Course Corrections

Here I am only six hundred and fifty-four words away from two hundred thousand, and this second scene is over and done, big fin for all to see.



It was strange with this scene because I spent three night working on it and is seems like every night I wrote about a hundred to a hundred and fifty words more than I wrote the night before.  Probably had a lot to do with my moods at the time, but it’s still a little strange to see that happen.  At least I know that in the last three nights I wrote almost seventeen hundred and fifty words, which is pretty good for me these days.

In the next almost seven hundred words we come to the end of the race.  More thoughts and more observations, and Kerry is brought back to a race moment that happened about one hundred thousand words earlier in the manuscript . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Snow blew up behind Kerry the moment he dived into The Trench. He expected to see Anna vanish and reappear further back, but she crept out of the snowy backwash, centering herself directly behind his PAV so she could draft. She wouldn’t get a good draft as they were slowly drifting to the left into Quarry Turn before doing a little back and forth before getting back into the air, and as Kerry didn’t have any snow in his face he could open up a little space . . .

Anna hung with him all the way through Quarry Turn and the quick S-turns through the trees, so she was only four PAV lengths behind as they approached Observatory Bend. The sky wasn’t completely clear of haze, but it didn’t make seeing the elevation gates impossible. Kerry peeked at his rear view display and saw Anna setting up for the inside sweep. He smiled as the one-eighty turn approached—She’s watched the video of my first race and she’d doing the same thing Alex did on that last lap. He leaned over the handlebars of his Class 2 broom and began his turn.

He hit the turn hard and fought the gees as they quickly built. A quick peek saw Anna cutting a half meter to the inside to pull a tighter turn—only this time the strategy didn’t work. Kerry pushed his broom just a few meters a second faster through the turn, keeping a two PAV lead on his pursuer and keeping third for himself. As he came out of the bend he slipped his PAV to the left, causing Anna to brake just enough that she dropped back three lengths. Sorry, but I came up with a few tricks since that time I had Alex behind me, Anna— Kerry chuckled as he flew towards Helter Skelter. Annie; Alex; Anna . . . He quickly made his way down and through the tricky turn and blasted out the other side. Penny; Emma; Lisa. How is it I come to witch school and end up knowing all these girls with two syllable names?


I came up with his last way, way, way back in 2011 when I was role playing Kerry, and he actually came up with this thought while patrolling with Emma during the attack on the school–they happened at a different time than the Day of the Dead then–and the thought was something like Annie, Anna, Emma . . . how do I know all these girls with names that sound the same?  I don’t know:  maybe witch girls like to keep their names simply.  I will throw this out, however:  Annie’s, Alex’s, Penny’s, and Emma’s names are the only ones that are shortened versions of their real given names, while Anna’s and Lisa’s aren’t.  Coincidence?  I think . . . I’ll continue with the excerpt–


Kerry pushed hard through Residence and Aerodrome, but Anna pushed harder, and by the time he flew through Back Path the little German was back to a couple of PAV lengths behind him. As he dipped and rose into Van der Kroff Heights he wondered if he shown too much too soon, then disregarded it as he swept hard to the left and flew down towards South Side Dive. I’m a better flier and racer; she’s not gonna take me here.

He came out of South Side Dive with Anna still a couple of lengths back. Kerry knew her plan: she was was gonna turn tight on his inside and try to get ahead—or baring that, she’d get along side, keep him close to the enchanted safety barrier, and drag race him to the finish line. All he had to do to spoil her plan was get through the turn faster, keep her at least a half a length behind him, then get in the center of the course and open up with as much speed as possible all the way to the end.

He set himself in the saddle. He didn’t see any problems: he’d beat her and do it clean.

Kerry reached The Sweep and held nearly all his speed going through the long turn. He watched the turn ahead, but was aware that Anna was on his left, close but holding her fast line. She pulled up close, maybe a half a PAV length back, but she was still behind him and that was all he needed once the turn was completed—

There was a blur in the rear view but before he could register just what it was something slammed into the back of his PAV and slammed it hard to the right and into the safety enchantment. He tried to jerk it straight but Anna hit him hard before she when pinwheeling down the course. Kerry rolled hard to the right, felt the slight electrical surge of the safety enchantment before hitting the barrier. He bounced off the magical wall and tumbled over and over into the middle of the course, managing to see a departing broom before he fell into darkness—


Like I said, we come to the end of the race, and here’s the section of the course covered:

We start at the arrow and proceed to where X Marks the Spot.

We start at the arrow and proceed to where X Marks the Spot.

Some people suspected that certain shit would go down, but most of them figured that Anna was gonna crash Kerry.  Well, sorta:  it would appear she was crashed out as well.  Now, would anyone like to take bets on who the did the dirty deed?

If you don’t, no worries:  you’ll find out as soon as Kerry wakes up.

And I write it out.