The Night Air: Final Warmings

Another slow morning, though this one is shapping up a little better today.  Must have a lot to do with the great day I had yesterday where I visited with a friend and had my nails done:

Mani/Pedis are the best, yo!

Mani/Pedis are the best, yo!

This means I didn’t get to writing last night, and that meant having to write this morning.  Which I did.  And which I finished.  Yep, scene and chapter are complete, so I can give Chapter Twenty-Four a nice little wave goodbye and put it behind me.

You were a good chapter, even if you were a lot of work.

You were a good chapter, even if you were a lot of work.

I will be honest:  I had a real hard time with the fifteen thousand and almost five hundred words of this chapter.  I started on this chapter 20 December, 2015, and here I am 10 January, 2016, and that’s twenty-two days to write fifteen thousand, four hundred words, which works out to seven hundred words a day.  Not my best work, but it was the holidays, and I know I’ve fought depression most of the way through this time, so I consider it something of a success that I managed to finish.

That means I have to start on the next chapter, but we’ll get to this in a bit–

The flying is over, the examinations are finished, and all that remains is bed time.  As Coraline mentioned it’s past lights out, and now that Annie and Kerry have their PJs, they can join the rest of the school there:


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

It didn’t take long to get changed and head back to Bay #1. Coraline reappeared about a minute after they sat on the bed where Kerry usually slept. She smiled when she saw them. “I thought you’d be in bed already.”

“It’s still feel early.” Annie held Kerry’s hand as she smiled at the school’s doctor. “Must be the excitement from the flight.”

“I can imagine.” Coraline leaned against the wall just inside the bay. “Sounds like you had a successful flight.”

“She did.” Kerry gave her a slow hug. “You should have seen her.”

“Maybe next time.” Coarline gave them both a warm smile as she stepped away from the wall and moved nearer them. “You can sleep in if you like: I can ask Vicky to have breakfast for you during your debriefing tomorrow. You’re not on a medical hold, so when you’re ready to leave, you can go; I don’t need to give you a release.”

Annie didn’t find the comment unusual, and it reinforced her belief that they weren’t being kept overnight for observation. “Thank you, Doctor. Though you won’t mind if we stop in and say goodbye when we leave, will you?”

“Not at all. Well . . .” She slowly stepped back a step. “It’s time to let you guys get some rest. I’ll see you in the morning.” She waved at the privacy curtain and half-sealed the bay. “Have a good night.” She waved her hand across her body and closed the curtain, sealing the bay completely.

One thing you can never accuse Kerry of, and that’s not talking up Annie’s accomplishments.  He continues to say she’s a better witch than he, and that he learns from her.  It’s the way he is, and no matter how much you talk his up accomplishments, he’ll tell you Annie’s better.  He probably feels that if she ever got into racing she’d be a lot better, too, though she’d give him a hell of an argument against that idea.

Now, then–where is this warming?  Oh, right here, I think.

Almost ten seconds of silence passed before Kerry spoke in hushed tones. “You ready for bed?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” They slid off the bed and Annie pulled back the covers. She let Kerry climb in first, following so she could snuggle against his right side. She pulled the covers over then, ordered the lights dimmed, and began making herself comfortable. “There. Much better.”

Kerry glanced over her head. “You didn’t even make it look like you slept in the other bed.”

“That’s because Coraline doesn’t expect me to sleep in the other bed, my love.” She kissed him, giggling when she finished. “Haven’t you had the feeling we’re being given special treatment for completing a difficult task?”

He gave the question a few seconds of consideration. “You’re the one who completed the difficult task: I just followed and watched.”

“Which is just as difficult, because I’m certain you wanted to do something to help.” She slipped her right arm over her soul mate. “I think I can say that your primary inclination is to help me, and to hold your tongue and say nothing shows you are not only committed to seeing I completed my solo flight successfully, but that your task is as difficult as mine.” Annie kissed Kerry upon the cheek. “And I am so glad you are my chase, my love, because I know you will do your duty correctly.”

Kerry chuckled. “Plus you also love having me along.”

She nodded. “That as well.”

He rolled towards Annie and lay his left arm over her. “So, are you still cold?”

“Humm . . .” She stared up the ceiling for a moment. “I’m not that warm yet.” She snuggled against Kerry. “I’ll need more before I can fall asleep.”

“Well, then—” Kerry kissed the tip of her nose before moving to a kiss on her lips. “I guess I’ll need to get to work on that task now, Sweetie.”

She nodded. “I only hope you’re as good at this task as you were at the other tonight.”

He lightly pressed his forehead against hers. “I’ll do my best, ‘cause I never want to fail at any task for you.”

Sounds like Annie got a real chill being out in the cold, which means Kerry’s got his work cut out–

Though I can't imagine them making little heart hands while "warming".

Though I can’t imagine them making little heart hands while “warming”.

I’m sure, though, that Kerry won’t let Annie fall asleep still feeling chilly.  After all, she wants to get warm, and what Annie wants . . .

One flight out of the way, and with that we move onto Chapter Twenty-Five and another flight, believe it or not.  This next one is Kerry’s flight, and in his nearly two years at school, this will be his biggest flight.  It’ll also require a lot of work on my part, because it’s also a new location for me that’s going to require a lot of visualization–

I'm finally bringing this out of the shadows and onto the stage.

I’m finally bringing this out of the shadows and onto the stage.