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Demonstrations of Death: Bloody Good Show

Before anything else goes down, there’s a little something that popped up on my Facebook time line today, and that something has to do with historical timelines.  I bring this up because one year ago today I posed The Coming of the Chestnut Girl, and we finally discovered the identity of The Chestnut Girl, about Kerry’s attachment to Annie through their dreams, how he first expressed something most important to her.

Of course that little coming out session led to my kids getting confronted by Helena as soon as they were done pouring their hearts out, and before long they’d find someone trying to rip their hearts out, because bad guys are assholes.  Not to worry thought, ’cause my kids were trained up enough that they managed to keep everyone from dying, and eventually Kerry learned (1) that someone wanted him to be a Dark Witch and (2) to stop overthinking everything.

What a difference a year makes–

Like almost a quarter of a million words difference.

Like almost a quarter of a million words difference.

I eventually wrote just over eighteen hundred words yesterday, and this section I’m showing today is all about practical demonstrations, and it starts off in a bit of a snarky way . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry looked to Annie as she looked back. She half-shrugged her head to the right. “How do you feel?”

“You guys don’t have to do this.” Helena stepped so she was almost between them so she could speak more confidentially. “Like Annie said, you’re not here to show off.”

“True, but—” Kerry quickly glanced to his right, then between Annie and Helena. He lowered his voice. “I’m tried of Lisa’s crap.”

Annie nodded and spoke in the same hushed tones. “So am I.”

“Then it’s settled.” Helena returned to her spot to Kerry’s right. “Since I brought a few homunculi for those students who might be ready for a go at a quick test of their abilities, you’ll be able to see what my minions can do.” She glanced to her far left. “Annie, would you mind demonstrating the Exsanguination spell? I’ve not actually seen you do this on a full homunculus, and I would love to see it in action. I hear your spell is . . .” The right corner of her mouth curled upward. “Killer.”

Annie smiled darkly at Helena’s inside joke. “Of course, Professor.”


Who says Helena doesn’t have a sense of humor?  It’s just a little snark between Guardians, is all–and if you don’t believe Annie isn’t thinking of herself as a Guardian by now, you don’t know my Chestnut Girl.  As with all things involving her, it’s eyes on the prize, and this prize has a big “G” on the ID.

So let’s get Annie up there first with her killer spell:


Helena pulled out a tablet and began scrolling through something on the screen. A moment later one of the cabinets that were used for holding homonculi appeared about twenty meters from the group. “Since Ramona knows how much you all love those training zombies, she cooked up a batch this week just for you.” She tapped the screen a few times, then nodded at Annie. “You go first.”

“Yes, Professor.” She examined the cabinet as she stepped about five meters away from the other students. “Tracker homunculus?”

“Oh, yeah.” Helena grinned. “Those always give people an incentive to be good.” Her finger hovered over the tablet display. “Ready?”

Annie looked straight ahead, flexing her fingers. “Yes, Professor.”

“Here goes.” She tapped the display.


Right off the bat, when Annie says, “Tracker homunculus,” the students watching should have grown nervous.  Then you watch Annie standing there like she’d ready to beat the hell out of someone, and that should have been Nervous Moment #2.  So let’s open the door and see who’s about to try and lay the smack on Annie.


The door opened and the homunculus stumbled out. Annie was well acquainted with the type: a girl-like humanoid about her size dressed in a school uniform and appearing to be about a week dead. Like the ones Kerry and she had trained with in the past, this one didn’t stink of rotting flesh, though Annie half expected that at some point Helena would throw a few like that at them to test their concentration.

The tracker zombie keyed on Annie and snarled, then began shambling towards her. She was aware that these homunculus moved faster than they appeared to move, but in the short time she’d had to set up Annie knew what she wanted to do to this thing. All of them want some sort of an exhibition— She pushed her hair back over her shoulders and began to craft.

The zombie girl was about four meters from Annie when two black ribbons eased down from the shadows and wrapped around the homunculus’ upper arms. The zombie snarled and thrashed, but couldn’t free itself from Annie’s spell. It stumbled forward another three meters, finally jerking to a stop about a half meter from the unmoving, unwavering Annie. With Annie close enough to touch it reached out, trying to get hold of her so it could carry out its instinct to bite.

Annie stood in front of the angry, snarling creature, showing no emotion. Once she was certain the homunculus was secure she reached out and took the zombie’s hand in her right and pressed it down hard. It was only as she began crafting the transformation spell that a slight smile finally appeared upon her face.

Slowly the zombie’s hair changed from the the dark brunette to a light blond almost the identical shade of Lisa’s hair. Annie knew it wasn’t necessary to go this far to make a point, but as like Kerry she’d grown tired of the girl’s crap, and while she didn’t know if the argumentative girl would get the point Annie was about to make, she knew others in their level would.

The little sorceress inhaled deeply, clearing her mind. What she was about to do next she’d done before, and under far different, more stressful, conditions. She focused her energy and pulled in the dark energy she needed finish crafting her Exsanguination spell. All that remained was for her to activate the spell with her will . . .

She raised her left hand close to her face and pointed her finger at the snarling face of the zombie.


So the kids wanted to see stuff, but they weren’t likely expecting Annie to go all Natural Born Killer on this simple homunculus.  Sure, it’s enchanted to make you go unconscious the moment it bites you, because you should always know that if this were real–and who’s to say this isn’t in this world?–you’d be Zombie Chow.

But Annie’s taking this shit to another level.  First, she shows she can truss up her zombie and that she has no fear it’s going to free itself from her shadow ribbons.  Then she works in her little bit of transformation magic she’s learned from Kerry and gives her homunculus the same shade of hair as Lisa.

