Resting Darkness

This is the point in the show where I’m supposed to say, “Oh, you know, I did such and such and–”  And then you say, “Hummm, that’s interesting, Cassie.”  Because that’s how this game is played.  If it were a game, that is.  Which it isn’t.

The truth is I made it through the weekend having a modicum of fun, and now it’s all over until Thursday, when I get to do it all again.  Though I imagine there will be more drinking come Thursday night, because last day of the year and all that.  Or maybe not.  You can never tell with me.  While I don’t drink like I used to, it still pops up now and then.

Last year at this time I was setting up for the big battle on the Link Bridge in Kansas City, starting with this post, Disquietude Park, and going through to the end of the year.  My kids were kicking ass and–well, they didn’t get any names, that’s for sure, mostly because they were injured and slipping into unconsciousness.  The funny think is, right now in the current novel, it’s the middle of February, only ten months later in terms novel time, so the real time and fictional time are nearly the same.

Nope, right now they’re getting ready for something else, and just like last year, I got things all mapped out.  So to speak.

Once more you see the writer hard at working making work for themselves.

Once more you see the writer hard at working making work for her own crazy self.

What the hell does all this mean?  Here’s a little taste:


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Most Thursday evenings after dinner Annie usually found herself in the library reading a book Kerry and she had permission to study, or in their lab going over transformation spells Kerry learned over the last few classes, or out at the Witch House going over sorcery spells Annie learned over the last couple of weeks. When they weren’t studying or working on spells, they were usually spending some relaxation time in one of the various locations where they hung out with their friends.

And when they found they wanted to relax completely alone, there were always moments to share in the former storage room in the tunnels near the Aerodrome that Annie had discovered back in mid-December. Kerry had christened the location with a special name, and that was the phrase either of them used when they wanted to be alone, when either of them wanted to visit “our Private Universe.”

While Annie was with Kerry, at the moment they were in none of the locations one might find them. Tonight they were in the Ready Room of the Flight School, attired in their cold weather pants, boots, and long sleeved fleece tops, seated in the front row and waiting for Vicky and Isis enter the room and begin the evening’s activities—

A solo flight was ahead, Annie’s second. She knew the why of this moment: Kerry and she were now here to discover the where of her journey.


Solo flight!  And when you take all that stuff I showed you in the previous image and put it on a map, it sort of looks like this:

I never go anywhere without a map.  You should know that by now.

I never go anywhere without a map. You should know that by now.

Truly, this should take me the rest of the year to write.

And then some, yeah?