  Happens.

This scene was finally finished last night, and all three nights of writing came out about equidistant in terms of wordage every evening.  I don’t mind that, nor do I mind that I’m in a stretch where I’m only writing about seven hundred words a night these days.  You need to recharge now and then, and I’ve been running on low energy for sometime now.  The break was needed, and this is how I get it done.

Also, I’ve been more careful about how I’m writing these days, doing a bit more editing as I go along.  Couple this with the inability to get the words out quickly and you’re seeing seven hundred words written in two hours.  Not a great deal, but I’m almost one hundred and seventy-five thousand words into this work, so I get a little slack cutting, yeah?

With my kids alone down in the commons, how do you think this scene is gonna end?  How, indeed:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

They kissed for nearly a minute, holding each other as they lay together on the sofa. The light in the ground floor coven had come down at twenty-two hours, leaving the fireplace as the source of most of the current illumination, and when Annie and Kerry finished their kiss they stared into the first for almost five minutes as they continued to hold each other.

Kerry touched Annie’s new earrings. “You make these look so good.”

Annie glanced down. “That’s because they’re beautiful.”

“That’s because you’re beautiful, Sweetie.”

“My love . . .” Annie blushed, not trying to keep her feelings bottled up when they were the only ones in the commons. In the last year Kerry had become extremely free with his complements, and though she was aware she wasn’t a plain girl, she’d never thought of herself as beautiful. And the way Kerry made his statements—she heard the sentiment in his voice and knew he wasn’t making here feel good—

He meant every word.

“You make me blush, you make me cry—” She kissed him before rolling around so her back was against Kerry. “You’re the only one who does that to me, my love.”

“Just as long as I never get you angry.”

“I don’t believe I could ever be angry with you.” She twisted around and smiled at him. “Frustrated once in a while, possible upset—but never angry.” A chuckle drifted from deep in her throat. “I’ll leave that honor for Lisa.”


Annie was always the Girl Who Didn’t Cry, and while all we’ve seen from her in the past is a single tear, she’d admitting that the tear came care of her soul mate.  Now we’re seeing that while she knows she’s pretty–not plain, I know, but she still thinks she’s pretty–she’s not beautiful.  It’s an interesting bit of modesty, because a lot of people would love to believe that a girl, like Annie, who comes from a bit of privilege and wealth, likes to imagine her shit doesn’t stink and she’s the beautiful creature under the sun.

And they both agree that Lisa is great for pissing people off, and they’ll leave that to her–and that she’ll likely leave Annie alone from now on.

What next, you say?  Well . . .


“And I don’t think she’ll be doing that any time soon.” He slid further down the sofa until he was laying flat with Annie next to him. “You know, with only a few of the instructors here—”

Annie knew where he was going with his line of reasoning. “Yes?”

Kerry gave her a huge, soft smile. “We don’t have to go to our rooms tonight.”

“I see.” She smiled back. “Do you think we can sleep down here?”

“I don’t see why not: it’s not like it’d be the first time.” He traced the edge of her nose. “And Professor Semplen probably won’t show until after we’re up, so . . .”

She began tapping a finger against his chest. “I was thinking—”

Now it was his turn to feint surprise. “Yes?”

“I was thinking the same as you.”

“I was thinking about this almost as soon as we came to the coven.”

“I thought about it after we arrived at school.”


I could say, “Hey, get a room, you kids,” but it seems like they’ll take the sofa.  And they’ve both been thinking about this?  Sounds like someone’s gonna be getting another talk from Nurse Coraline pretty quick–


They laughed together for a few seconds before Annie when for the pillows while Kerry retrieved the heavy comforters and reset the enchantment to lower the fire. A couple of minutes later the pillowed were in place, Kerry lay against the back of the sofa with his left arm draped over Annie as she pulled the comforter up nearly to their necks. He made sure he wasn’t holding Annie too tight. “You comfortable?”

“Yes, quite.” She adjusted her position slight. “I’ve got the comforter tucked slightly in the back, so I don’t expect to fall.”

“Good.” Kerry levitated his computer so it hovered overhead. He tapped the display a few times, then set it back down on the end table. “I set the alarm for six just in case.”

“Good idea.” She gave him a last kiss for the evening. “Good night, Kerry. I love you.”

He returned the kiss. “Leka nosht, Annie. Obicham te.”

Annie closed her eyes and felt Kerry’s breathing as he listened to his heart beat. She wanted to hear his body slow, be here as he drifted off to sleep. She’d not done this since they night they returned to Salem after their operation in Kansas City, and at the time she relished knowing he was comfortable enough with her next to him to fall asleep with her touching him—

In fifteen minutes time Kerry’s breathing deepened and slowed, telling her that he was unconscious. Annie allowed herself to do the same, though unlike the last time she’d listened to Kerry enter dreamland, this time she intended to join him . . .


There you have it, with Kerry heading off to dreamland, and Annie–that sneaky little girl–setting out to dreamwalk him again, or at least try.  First day home, and she can’t even bear to be without him for the night.  There’s an Overly Attached Witch Girlfriend meme in here somewhere.

Right now I’m at this point:

Which is where I should be, I guess.

Which is where I should be, I guess.

And there are two scenes remaining.  Not long ones–I’m guessing maybe a thousand words each–but this next one coming up?  Hold on tight–

Things are about to get a bit nutty.

7 thoughts on “Close Out Returns

  1. Too young…. much too young . I guess there’s much restraint going on everytime they’re alone together. Are their rooms enchanted or they actually avoid that, because they know anything can happen in a closed bedroom. In the commons, they are always mindful of migh go wandering in the night, a student or heaven forbid, heir coven leader.

    I’m wondering too if students get punished if they did something and they got caught.

    • It was stated in the first novel that there are enchantments to keep any members of the opposite cis-gender out of someone’s room. So Annie can’t visit Kerry, and he can’t visit her. They can’t even see into those rooms: Kerry’s mentioned how when Annie opens the door to her room, all he sees is darkness.

      And these two *also* mentioned the first time they did this if they got caught they’d get detention. All of this is covered–but the instructors know as big a place as Salem is–Kerry told Emma when they were hiding during the Day of the Dead attacks the grounds cover fifteen square kilometers–if kids want to get together for sex, they will.

      • 15 sq km ! That’s huge ! I have a good idea how far 2.5 km is from one point to another. The gate of our subdivision in th Philippines is 2.5 km from the highway, and that’s far. Too short to drive and too far to walk. So I can already imagine how far 15 km is from our house there.

        Oh,right. I remember that. That must be it. The rooms must be enchanted. It seems their relationship is heating up. I don’t know how these two can restrain themselves from doing it. I guess they’re very much aware of their age. That stops them, I guess. But once they’ve reached the age of 14 or 15, they will be at the end of their tether, and bam ! Hormones will explode , and that 15 sq km space will be put to good use. * sweatdrops *

        • If you look at the maps I’ve created, I think it’s been started at the widest points the school is like 1.6 km (one mile) across, and it’s about five km (three and a third miles) from north wall to south wall. It’s a big place. Really big. Where do you think they put all the race tracks? 🙂

          Oh, and don’t forget about all the rooms underground: Annie already found their little love nest, remember?

          I think it’s been proven that Annie has hormones, and that she has . . . “urges”. And that Mama heard her taking care of those urges one morning. 😉

  2. PS

    what does Close Out Returns mean ?

    I know we cannot return the goods we bought on close out sales. Last weekened, we shopped at Big Lots that was having a close -out sale, everything must go. But, No returns anymore.

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