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Reflections Unseen Under Normal Conditions

I know I say this more and more these days, but life does sometimes get in the way.  I should really be finding a way so dinosaurs can enjoy life in our world, but nothing ever works out that way.

I fully expected to get in a lot of writing last night–that was the plan, you know?  But tired, stressed, and a few other past tensed adjectives thrown in as well kept that at a minimum.  And lets not forget the distractions, which I had coming a little last night.  There were, however, a few interesting moments . . .

For one, I was in a discussion concerning the school in Illinois that has to allow a transgender girl use the same locker room as the csigirls, and naturally I was taking the side of the transgirl.  There wasn’t a lot of discussion, actually, but the one who did the most comments assured me that she had plenty of transgender, gay, and bi friends (no lesbians, thought, so boo) so she knew what she was talking about when she said this was all wrong, that if you had “boy parts” then you needed to shower with the boys.  Oh, and uncomfortable, because, you know, that’s just the way things are.

Needless to say I didn’t sympathize with her, particularly when she said she sympathized with the transgirl, but tough shit, she shouldn’t be allowed in with the “real” girls, after which she asked if I was telling her to “suck it up” and give up her rights–to which I said, “Yes, I’m telling you that:  suck it up.  And we’re not asking for special rights; just the same ones you have.”  It might be hard to understand, but I actually felt good telling someone that, yep, Suck It Up, Buttercup, because you’re not talking about losing your rights, you’re talking about losing your privilege.  Shit happens, lady, but you’ll get used to it . . .

Then there was another moment that actually happened a couple of days before . . . I don’t really follow sports, but I know the Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series, and they had a huge celebration in the downtown area.  A few people I know who live in the area were flashing images from the broadcasts and I saw then and went, “Wait a minute . . .”  I even found a good picture of the celebration–

Just between you and me, that looks like a good place for a witch fight.

Just between you and me, that looks like a good place for a witch fight.

This picture is, I’m guessing, taken from the room of the Sheraton, and I’d know that because that’s the hotel where Helena and Erywin and Annie and Kerry stayed during their KC field op, and right there, laid out in front of me, is Washington Square Park and the Link Bridge.  I wonder if anyone who was there knows I’ve written about this place?  Probably not.  Now I have another real life event I can write into the story for when the kids are D Levels–though, thinking about my time lines as I have them laid out right now, I think Annie and Kerry are gonna be way too busy back on the east coast to join in this celebration.

But there was writing:  just under five hundred words.  Um, yay?  Yeah, I’ll take it.  I have a lot on my mind at the moment, and in the next couple of days are gonna see me a tad preoccupied with my quick trip back to Indiana.  But I did start the next scene, and here you go:  all of my goodness.


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Turning his back against the gust from the west, Kerry pulled on his stocking cap and adjusted his scarf as he subconsciously bent slightly forward. Though it wasn’t as cold as one might expect in Massachusetts for the first weekend in January—the temperatures were steady at five and a half Celsius—but the steady wind of eighteen and a half kilometers an hour pushed the wind chill down close to freezing, and the gusts—like the one that just hit—made it seem even colder.

There was giggling behind him; he turned and saw Annie covering her lower face with her hands, both encased in gray mittens with red, blue, yellow, and green stripes across the palms. “Cold getting to you?” Though her jacket, scarf, and hat weren’t much different from Kerry’s, growing up in the mountains of Bulgaria gave her a greater resistance to cold than Kerry—who spent his first eight years growing up north of San Francisco, and the last four-and-a-half living in the UK—possessed.

He nodded as he turned. “It’s not the cold I mind: we flew in this stuff, you know.”

“Yes—and we were all bundled up in gear designed to keep us warm against severe wind chill.” She moved closer. “This is nothing.”

“I know.” He shook out his arms. “I’m just not—”

“Used to it: I know.” She took him by the arm and led him down Salem’s Essex Street pedestrian mall. “I need to get you up in the mountains for a winter so you’ll get acclimated to the weather.”

While spending a winter in Bulgaria sounded like fun, Kerry didn’t think it was happening any time soon. “About the only way that’s going to happen is after we’re out of school.”

“Well, in five years we’ll have our year of Real Life Experience, and that would be a good time to spend the holidays in Pamporovo and show you the sort of winters I used to experience.” She pulled them to a stop just across from Central Street. “What time are we supposed to meet up with the others?”

“Around fourteen.” He’d just checked his phone a few minutes earlier and saw the time was very near fifteen-thirty. “We have plenty of time.”

“Mind if I check a few things before we head to the coffee shop?”

Kerry shook his head. “Not at all.” He motioned for Annie to go ahead. “After you, my malko sarmi.”

Annie giggled as she turned from Kerry. “Come along, mlechna banitsa.”


Yes, my little cabbage roll, I'm following you anywhere.

Yes, my little cabbage roll, I’m following you anywhere.

There you go:  the kids are back in the city of Salem, and don’t ask if it’s later in the week, ’cause I’ll get to that tonight.  Actually, I don’t see this being a long scene, because it’s mostly gonna be Annie talking about something near and dear to her heart, and you’re just gonna have to wait for it to happen.

If I can stay out of discussions, that is.

22 thoughts on “Reflections Unseen Under Normal Conditions

  1. So when does this scene happen exactly ?

    So, are we going to read more of what has transpired on the dream evaluation with Annie, Kerry, Deanna and Coraline ? I think that whatever has transpired there, or revealed about Kerry’s nightmares should have a great effect on the storyline , and can actually drive the story forward.

  2. By the way, I just checked out your outline. I couldn’t figure out if it was Boring Doubts, or Baring Doubts.

    And the title of the chapter is The Girl of his Dreams. Does the girl refer to Carrot Girl ?

  3. Good for you for sticking up for transgender rights. I cannot understand why anyone thinks forcing a transgender girl–who is very much a girl–to use the mens room or take showers with the boys is a good idea.

  4. I always love your posts, Cassidy. I have been so immersed in work, there has been no time for fun and I have been away from my favorite blogs for too long! I will catch up this weekend 🙂 When I saw your appreciations on my recent posts it brought a smile to my heart- it is good to see you again sweet friend! I think you are right in your views on the transgender student. That poor child was victimized on too many levels. It is not just about the “parts”, if it was that easy- there would not be any issues. Funny, most people who say “suck it up” never had to…
    The world needs more compassion.

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