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Speculations of the Dreaming Kind: Living Setup

Well, now, I finally make it back to the blog after a just over eleven hour drive yesterday and an early evening.  I mean, I left all you pretties alone with my words yesterday, and I couldn’t interact as I normally do.

On the other hand, I was taking selfies in service stops in Ohio.  It all works out.

On the other hand, I was taking selfies in service stops in Ohio. It all works out.

Now you know what sort of ring-a-ding-thing Annie is interested in getting when the time come to tie the knot, so to speak.  That girl–when it comes time to say, “Until death do us part,” she means it.  Of course her parents–who she’s said are very romantic–have their astral rings, but one gets the feeling that Annie’s ring for Kerry is going to be extremely elaborate and done with a lot of love and care.  Also, she’s had years to work on and refine the design, which is gonna put a lot of pressure on Kerry to come up with something of equal brilliance.

I’ve said before that Annie knows what she wants, and what she wants (1) she gets, and (2) this particular want has ginger hair.  She isn’t letting Kerry get away, and she’ll make sure everyone knows he’s hers . . .

Etched Into Your Skin

Okay, maybe this last is a little too much.  After all, Kerry will do the same to Annie–

But enough of rings and weddings that won’t take place for years if they do take place (do I know something you don’t?  Ha!), we have other fish a-frying right now . . .

And to find out what sort of fish we’re talking about, it’s time to visit a couple of adults a little later in this same day . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Deanna completed the last of her unpacking when there was a knock on her door. While the first weekend of the new year, when staff and instructors returned to Salem, wasn’t a normal time for people to get together and meet in the Instructor’s Residence, Deanna had expected this knock from early this afternoon. She decided not to make her guest wait: she straightened her abaya and turned towards the knock. “Yes?”

The door opened and Coraline half-peeked into the room. “May I come in?”

“You may.”

Coraline—still wearing most of her outfit from the morning save she’d swapped out her new boots for a pair of warm slippers—eased into the room and gently shut the door behind her. “Do I need to change my shoes?”

Deanna normally had her guests take off their shoes and put on slippers she made available, but given Coraline’s current foot ware she didn’t see the need to change. “What you have on is good. What’s on your mind?”

Coraline wrapped her arms around herself. “I’ve been thinking about our meeting today—”

“I gathered that.” Deanna pointed to the chairs in the small living area. “Let’s sit.”


I’ve not shown much of the inside of the Instructor’s Residence, but if you think of it as a large, comfortable efficiency hotel, then you get the idea–though a group of large studio apartments without separate kitchens are likely closer to the truth.


Nearly every room in the Instructor’s Residence was the same: a large room with a bedroom area and a living area, with doors leading to a large closet and a separate bathroom. Deanna’s living area was simple: two chairs, a small table, and two low bookcases, with little in the way of decorations on the walls. She waited to Coraline to take her seat before sitting. “I could ask the kitchen to send up some tea—”

The school’s doctor shook her head. “That’s okay; we just ate an hour ago.”

“Very well.” Deanna settled back in her chair. “What’s bothering you?”

Coraline fidgeted for a few seconds. “The meeting we had with Annie and Kerry this morning . . .”

“Yes, what of it?”

“Did you notice the one connecting thread in those dreams?”

Deanna set her right elbow against the arm of her chair and rested her jaw against her propped-up hand.

“Besides the girl in the dreams?”


“You’re talking about Annie—” Deanna tapped her right index finger against her cheek. “Aren’t you?”

Coraline nodded slowly. “Yeah.” She crossed her legs as she lightly kneaded the spot directly above her heart. “Annie was present at four of the dreams, either in person or while dreamwalking—and given that Kerry was arguing with his parents about her the night he had the first dream, she could probably be considered a trigging factor.” She shrugged as if trying to push the thought away.

Deanna let out a breath she’d held since asking her friend that last question. “You’re right: Annie’s been at each dream, and her influence could have played a part the first one.” She rested her jaw against her hand once again. “Five times is too often for it to be a coincidence.”

The women sat looking at each other for a few seconds before Coraline asked the other question on her mind. “So what does it mean?”


Good question:  what does it all mean?  Does Deanna have some ideas about why Annie also appears connect to Kerry’s dreams?  Or is it all just a fantasy and there’s nothing here to see.

I can only say one thing:

As soon as I'm done taking morning selfies, I gotta get writing.

As soon as I’m done taking morning selfies, I gotta get writing.

55 thoughts on “Speculations of the Dreaming Kind: Living Setup

      • Without telling us at this point who the girl in Kerry’s dream is, maybe we can at least what that thing is all about.

        What is that thread ? Is it like in Japanese legend about a red thread ( visible only to ” sensitive ” people ) that connects two people….. and that is like their destiny ?

          • Is this dream related to his first argument with his mother ? I’ll reread those encounters with his mother. There were 2 major ones, besides the last one. The first one was about him being friends with girls ( although he argued the proportion is like 4:1 ) so there’s no helping it. And the mother also said, gay guys only have girls as friends. The second argument was about being given contraceptives.
            And this latest one is Kerry talking back and being straightforward about sex.

    • The argument Kerry had before his first dream was the “All my friends are girls” discussion that quickly escalated into the infamous “I had a wet dream because of Annie!”statement. That night Carrot Girl showed up, which woke up and shook up Kerry, and led him to Skype Emma.

      • Let’s call Carrot Girl’s NIGHTMARE then. Calling it dream has confused me. That was this summer before BLevel started. Wait, did he decide Emma because there was no one to talk to ? In your exerpt of that Skype, it seems he didn’t talk about his dream… or maybe the conversation wasn’t in the exerpt you gave us ? Or, maybe he recognized the Carrot Girl as Emma , that’s why he called ?

        • Annie didn’t recognize her, though, that’s my impression…… and Kerry hadn’t, either…. though I have a feeling Kerry had , but didn’t want to reveal it yet.

        • The dream shook him up and he wanted to talk to someone because he knew he wouldn’t get back to bed right away. His computer was on standby and when he saw Emma was on Skype he called and talked to her. His conversation with her was more about if she thought it was strange that all his friends were girls. He never spoke about the dream to Emma; Annie was the first person he told he was having the dreams; that was on the flight from Berlin to Boston when she found him talking in his sleep.

          And the discussion Kerry had with his parents came after he got his travel package to return to school.

          • Okay. Just making sure I’m getting my timeline right.

            But here’s the thing, Cassie…….. thinking back, were the dream girl in witch’s garb, and Carrot girl in jeans and T-shirt, one and the same ?

          • Here’s my $ 64 question……. WHY IS IT A NIGHTMARE ? What’s so scary about Carrot Girl ? Why is Kerry so afraid of her ? Does he already know what Carrot Girl has been trying to convey ?

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