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Meandering Among Magical Musings

This morning I was up at three forty-five because it’s humid and muggy inside the apartment due to people turning on their heat and, being near the top of the building as I am, I’m catching all that crap.  It’s also sixty-four degrees outside and it rained last night.  Not comfortable at all.

Tonight I have to pack and prepare for my trip back to Indiana tomorrow.  Monday is Name Change Day, and I am . . . well, stressed out is a mild way of putting things . . .

Right now me in my good moments--

Right now me in my good moments–

Really, I’m close to being a crazed nutcase right this moment.  I thought a while back I’d handle this with great aplomb:  instead I’m thinking of all the shit that can go wrong.  I know I shouldn’t do this, because what the hell am I gonna do if there is something wrong?  Nothing, that’s what.

So stress is affecting my sleep, my work, and my writing.  I wrote six hundred and fifty words last night, but I thought I’d written a lot more.  I didn’t get as far into the scene as I thought I might, but that’s okay, because I can finish this up tonight, finish my packing, and get to bed for an early drive.

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

They’d arrived in Salem about two hours before: the Gang of Five plus Alex’s boyfriend and a few other students from other covens, all escorted by Professors Matthias Ellison and Adric Lewiston. While the other students headed out into the cold to wander and shop, Annie and Kerry stayed in the Museum Place Mall for a while, walking hand-in-hand, not saying much as they considered what they’d discussed earlier in the morning—

Kerry held Annie close to his arm, holding on to her as if he were afraid she’d blow away on the wind, and Annie sensed his mood as she almost always did these days. “Thinking about the dreams?”

He nodded. “And the meeting. Not a lot was figured out.”

“What did you expect? We went to them after you had five dreams: it’s going to be difficult for Deanna and Coraline to make anything from that.”

Kerry made no mention of the fact that Annie said “we” and not “you”. She isn’t blaming me for what happened. “Yeah, I didn’t make it easy for them.”

“Well, keep a journal like they suggested, and if you have another of those dreams write it down and . . .” She gave Kerry a probing stare.

He didn’t need to ask what answer she was seeking. “And go to them to see if then can figure out what’s happening.”


“Got it.” The stopped in front of the builder from where ghost tours of Salem were conducted. “I’ll try not to screw up this time.”

“You didn’t screw up: you just needed . . .” She patted Kerry’s shoulder. “To be more open and have said something sooner about what was really happening, my love.” Annie began walking once more, taking a right down one of the side alleys off Central. “After all, you could have someone else dreamwalking you.”

Kerry snorted. “Do you believe that?”

“I’m not sure—it could be possible.”

“Yeah, but I doubt it.”

She chuckled. “It could be Emma.”

He snorted even louder. “I doubt that even more.”

“Your dream girl does have red hair—”

“Not a chance.” He shook his head. “Emma would come as herself.”

“Are you sure, my love?” Annie leaned away from Kerry just a little. “By now Emma knows if I see her in your dreams I’m going to see her again when we’re awake.” She paused just outside the Addicted Fashions boutique. “I want to go in here.”


This is the first time Annie has indicated that if she catch Emma putting the moves on her guy, she’s gonna jack her ass.  I wonder if Annie could have cold fire flickering off her body as she corners the girl?  Ummm . . . probably.  That would surely scare the shit out of most people.

Annie doing a little shopping?  Does Kerry follow her around?  Well . . .


“Sure.” Kerry followed Annie and stayed off to one side while Annie examined the wares. He saw there wasn’t anything in the store that probably fit her, and it seemed unlikely that if she did find an outfit, there were few places it could be worn.

He wandered towards a small display case of jewelry as his mind wandered off to the conversations about his dreams, about the girl, about what he could remember of their conversations. He examined the contents of the case and wondered why he never said anything about the dreams before this time— Nothing really happened the other times: there were just puzzles and dumb conversations about us knowing each other, and . . .

“Something catch your eye?”

Kerry snapped out of his stupor and found Annie standing next to him. He only realized at that moment that he was staring at the costume rings. “Not really, I was just—”

“Come on, my darling.” Annie yanked on the sleeve of his coat. “We can take our time walking over to Front Street.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Seconds later they were back in the cold just steps from the Salem Old Town Hall, a location they knew rather well. “Can I ask something?”

“You can always ask me anything, my love.” Annie placed her gloved hand in Kerry. “What’s on your mind?”

“When we were in the airport yesterday you mentioned an Astral Etching—”

She nodded. “I remember. And you want to know, yes?”




With “Yes” being the last thing I wrote last night I didn’t get into what they were going to discuss, so that remains for Annie to tell her one and only about something she mentioned a few thousand words back, but in reality was only twenty-four hours earlier for them.  I can imagine the smile on Annie’s face when she caught Kerry looking at a case of rings.  What’s on your mind, you sweet little pastry?

I’m guessing you’ll find out about the time I’m pulling into Ohio tomorrow.

24 thoughts on “Meandering Among Magical Musings

  1. Good luck with the name change. It’s a big step, and I’m sure anyone in your position would be nervous.
    Also, it was 62 here last night, and I found myself a bit restless sleeping in the warmth as well.
    The 30’s are coming. Maybe after the name change you’ll get higher word counts and better sleep!

  2. Oh. I didn’t know name change wasn’t official yet. Yikes. Waiting sux. But there’s no way it would be rejected, right ? Kids who get adopted, women who get married……. it happens all the time.

    Maybe Kerry is thinking of buying a friendship ring with astral etching. A necklace, a bracelet, and a ring. My mother said my father let her wear his HS graduation ring. CShe also said her ex also gave her his HCS grad ring, but she returned it when they broke up. * So Kerry, give her a freakin’ ring ! ! ”

    I’m sure Kerry keeps mum about his dreams coz there’s another girl in it. O_o”

    • Yeah, it’s Monday. And then I hope to get my new licence the next day.

      My first girlfriend wore my class right. After we broke up I never wore another ring–and that goes to this day.

      The other girl in may play a part, but remember: he told Annie about the girl when he had the dream on the plane and she asked him what had happened.

      • Just give me a wink……. is she a romantic rival ? My guess is, it’s not likely. Kerry says he has never seen her in the past and present, but the girl says they know each other. As far as I know, you’ve never mentioned anything about some other girl I his past, though maybe In the present he has seen her, but doesn’t know her, or maybe she will be in a random scene somewhere … one of those classmates from Ukraine or Russia., that wil come out of the left field.

        If they are supposed to know each other, and she’s a girl with ginger hair and green eyes….. she’s his mom, or his alter ego. Kerry also says she wears a Salem uniform, or a witch’s garb, or a Tshirt/ jeans. His Mom, as far as I know, never studied at Salem……… but then, no one can be sure about this anymore……. because the Foundation can even make a person forget she /he she has a child.

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