Etchings From the Heart

Here we are, the end of the scene as  promised, and I’m not gonna say much because I was writing this post at ten forty-eight last night because I’m probably somewhere on the road back to Indiana as you read this.  Right here, however, you can see the scene is finished:

I don't lie about this writing thing.

I don’t lie about this writing thing.

Here is the scene, and I’ll probably talk about this a lot more tomorrow, when, you know, I’ve recovered from a thousand kilometer drive and people have questions.

Until then, here is another view of my kids getting personal, and Annie cluing Kerry in on another part of his new world . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

“When we were in the airport yesterday you mentioned an Astral Etching—”

She nodded. “I remember. And you want to know, yes?”


Annie backed against a tree in Derby Square standing in the shadow of the Salem Old Town Hall so they were out of the westward wind. “I’ve told you before how I learned I was a witch: Mama had to tell me about magic, and how Papa and she were witches—and how I was one as well. She did so because I was starting to notice that nearly everyone we ran into in public didn’t do some of the same things as us, and she wanted to make sure you didn’t say or do anything in public around Normal people . . .”

She grinned as she pulled Kerry closer. “When I was a bit older our family began spending more time with other Normal families: this was because of Papa’s position with the race team. Right away I noticed something: the mothers and fathers of other kids I met wore wedding rings, but my parents didn’t. And it wasn’t because my parents didn’t love each other, because I knew they did.

“I was curious, because my mother wore other jewelry, and I asked her one day why she didn’t have a wedding ring.” She snuggled against Kerry, warming herself against him. “She told me she did, and that Papa did as well, only they were special rings: they were Astral Etchings.

“She told me that when two witches are married, they take an enchanted stylus and they imprint aural energy against each other’s skin. The way she explained the process you figure out the design first, then practice etching the design—and when the time come to craft the spell on your special someone—” Annie lightly touched the ring finger on Kerry’s right hand. “You get the idea, don’t you, my love?”

“I do.” He held Annie’s hand between his. “Have you ever seen your parent’s rings?”

“No. They’re only visible when you use Astral Sight or Aura Reading.” She chuckled. “This summer should be the first time I see them. From what Mama told me, they’re rather beautiful.”

“Did they come up with the designs?”

“Yes. Mama told me she worked on Papa’s etching for about six months, and Papa told her that he’d spent close to a year coming up with something Mama would like.” Annie sighed as she buried her nose in Kerry’s coat to warm it up. “Even then they made slight adjustments to the other’s design, which she told me is normal.”

All these things were something Kerry never imagined possible—but then he was only a year and a half into what he called “The Witch Life”, and every day offered the chance to become a learning experience. “Did you mother have an engagement ring?”

“She did: it was a simpler version of her wedding band. Papa had the same thing.”

“Your father had and engagement ring?”

“Yes, he did, but Mama said that’s not all that unusual.”

Kerry closed his eyes for a moment and breath the cold, still air. “You have my ring designed, don’t you?”

Annie nodded as her face broke into a smile. “I started on it not long after you told me you loved me.” Her mittens glided over his right hand once more. “It was time.”

Knowing that Annie probably had his astral ring sketched out in her wedding book brought forth a memory he’d not thought about since summer. “I just realized—”

“Yes, my love?”

“In our wedding vision—we weren’t wearing rings.”

“I was wondering when you’d finally notice that part.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders and touched her nose to his. “When I had a chance to remember our visions without distractions, I saw that immediately.” Annie slowly kissed him as she pressed into his coat. “I’ve known about that for a while, so I did have an advantage, my love.”

She removed the mitten from her right hand and spread her fingers. “I told you in Vienna when the time comes I want something special: now you know what I meant.” She raised her hand so Kerry could better see. “When the time comes I’ll wanted you to etch a ring upon my finger, and I know the design will be beautiful because you’ll have created it with your love.

“I want your etching upon my finger—and know this: it’ll be part of me forever—”

Kerry touched her hand. “Forever?”

“Yes. The etching draws power from your aura, and your aura is a part of you until you die.” She kissed his gloved hand. “My ring will be with me until I die—and so will yours.” She kissed his cheek. “And your ring—”


“It’s beautiful.” Annie slipped her mitten back on. “One day you’ll see.”

He wrapped his arm around Annie and protected her against the cold, kissing her to warm her lips before getting her scarf in place. “I’m going to have to start working on your ring now so I’ll get it right.”

“You will; I know you will.” She pulled him towards Front Street. “And don’t worry: not only do we still have time, but I’ll help.”


If I get the chance I’ll pop in from the road and say hi.  And you can wonder about what happens in the scene to come . . .