Dark Witch Affirmations

You can probably guess what I’m about to say:  Chapter Twenty-five is over!  Yep.  Almost six hundred words remained, and I finished them up during the evening rush through the second Thor movie and before I sat down to watch The People v O. J. Simpson, which was a lot better.  Oh, and yeah:  I made it through my anniversary without any issues, and even got a small box of Munchkins as a present from one of my friends.  I wore the outfit I said I was gonna wear, only I did wear stockings with it so I wouldn’t freeze my legs off.

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Which actually did a great job of hiding my stark, white legs.

That’s all over and done with, so on with the story . . .

After all the stuff that went down in Bay #1 I found it hard to bring an end to the scene.  I knew what was going to be said–I’ve known it for some time–but getting it written wasn’t flowing properly.  Maybe on the edit it’ll clean up better, but right now it feels . . . messy.  This is why we have editing.

For better or worse, then, we have it:  the end of the scene and the end of the chapter:


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

There wasn’t any need to ask Kerry if there was something on his mind: Annie knew instantly that he was troubled. “The race bothers you, doesn’t it, my love?”

He nodded. “Yeah. It’s—” Kerry lay his head against Annie’s. “Today before we started I told everyone that I just wanted to finish the race in one piece and that I’d be happy if I just pointed. I did all those things, but . . .” He sighed without looking meeting Annie’s gaze. “That should have been my podium.”

Annie glided her fingers over his cheek. “Kerry—”

“I raced hard; I raced clean. I know it’s my fault that I used magic to hold my knee still, and that I wouldn’t have finished without that, but I never thought—”

“That the finish was going to be as close as it was.” While Kerry slept Annie learned from Professor Semplen that today’s Top 10 finish was the closest in nearly twenty-five years, and having the top six racers finish within two minutes of each other hadn’t occurred since the 1960s.

“I thought we might spread out enough that my penalties wouldn’t matter.” He chuckled darkly. “ I had no idea I was only sixteen seconds behind Penny at the finish. I didn’t even see her.”
Annie slid upward just enough that her right cheek lay against Kerry’s left. “That last lap she was only twenty seconds ahead of you for much of the course. Once she figured she couldn’t catch Nadine she raced to avoid additional penalties.”

“I figured. That’s how Penny races.”

“And I know how you race.” She placed her hand on his forehead. “From here—” She moved it over his heart. “—with guidance from here. You know all the aspects of racing, but you strengthen that knowledge with your emotions—while at the same time you calm your emotions with your mind.” Annie’s finger traced a line across Kerry’s chin. “I know someone who’d probably love to watch you race.”

“Yeah?” Kerry had a good idea of whom Annie meant. “When are you going to invite your parents to a race?”

“Once they’ve gotten to know you better.” She raced an eyebrow. “Maybe next year?”

He heard the question mark at the end of her sentence. “Are you asking me?”

“Perhaps rhetorically.” Though they’d not discussed the matter, Annie certainly hoped Kerry could begin spending time with her parents so they could start the process of leaning more the person she considered the most important in her life. “But that’s a discussion for another time, my love. There’s another matter between us—”

Kerry lay back so he could see Annie’s face. “The race?”

“The race.” She sat up so they were now facing each other. “You raced hard, and you raced one of the best of this season. You encountered problems, you did what you could to get around them, and when you did wrong you admitted to his mistakes. No one could ask more of you. There will be plenty more races, plenty of podiums—” A warm smile broke out upon her face. “Even a few wins, my love: of that I’m certain. And you’ll be on Katahdin again next year, of that I’m certain.

“But of all the podiums you’ll ever stand upon, there is one that is more important to me than all others.” Annie took Kerry’s left hand and kissed it before she set his palm upon her heart. “You’ll always stand atop this podium. There will never be another there. Never.”


Being that she’s a Legacy, Annie can invite her parents to different functions, but so far she hasn’t, and there can be any number of reasons for that–like, she doesn’t want her parents to see her the way she is away from their influence–or maybe now she’s concerned they’ll be sitting in the audience for Ostara and hear a boy dedicate a song to her.  As with everything Annie, she has reasons, but in time we’ll see her folks wandering the halls of the school.

And in case you’re wondering, starting next school year Kerry can invite his parents to certain school events.  The question remains:  will he?

There you have it–

The end of the chapter, that is.

The end of the chapter, that is.

And as you can see the start of the next.  Just a couple of quick observations.  The first one is that Kerry’s flying chapter is about a thousand words longer than Annie’s flying chapter, though there was a lot more music and kissing in Annie’s flying chapter, which I’m almost certain Kerry would have liked for his.  And the second observation is that I may need another scene for Chapter Twenty-six, only because I know it needs one, and it would become the next penultimate scene for the chapter.  In fact I just added it, so boo to you, I know what I’m doing.

At least I keep telling myself that.