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Springtime For Kerry: Off to the Ward

Yesterday . . . and unlike a certain song it wasn’t so far away.  It was actually pretty sucky, if you must know.  It started bright and early when I discovered that my ATM card was deactivated, because I was sent a new one back in December that went to my home in Indiana–where my family still lives and where I maintain my actual residence for taxing purposes–because my bank–which I will leave unnamed but has the initials JPMC–was supposed to update my address but didn’t, and my family at home never told me I got the card, and neither did my bank, so it’s not be activated.  Getting a new card doesn’t make sense, because I was given a new card after I changed my name, but they still gave me one anyway because it looks like they issued it under my old name, and . . .

Well, that’s not really the bad part.  The bad part is they could fix my address and issue me a new one, but it would be thirty days before I get a new card because I don’t know why, my bank probably figured it would cut into the billions they make each year if they issue one and then FedEx it to me overnight, BUT!  If I drive 130 miles/210 kilometers to the nearest branch they’ll issue me one right then and there.

Yeah, not happy.

"Trust me, when they start breaking up the banks I'll be right there with a flamethrower!"

“Trust me, when they start breaking up the banks I’ll be right there with a flamethrower!”

This is to say I spent most of the day pissed off and out of my mind.  When I arrived home I did another video and  went to get food–putting it on a card that I can pay right a way–and then arrived home and tried to get into writing, but . . . nada.  Shit wasn’t going well.  Just hard to get the creative juices flowing when all I wanted to do was rest and veg out.

However, I did managed to add about four hundred words to the current narrative, and look up some information needed for the next scene, believe it or not.  It’s not much, but it’s a start towards what’s going on with Kerry.  And . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

Coraline helped Kerry out of the recliner and into the wheelchair, and made certain he was comfortable. As soon as Annie had a good grip on the back of the wheelchair Coraline jaunted them to the first floor lounge area at the south end of the ward before heading all the way down the ward to Bay #1. She considered having Annie levitate Kerry into bed, but she wanted to see if he could climb into Bed #2 on his own, which he did with out problems.

Once Kerry was stretched out Coraline activated the overhead scanners and ran her hand-hovering orange glow down the center line of his body, all the way to mid-thigh before heading back to his head. She scrutinized the readouts set over Kerry’s head, looking down and smiling every few seconds. “Nothing out of the ordinary here.” She pushed the main monitor back against the wall. “I believe you could do with a bit of a nap, though. After all—” She winked at him. “—you have a big performance tonight, don’t you?”

He smiled up at Coraline, then reached to his left where Annie stood and took her hand. “I probably could use a nap.”

She, too, smiled down at Kerry, but at the top of her vision she saw the minute twitch of Coraline’s head towards the ward corridor. “A nap will do you well, my love.” Annie gave his hand a squeeze.

“In the meantime I can use the bathroom—” She leaned closer and spoke in a low voice. “It’s needed.”

“Well, then, I don’t want to hold you up.” He stretched out, gave her hand a quick squeeze before folding his hands over his stomach. “It’ll just be a quick nap.”

“I’m sure it will, Red.” Coraline motioned the privacy curtain half closed, then stepped out into the corridor and waited for Annie to join her before closing the curtain all the way. She headed for her office with Annie following right behind: the moment they were inside Coraline shut the door and set the blinds at half-closed. Coraline settled down in her chair. “How’s Kerry been acting of late?”

“Not much different than he usually acts.” Annie took a seat across from Coraline’s desk. “Nothing I’d say that is out of the ordinary.”

“How’s his magic crafting?”

“The same.”

Annie glanced down for a moment, something Coraline picked up in an instance. “But?”


That’s it.  He’s in the bed and resting, and it looks like Coraline and Annie are going to have a little chat, one that I should finish tonight.  And that means I should have time to start on the next scene, but then . . . there’s something else I might want to do as well relating to the next scene, and that involves using what little creative skills I have in another area to help me visualize something.  If that happens, then there’s a likelihood I won’t get that scene started, but then . . .

You know where I’m going with this.

I think.


44 thoughts on “Springtime For Kerry: Off to the Ward

  1. ” You know where I’m going with this. ”

    No, I don’t, unless it’s Carrot Girl taking over even Kerrry’s waking hours…..

    Or Kerry’s going to break up with Annie because that girl tells him to.

      • Let’s say it’s true. I’ll assume it means Annie and Kerry will break up , and it will be Emma and Kerry now, but the sister will meddle.

        I’m just wondering …. this is actually the nth time that you’ve mentioned Emma’s sister. Is she going to have a big role in the story, like she’ll have a huge crush on Kerry ?

