And Into the Diligence

Good morning from The Burg, where I, Witch Cassie, is coughing up tons of fluid that just doesn’t want to get out of my lungs.  This is the reason I’m a little spacey this morning, because I finished up this scene after getting back home around seven-thirty and trying on a new outfit that looks pretty good, I just need a good photo because the ones I took last night suck, and I was up until midnight watching Luther before trying to get to bed, and after that I lay around for about thirty minutes hacking hard–

That’s a lot of run-on, and I’ll stop.  For now.

So far I’ve three scenes and just under four thousand words, making this the shortest chapter so far.  A chapter full of strange stuff that it all going to come to a head in like five more chapters, so you’ll get to see rather soon–probably by the end of January–what sort of hell I’m setting up for my kids.  I’m evil and I know it:  you could see it in my eyes if you could see my eyes right now.

Here I am, ready for work, getting set to lay a bad spell on someone's ass.

Here I am, ready for work, getting set to lay a bad spell on someone’s ass.

But speaking of witches, what’s happening in the second floor library over by the Instructor’s Residence der?  Well, glad you asked, ’cause Erywin’s remarks got a giggle out of a few people.


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Deanna chucked as did Coraline, who looked towards the floor as she spoke. “Mathilde told us you’d say something like that.”

“Mathilde’s perspective.” Erywin sighed as she rubbed her temples. “But the question still remains: are you serious?”

“A moment ago you acted as if we were serious—” Deanna rubbed the back of her right fingers across her upper lip. “Just because it’s Kerry you shouldn’t take us any less seriously.”

Erywin cleared her throat and nodded. “You’re right: just because it’s Kerry, it doesn’t mean I should act as if your evidence isn’t credible.” She straightened her hair. “Do you have anything else?”

“Kerry’s own notes.” Deanna continued talking as she refiled her glass. “He compiled several pages of notes for each dream, going back to the first one he had the night he received his travel package.” She took a quick sip. “He gave us a lot of detail about what they said—even when the dreams were short—but as the dreams continued he told us less.”

Coraline leaned forward. “It’s almost like either less happened, or Kerry couldn’t remember.”

“Or he didn’t want to remember.” Erywin set her elbow on the arm of the chair and rested her face against her index finger, pressing it into her lower lip. “Like he could be avoiding admitting what he knows about this girl—” She shook her head. “Um. I forgot to ask: what does this girl look like? Has he given you a description?”

Nice recovery there, and I can only imagine Mathilde saying “Are you fucking serious?” in her lovely French accent.  Probably something she mumbles in French at least a half-dozen times a day just because.

Oh, and you want a description, Erywin?  Don’t worry, the ladies got one for ya!


“Oh, an awfully good one.” Coraline touched her fingertips as listed the details. “About five, sex centimeters shorter but close to the same mass; light, white complexion; long, curly red hair; green eyes and lots of freckles.” She sat up, stretching out somewhat. “Sound familiar?”

“Jesus, yes.” Erywin shook her head. “It doesn’t mean he’s experiencing gender confusion, but this girl sounds like a manifestation of himself as one might find down at the other end of the binary . . .” She took several deep breaths while she thought. “Just for my own curiosity, did the dream girl’s attire tend to match his?”

Coraline nodded. “Kerry said she tended to mimic what he wore. When he was in pajamas she wore them—”

“And the first one he had when they were at school—” Deanna glanced between both women. “—he said they were both in school uniforms.”

“Hum.” Erywin looked off to her right and frowned. “It’s sounding less and less like dreams—”

Deanna knew where her friend was going. “—And more like a series of visions.”


There we go, the V Word again!  But it is true, in a way, they do sounds like visions–and were it not for Annie getting kicked out of one of the dreams, it might be easy to say their are full-on visions.  The biggest difference here is that you can’t interact with a vision, but one can with a dream.  Think of a vision being like a movie and a dream being like an interactive world, and you get the idea.

So what does Erywin think?  Does she want to do this?


“Something like that.” Erywin continued staring off into the corner of the library for almost fifteen seconds. “All right, I’ll set up a file on Kerry and begin due diligence on your suspicions and see if this warrants sitting Kerry down and approach these dreams from a different direction.” She shifted her gaze back and forth between the other women. “I need to know, and be honest: do you believe he’s a danger to himself?”

Both women shook their heads, with Coraline speaking for them. “While these last couple of dreams have shook him up, he still seems good.” Her eyes shifted to the left for a second. “However, when I discharged him this afternoon, he seemed a little rattled still.”

“Can you give him something for it?”

“He has a flight check-up this Thursday afternoon: I can start him out on a mild dose of LX, tell him it’s a precaution against race anxiety.”

“That should work, but don’t make it obvious. Let’s keep an eye out for anything that might look like stress—”

Deanna chuckled. “Beyond what they normally feel?”

“Yeah.” Erywin moved on quickly. “I need all your notes and Kerry’s as well. Just send me the links and I’ll take it from there.” She turned to Deanna. “Speak with Wednesday and Holoč, let them know you’ll want to see reports on their B Levels for the last three months—don’t limit Wends to her advanced class.” She turned to Coraline. “You speak with Ramona and Vicky and ask for the same. I’ll take care of Helena and Jessica.”

“Are you going to tell Helena?” Deanna was certain Erywin didn’t share secrets with her partner.

She was right. “I’ll just tell her what I want—however . . .” She smirked. “The moment I ask to see reports she’s taken from Annie, she’s going to know.”

“And what about Jessica?”

Erywin stared off into the corner again. “She’s got something coming up that might give me some insight—and the moment I ask her about this, she’s going to know as well—”


So Erywin is gonna do this, and give it her special attention.  Like she said, the moment she asks to see reports Helena has gotten from the Bulgarian Pop Princess, she’ll know what’s going on, because she knows Erywin’s done this for other students.  She’s not worried, however:  I mean, it’s not like Helena doesn’t know how to keep secrets about these two, right?

With Jessica, however–

I wouldn’t worry about Jess.  She’s a coven leader, so she knows how to keep secrets as well.  And there’s more to her than meets the eye . . .