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The Night Air: Time For Us to Fly

It is true:  another scene bites the dust.  The kids are finished at Fenway (hey, good title for a story), and are finally on their way back home.

I never lie about these things.

I never lie about these things.

Well, they’re not exactly on their way home at first.  I mean, whenever Kerry says something that start tingling those Annie Senses, you know she’s going to give it some thought before moving on.  And that’s exactly what happens here.  Annie’s gotta think about things between kissing–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The seconds of silence became a minute, and that minute stretched into several. Kerry remained silent, content to kiss and hold his sweetie close. Annie did the same with her darling, though her imagination was racing. It was impossible for her not to wonder if Kerry’s last comments were due to the lyrics of the song, or if it was due to some yet unseen—

He went through this last year: he was able to put together that we’d known each other in our dreams, but only as those memories trickled out. There was much about this series of dreams they didn’t know, and this mystery girl was the most puzzling matter of all. Could it be he remembers more about these dreams that he lets on, but like last year they’re only fragments that he’s unable to form completely? She met his gazed and returned his smile. Does he fear something is going to happen? Or, perhaps— Annie kissed him lightly on the lips. Does he know something is going to happen?

There wasn’t any time left for her to consider answers because someone choose that moment to rudely interrupt their moment alone . . . “Salem Night Solo, this is Flight Deck. Come in please. Over.”


Damn you, Vicky, the kids are doing what they can to warm up, and here you’re trying to get them to do stuff like, you know, this mission.  But if there’s one thing these kids do more of besides kissing, it’s staying on mission–


Annie chuckled softly before replying. “Flight Deck, this is Salem Night Solo. We’re here. Over.”

Vicky chuckled. “Good to know, Night Solo, though it’s not like we expected you to go anywhere. Are you ready to continue? Over.”

Kerry said nothing, but his nod was the only answer he needed. Annie chuckled back. “We’re both eager to get back and get warm. Over.”

“You’re gonna get your chance right now. Here are your instructions: from where you are now rise to two hundred meters and proceed to the next four targets on your list. Get evidence you were there, and make your best possible time on your return.” Vicky paused so Annie could assimilate the information. “When you reach Marblehead call in and let us know if you’re coming straight across the sound, or if you’re going to follow the shoreline. Got that? Over.”

Annie repeated the instructions to show she was listening. “Right now I feel like I want to come straight across the sound to Manchester because it’s only going to be about ten minutes flying, and that puts us ten minutes closer to warm drinks and blankets. Over.”

“Well, when you reach those points, get your pictures and let us know you’re on your way across. We’ll pick you up and bring you in once you’re on our side of the water. Over.”

“That sounds good.” Annie nodded as she floated slowly away from Kerry. “When do you want us to start? Over.”

“At your discretion, but as you said, you’re eager to get back, and the sooner you start, the sooner you get here.” Vicky allowed a few seconds of silence to pass before finishing. “Radio in when you’re starting. We’ll be here waiting. Over and out.”


So here’s what we have:  the kids need to go on to their next stations, and there are three coming up.  Those are here:

Time to get from Downtown to Wonderland.

Time to get from Downtown to Wonderland.

Marblehead is well beyond the Wonderland station, so it doesn’t show here, but once they reach the station, it’s land under and to the left, and ocean to the right.  And all the while the lights will begin getting dimmer as they leave Boston behind.  And, really, the kids are ready to come in and get out of the cold . . .


Kerry flipped up his hood. “Time for us to fly.”

“Yes, it is.” She flipped up her hood and pulled her balaclava back over her face before adjusting her goggles into place. “Much as I like being out here together, I want to get out of this cold.”

“Can’t blame you there.” Kerry adjusted his goggles after getting his balaclava in place. “Ready here.”

“I am, too.” She floated about two meters in front of Kerry’s broom. “What is it you say? ‘Come with me, Pam’?”

Kerry adjusted an imaginary bow tie and spoke with a slight English accent. “’Come along, Pond’.” He laughed. “I gotta teach you everything.”

“We have time before school is over.” She waved for him to follow as she rose into the night sky. “Do you have something we can play as we leave this place?”

“Got something in mind.” He punched up something on his tablet as soon as they were at their designated altitude. “Whenever you’re ready, Sweetie.”

Annie tapped the side of her helmet. “Flight Deck, this is Salem Night Solo. We’re about to leave. Over.”

Vicky was back in an instant. “Roger, Night Solo. We got you in the tank. See you at Marblehead. Over.”

“We’ll call in then. Over and out.” She moved alongside Kerry. “And what do we have for traveling music, my love?”

Kerry pressed the screen and a flurry of guitars filled the air. “Don’t Look Back, by Boston—who were from Boston.” He leaned forward over the broom. “Seems appropriate, I think.”

“It does.” Annie pointed out off in the direction of Boston North Station. “Let’s move forward, shall we?”

Kerry nodded. “We shall.”


Kerry’s spoiling Annie with this traveling music thing, don’t you think?  Kerry decides to get meta picking Don’t Look Back by Boston, and it would have only gotten more meta if the song had been on Boston’s first album, which was titled Boston.  As it was this song comes from the second album, Don’t Look Back, so it’s meta in its own way.

One more scene and the kids are back on the reservation; two and they’re gonna be getting those warm drinks and warm blankets–

And as was pointed out, they’ll likely have some warming of their own as well.

9 thoughts on “The Night Air: Time For Us to Fly

  1. Id be suspicious of Kerry’s nightmare, if I were Annie. I mean, it involves a girl. I’d think , maybe it’s a nightmare because it negates their visions ? ( such as, they’ll be ” together” in their visions )

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