        • I can’t tell you if anything happens with Emma’s sister. If she *Does* ever show, it won’t be until Annie and Kerry at D Levels, and by that time I can’t see Kerry falling for an 11 year old witch–not when he’s with a 14/15 year old one. That would only happen if this were a manga.

          • That’s just a 3 year gap. My father is older than my Mom by 6 years.

            I ;m gonna bet my Pokémon collection the sister wll have a huge role in the story. Maybe she’s that girl in his teacup vision.

            The first time you mentioned about the sister, I had this gut feeling she’d figure a lot in the story….. then you keep on mentioning her…. it’s like straightforwardly telling me that it’s so.

          • Or I could be misdirecting . . . 😉

            I will say this: we not only will learn about Carrot Girl in the next chapter, but we learn something about Annie’s and Kerry’s relationship . . .

          • However, they wil be , what, 13 and 14…. I think those two are smart enough to know they’re still very young for this stuff. I cannot imagine Kerry at 13 will be crazy enough to do that. He doesn’t even want to give Annie a ring, yet.

          • But . . . hormones! It’s really all up to Annie. If she says, “I’m ready,” then Kerry won’t say no. But they are both smart enough to know they are pretty young for that.

          • She got a necklace and a charm bracelet and sapphire earrings. Hum . . . Paris is a good place to get a ring. Now, we know what sort of engagement ring she wants, so any physical ring Kerry gets her is more like a “friendship” ring.

          • Exactly, but I hope he’ll get one for himself and make it a couple’s ring. He has given her these stuff, except the most important one… a ring. Why is that ? Doesn’t he like a 100% commitment, yet ?

          • Now, wait. He bought her a locket with “with Love” inscribed on it before he even remembered he loved her. He got her to charm bracelet so she could have keepsakes of time together. And the earrings were for special occasions and a Christmas present. Annie knows those sapphires weren’t cheap, and probably a lot more than any Normal–or even Aware–12 year old would buy. And as they’ve pointed out, Annie’s not impressed with flash.

            She knows everything Kerry’s given her is from the heart, which is what she wants. She knows if Kerry *should* get her a physical ring it’s going to be something special. And since they are going to Paris before leaving for their C Levels . . . There you go. “Oh, nice ring, Annie. Where did you get that?” “Oh, Kerry bought it for me when we were in Paris.” *Death Eyes from everyone*

          • You remember Annie saying that she’s only seen her mother wearing one once in a while. She really wants that Aural Etching; she wants to flaunt THAT around the school. I mean, that’s when it gets to the “Death Do Us Part” level of commitment.

          • That was sarcasm. I mean, could you imagine Annie showing up for C Level classes wearing a diamond ring on her finger? And then have her say, “Oh, this is just a friendship ring.” Kids would lose their shit. Talk about Pampered Princess talk.

          • I didn’t get that it was sarcasm. I thought her classmates started to warm up to her when she assisted at their Transformation class… you know, those colored nails. the girls were quite enthusiastic… ehrm, even Emma.

          • Well, getting your nails done is one thing ’cause a lot of girls that age want them done. Diamond rings? That’s a different level of stuff.

            I wonder how long before Kerry can use transformation magic and craft a diamond out of a bit of coal. 😉

          • Maybe that’s one of the reasons why girls resent her. ( I’m not like that ) They’re jealous, and at the same time, a bit intimidated by her talent and princess- look. But now, they are talking fashion, and it’s like Annie is sharing with them her put-together style.

            By the way, I’m watching the video at this moment.

          • Also, Annie’s not snooty. Penny and Alex discovered she’s easy to talk to, and you can imagine they probably *have* asked her about how to get a good look. She probably doesn’t go on about her outfits, but you can bet, when she slaps on a pair of boots, she probably spent a few hundred Euro on them.

  2. Yegads. For a while there, I thought you’d make this story from romance, fantasy. supernatural , tragedy, SHOUJO, to romance, fantasy, supernatural, tragedy, SHOUNEN, HAREM. lol

      • I won’t be surprised if this turns out a harem. Kerry’s cool, and I’m sure there will be a lot of admirers from the lower levels. Kyaaaaaa ! Idol ! ! Even in real time, this is possible.

          • He is cool, Cassie. the nerdy type, and a maybe a champion racer ? The little girls will go for the type. It’s only in movies that girls go for the jocks, muscular type.

          • Yeah, I’m sure during his C Levels he’ll have some “groupies”. Who will be watched with watchful eyes by someone else. I think the groupies will quickly learn that Kerry’s spoken for. Maybe next year Annie will have to light up some girls for their own good.

          • Kerry will likely stop wearing them soon. Because he’s getting to where he can start fixing his eyesight. If he wears them after that, it’s because he can get some frames that look stylish. It may be that Isis doesn’t really need glasses, but wears them for the same reason.

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