And then she gets serious . . .


Blood immediately began gushing from the homunculus’ nose, ears, and mouth. The snarling increased as the creature’s head began whipping about, spraying Annie’s face and the upper half of her uniform jacket and blouse with flecks of blood. Annie gripped the creature’s hand and held it steady as the homunculus’ clothing began soaking up the blood seeping from its body. In a few seconds the creature’s eyes filled with blood and sprayed away from its face as a huge burst of fluids doused the floor under its feet. The homunculus jerked three times and went limp a few seconds before falling completely.

Annie took two steps back from the zombie before turning and presenting a bloody visage to her fellow students—some who were gasping, some who were retching. She swiped blood from her eyes and flicked it to the floor before waving her hand back over her shoulder to kill the shadow ribbons. “I hope—” She walked towards Helena as the lifeless zombie homunculus collapsed with a loud thud. “—that was what you expected, Professor.”

Helena nodded and did her damnedest to keep the smile on her face from being seen by anyone but Annie and Kerry. “That was was far more than expected, Annie.” She waited until Annie, bloody and smiling, stood at her left before nodding towards Kerry. “Give me a minute to jaunt this mess away, then it’s your turn.”


That Annie, she knows how to show off when she wasn’t intending to show off.  The thing is Annie doesn’t show off, and everything she did had a point–

"And I do hope you bitches saw that point . . ."

“And I do hope you bitches saw that point . . .”

Everyone in the room got to see Annie’s signature move, and managed to see it in a way that didn’t involve them screaming and running for their lives, as they likely would have done the first time Annie kicked this sucker off when it was meant to mean something.  Sure, the shade throwing wasn’t necessary, but as Helena once said, one of the best things you can get for yourself is a bad ass rep, and Annie certainly added to that one.

Up next, Kerry–

Just as soon as they bloody zombie is out of the room.

16 thoughts on “Demonstrations of Death: Bloody Good Show

  1. Heck, YEAH ! ! ! Good one, Cassie. Ha ! That showed them.

    Well, whatdya think of that , Lisa. And Franky.

    I don’t expect them to eat humble pie. It isn’t in their DNA. But I want them to be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • Changing the homunculus’ hair to look like Lisa showed them that (1) this is what she thought of Lisa, and (2) by now EVERYONE is probably aware that Annie’s not *really* taking transformation classes, so she had to have learned that from another person, probably Kerry. And what Annie did is something the rest of the B Levels haven’t gotten into yet, either, because they’re working on their own minor transformations–something Kerry was doing last year. Just one more thing they didn’t know she could do.

      • Double heck , yeah !

        This is what more or less they know, with clarity and without any shadow of doubt.
        1. She ‘s an expert on Transformation magic.
        2. Expert of shadow ribbons, a killer. ( She should have shown her shadow ribbon spell can cut a person’s head off.
        3. Did exsaguination so casually.
        4. And they already know she can fly without a broom.
        5. Hammerspace…. the students know she can do that ( cut a zombie into 2 at Prof. Chai’s martial arts class… and I think they saw it again during Lisa’s challenge. )

        I mean, maybe the things she can do are mere rumours, but now they have witnessed all that.

        • And this is all because Lisa’s trying to find out what Kerry can do. You know she was thinking something up, but because they have no magic classes with either of them, both are a mystery, and Kerry is even worse than Annie when it comes to doing/saying anything about magic. All anyone can figure out is that he’s in the same classes with Annie, and they just found out he knows two Morte spells, because Helena would not mention that unless it were true.

          • When Annie did Hammerspace at their Martial arts class, did the students even know what magic Annie did ? Even the teachers who were there were dumbfounded, and I remember they showed the video of the fight to the other teachers. Do the students even know when hammerspace is used ? Is Hammerspece a killing spell. I think one needs to use something like a sword , that Annie used to cut the zombie into 2 using Hammerspace. Please clarify. With shadow ribbons and exsaguination, one just craftes the spell in her/his mind. No weapon needed, is that right ?

          • You’re thinking of Air Hammer, when she came up with that on the fly, and got Kerry to understand it right way. And the first time she used it, she didn’t need a weapon–it was Kerry who asked, “Can you do this on the end of our wooden weapons and use that spell with the leverage we give it?” Annie tested it the first time because she understand where Kerry was coming from, and the rest is history.

            And, yes, Ramona knew what it was because she contacted Wednesday and wanted to know if she was showing these kids something advanced on the side.

          • Oh, right. Dang. I love it when bullies are put in their place. That ‘ll show them. It can get so frustrating when Annie and Kerry don’t fight back. * shadow boxes. *

          • And now you know why. They each know at least *four* spells that could kill someone. Probably six if you count Cold Fire and Fireballs.

            And they also know their abilities are monitored by Helena, and she’d probably take a dim view of them going after people for just any reasons. After all, Guardians are supposed to be above the petty BS, and they’re living up to not being bullies. They don’t need to figure back; they know they’re better than that.

          • I do know that. But I want these bullies to know Annie and Kerry can take down in one second flat………. but they don’t out of the goodness of their hearts. Ha ha.

          • Oh, wait until you see what Kerry does.

            And you know while Annie was bleeding the zombie out, Kerry was probably like, “Yeah, my soul mate. *sigh*” He knew like right away Annie could kill someone and it never bothered him. And then there was the blood splattered hug after their first zombie killings . . . People are gonna think they’re nuts.

  2. I think the only thing that would have made this scene better was if she’d flicked the blood she’d wiped from her eyes straight onto Lisa. Bwah ha ha ha ha!!! I can’t wait to see Lisa’s face. YES!!!

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