Dark Witch Warnings

Based upon how the last post ended, and given the title of this post, we’re about to get into some crazy here with Annie–but, before that happens, there’s and important matter than needs addressing first.

It was a year ago today that I finally decided to start living as me, and today was when I finally came out at work and didn’t have to hide from anyone.  So today marks one year of what we like to call Real Life Experience–which, by the way, is the same thing I call the student’s from Salem’s year on the road after graduating from school.  Funny how that works.

In case you’re wondering, since yesterday marked a year of Mondays since coming out, and took a photo at work to show how I looked yesterday, and put it alongside a photo I took on 2 February, 2015:

And here you go.

And here you go.

A lot of people said I look more relaxed in the “after” picture on the right, and I have to agree.  And while I’ve put on a little more weight–I know this to be true, I don’t have to see it in the photo–it’s also apparent my boobs are bigger.  Yeah, boobs!

Anyway, enough about me.  Let’s get to the Rumble in the, um, Bay.

Annie wants to talk.  Emma probably doesn’t, but since Annie locked her ass inside the hospital bay it’s a good bet she’s gonna hear what Annie has to say.  And that starts now . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“I come from a racing family: my father and mother learned to fly here, my father raced here, and in the Normal world racing is his profession. I am not a racer, but I know how things can get between competitors on the course during a race. I know people can lose track of conditions and what they are doing and find themselves in trouble.”

Annie took a second to draw in a breath before speaking in a slow, low tone not unlike the one Kerry used earlier. “After Lisa wrecked Kerry last year Vicky and I spoke, and she told me that if Kerry went out for racing I had a choice: I could be the ‘Crazy Girlfriend’ who went after everyone who wrecked him, or I could accept what happened and let it go. I chose to be the second person, because it wouldn’t help Kerry if everyone he raced against had to worry about me. I didn’t want that, and I accept that what happens to him during a racing is one of the possible outcomes of the sport.

However . . .” She moved a few centimeters closer, coldly staring upward into Emma’s eyes. In the last few months the American girl started growing and she easily stood six centimeters taller than the still diminutive Bulgarian girl. This not only didn’t bother Annie, but any advantage it may have given Emma was completely forgotten. “In the last year and a half Kerry’s found himself in three accidents with you, and each time he had to be hospitalized—all brought about by an idiotic move on your part. I’ll admit that I was upset with you both the first time, because Kerry could have avoided the by not racing you. The second time, though, that was your fault, and you even admitted that it what happened was your fault.

“Now this. I watched the race; I saw what happened. So did the rest of the school. And while I said nothing, there were more than a few people who felt you hit Kerry on purpose. Why would you? The only think that comes to mind is you felt Kerry represented a threat to you finishing the race ahead of him, and you . . .” She slowly cocked her head to the left. “What? Needed to eliminate him? Is that it?


We finally hear that not only did everyone in the school see her move on the course, but a few people also thought she was gunning for Kerry.  And that’s a bad thing for Emma, because now she’s gonna get labeled as “The Bad Girl of Salem Racing”, which is what she was warned about.  There are some people in professional racing who love being the drama llama of the course, but that doesn’t last long, because it’s only a matter of time before other racers are spinning your ass out or stuffing you into a wall, and a few concussions later you start getting your act together.

Kerry’s already had a couple of bad concussions and they’re not fun.  Maybe he needs to give one to Emma to even up in that area.  Though it looks as if Annie’s gonna beat him to that–


“I don’t care what happened out there on the course, nor do I care to hear your reason. I do know that it stops now. If you both should wreck because you’re racing hard and one of you makes a mistake, that’s understandable, but if Kerry should wreck once more because of an idiotic move on your behalf—” Annie floated off the floor so that she was eye-to-eye with the now visibly frightened girl and leaned in until their noses were almost touching. “—I will find a way to call you out. I will get you out to the Manor and on to the mat, and I don’t care how many champions you have stepping up to defend your honor: I will take them out, and I will continue doing so, until I get to you.”

Her eyes narrowed to mere slits. “And then I will hurt you. I will hit you hard: I’ll hit your hips, your chest, your legs—and your knees. I will cripple you so that it takes you a few days to get back on your feet, and once you’re healed the memory of what happened to you will remain so intense that you’re going to remember the experience for years.” She paused long enough to inhale and exhale slowly. “Do you understand?”

Her hands shook as Emma tried to bring herself to speak. “Ye—yeah.”

Annie’s tone turned icy. “Yeah?”

For a quick second Emma acted as if she were struck across the face. “Yes, Annie—” She was on the verge of hyperventilating as she forced out the last two words. “I understand.”

Annie floated back about a meter from the terrified girl before landing. She removed her privacy spell and swept open the bay curtain with a twitch of her fingers. “Leave.” As soon as Emma was out of the bay and off the ward Annie resealed the curtain and took a moment to return her composure to normal. She turned towards her bed-bound soul mate and discovered him chuckling.  “What do you find so amusing?”


And then I will hurt you.”  Up until this point Annie has not threatened another student with bodily harm.  Yeah, she’s lost it on two occasions and just started doing things–liking starting to bleed them out while strangling them or firing up a different death spell–but she’s never come out and said, “I’m gonna hurt you.”  She’s crossed that Rubicon and put someone on notice, and at the same time she’s let them know she doesn’t give a shit how may people get thrown at her in the process, she’ll get her girl and make her regret her life choices.  Or maybe something else?

Yeah, something else.

In the meantime Kerry is doing what?  He’s chuckling.  What do you find so amusing, dude?


Kerry motioned to her. “Please come here.” As soon as she’d joined him and was comfortably sitting on the edge of the bed he wrapped his arms around her torso and held her close across his chest.  “My Dark Witch: I finally got to see her angry.”

It was Annie’s turn to chuckle. “That wasn’t angry: that was notably perturbed. You’ve yet to see me angry.”

He nodded. “Uh, huh.  And if you had been angry?”

She rested her head against his shoulder as she gazed deeply into his eyes. “There would have been blood.”

“Well—” He quickly smiled. “Good thing you weren’t angry.”

“This time—” Annie stretched up and gave him a relaxing kiss. “I’m proud of you.”

“Because to told her off?”

“Yes. And because you weren’t afraid to tell her that she needed to change—or else.”

“It was necessary.” He looked away and signed.


Here we learn two things.  One, Kerry found Annie’s threats amusing because he got to see her angry.  And two:  Annie wasn’t angry, she was perturbed.  So when she’s coldly telling another student she’s gonna cripple them, she’s not mad, she’s just . . . perturbed.  Angry means there will be blood–

"And none of it will be mine."

“And none of it will be mine.”

That means when she’s really pissed at Emma, the blood death spell will likely put in an appearance.  And Kerry’s like, “Good thing you weren’t mad.”  Which is pretty much what Erywin has probably said to Helena from time-to-time when the latter has felt the urge to light up some stupid git who wronged her.  You’re finally getting to see what a couple of sorceresses are like together.  “Sweetie, I know you’re upset, but it’s not a good idea to strangle a person with a shadow ribbon–at least not in public.”  “Yes, you’re right, my love.”  It’s means you’ve always gotta check yourself before you wreck the shit out of others.  And since we know Annie can flat out kill someone in about fifteen seconds–if not faster now–it means from this point on she’s gonna really keep those emotions under lock and key.

The really scary thing here is that of the two, Kerry is the emotional one.  Good thing he’s got Annie to show him how to hold that all in.  Oh, wait . . .

This scene is just about over.  Just a little more to do tonight and I can put these kids to bed.

But I’ve finally pushed them over a line.  And there’s no going back.