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The Country of the Blind

Seriously, I was going to have something here for you to read–well, technically, I do have something for you to read and you’re reading it now.  But no, I was gonna work on the novel, and even got eighty words into it, before I was massively side tracked–

Last night I was finally attacked online for being trans.

It was really kinda of strange and stupid how it came up, because the troll–and I have no other word for her–rose up from out of nowhere and just started lobbing non sequiturs at me in a thread on Facebook that had nothing to do with anything even remotely LGBTA.  She was just like, “You’re not a woman.  You don’t know what sex you are,” and then threw in a Caitlyn Jenner jab because of course you have to do that if you wanna keep your Transphobic Card current these days.

I commented back to this person, but in a rather snarky and comical way–at one point she said I didn’t know what my type was, because of dating or some shit, and I told her it was Times New Roman.  She’s never tried to engage me directly, because that would require digging into her bag of tricks and actually coming up with something intelligent to say, and we all know that wasn’t gonna happen.

And then, come to discover, someone else in the same group, in another completely unrelated thread, decided to make an ultra snarky comment about me being the only person in the group who tucks “her” penis.  First off, how would she know?  Does she work for the NSA and she’s Secret Squirreling my ass when I dress in the morning?  And second:  for the record I don’t bother tucking ’cause there ain’t enough there to make tucking worth my while.  The strangest damn things people come up with, I’m tellin’ ya.

A lot of people came to my defense, which was heartening, and I did ask them on a few occasions to keep it classy and not get pulled into the growing whirlpool of ignorant suck.  Remember:  Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.  It’s good advice that’s true in any situation where you’re dealing with slack-jawed mouth breathers.

I’ve expected that sort of thing to happen for a while, and given I’ve been really public on social media of late, I expected the bigots and haters to get their spine up and say something.  And it will happen again, of that I’m certain.  But so what?  As I told this person last night, she sounded a lot like my grandparent telling me “the truth” about minorities, and when they died their took their ignorance with them, and she could expect the same treatment.  Not to mention I have friends from various ethnic and religious backgrounds who probably hear far worse shit like that on a daily basis.  If that’s the case I’m in good company.

I won’t ever let these people get the best of me because they are wrong:  that’s all there is to that deal.  Flap those jaws, fool, but don’t expect me to get bent out of shape and start yelling back at you.  It won’t ever happen.  If there is one thing I’m pleased with it’s who I am as a person–and you, loser, had nothing to do with me getting to this point.  By attacking me you’re going straight to the ad hominem, and that means you instantly lose any moral high ground you believed you possessed.  As I told this person last night after she accused me of attacking her when I said she was a bigot, “You pushed that button and opened the door:  I only kicked it wide open.”  Ah, yup.

Tonight I’ll get back to my kids and their instructors, one whom, as an A Level, dragged a girl by her hair from the Dining Hall to the Rotunda to “have a talk” because the dragged girl made the mistake of calling the instructor a racial slur.  I would truly love to do that same thing to the haters, but hey, we can’t have everything, right?  But I’ll be back to Salem this evening–I promise.

In the meantime I'm sorry I haven't the time for your shit:  I'm too busy being me.

In the meantime I’m sorry I haven’t the time for your shit: I’m too busy being me.

22 thoughts on “The Country of the Blind

  1. My mom’s saying, which has stuck with me and I rely on daily…”When you argue with a fool you have two fools arguing.” Love your come-back line and will be using that in the future. Love you Cassidy! 🙂

  2. Omg. What is that nasty person’s beef ? * shakes head * In fact, I’d be a bit worried if you don’t feel 100% you’re a woman. I’d shake you silly if there was an iota of doubt in your head.

    Can’t help it, Cassie. There are people who are like that, like the ISIS.

  3. It’s a testament to your self confidence in who you are that you are able to keep your wit about you when stupid people rear their ugly heads. Your comebacks were great. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh. I love a snarky sense of humor.

  4. my type would probably be Plantagenet Cherokee. it is pretty ordinary looking but the visual I get when I say it makes me smile every time. What a classy lady you are 🙂

  5. You got it in one—precise, succinct, and spot-on too:

    I love this: “Never argue with an idiot.”

    And now for some Argie advice by way of wee story—

    Many years ago I was walking my British bull terrier (named Argus, and that’s his phsog I use for my avatar) (hah! You thought it was really moi …) when the leash went taut. Not a good sign with a BT, I quickly looked around—we were passing a wee convenience store at the time—and he was standing there stiff-legged but patient, looking good-naturedly up at me, with a Staffordshire bull terrier pup hanging from his face. That pup was nothing if not ambitious and foolhardy—if he’d been fully grown he’d have been instant history but luckily the BT is both entirely capable and a gentleman. He was patient whilst I detached silly pup from his face and shoved it back inside the store …
    … moral of the story?

    Sometimes we can be big enough to ignore the idiots.

    For myself I think trolls won’t be able to stand the heat if you simply agree with them, or otherwise just stand there until they fall off …

    Good luck~!

    (Remember: Never argue with an idiot.)

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