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Hospital Visitations: Questions Asked

Today I’m feeling better, more chipper I think you could say.  Last night I felt beat down and worn out, and that’s never a good way to face your story.  I felt as if I was slightly back on form because I managed to get out a bit over eight hundred words, but it was hard going all the way.

This feeling comes and goes.  It’s hard when you’ve been on a project for a long time and everything in your mind is telling you that you need a rest.  It doesn’t help that everything at work is repetition these days, and unless you’re one familiar with the same repetitive stuff day in and out, you have no idea how draining this becomes.

Enough of that bullshit, right?  This is about writing in the face of fear–hey, that would make a good title for a blog post.  I should try that some time.

There are times when I shouldn't re-read my own work.

And then keep crying over what you’ve written because it manages to get to you.

Because there is a lot of fear in my writing at the moment.  I’ve been here before, and it’s an uneasy feeling.  You get over after a few hundred words–or a thousand or so–which means I’m getting to where I can sit and not feel uncomfortable about what I’m about to put down on, um, paper.  Maybe by the end of the week I won’t feel so crazy, but right now–yegads, I feel like a slimy bitch the moment I set fingers to keys.

But enough of how I feel?  How’s Kerry?  Well, he’s where you’d expect him to be, and that means people are talking about him at one in the morning . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“It is.” She got up slowly from her chair. “It’s why I called you in, because I felt, along with my fellow counselors—” Coraline motioned to Deanna and Erywin who were sitting along the wall to her left. “—that Kerry’s situation may have turned serious, and that warranted closer observation.”

“Is he in any danger?” Holoč set his hands inside the pockets of his robe.

“No, he’s not.” Coraline mustered a slight grin while slowly shaking her head. “But I feel it best to have him spend the night here given what happened to him earlier tonight.”

Holoč stood and stared at the floor for about three seconds before looking up at Coraline. “I’m certain you’ll do your best for him.” He rubbed his chin. “And I’ll let you get to that. Good night, Doctor.” He turned to Deanna and Erywin. “Good evening, ladies.”

Coraline didn’t close the door to her office until Holoč was through the waiting area and out of the hospital. Erywin sat back and sighed. “I expected Holoč to ask more questions.”

“He’s good about that. He knows I won’t BS him about the condition of his fliers, and I’ve never mislead him about any of his coven kids.” She leaned back and rested against the door frame. “I told him we were looking at Kerry the same day Annie and he came to Deanna and me. I didn’t tell him all we knew, only that we were helping Kerry with a personal issue, and that it wasn’t serious enough that the boy was a threat to others or himself.”

“And how is Kerry now?” Deanna stood and gave her abaya a slight shake to straighten it around her ankles.

“He’s not too bad. When I got here I checked on them and he was awake and responsive. But when Gretchen brought him in—” Coraline twisted a bit to her right so she could see the curtained-off bay where Annie and Kerry were currently residing. “She told me that when she arrived at the coven tower Kerry appeared almost catatonic: he was unresponsive and appeared to have difficulty recognizing people.”


Holoč is literally the odd man out at Salem, for he is the only male coven leader, and there are times when he’s viewed a little differently than the four women who manage and oversee the other four covens.  There are times when he tends to come off more like an overprotective father than the head witch for one of the covens, but then some of the women come off as overprotective mothers as well, so it evens out.

Erywin’s question indicates that there’s at least one of the two remaining coven leaders–they would be Jessica and Maddie–who are a bit more taciturn when it comes to getting news that one of their kids screamed themselves catatonic because of a dream.  It also indicates they probably don’t have a lot of issues over by der in Cernunnos Coven, probably because of all the yucky boy stuff happening there.  Which isn’t fair to say, as there are boys at the other covens:  I’m certain Erywin is only getting in another dig about there being too many boys on the coven’s race team . . .

If you read between the lines it’s likely true that Coraline is also the one who has to deliver all the bad news to coven leaders and instructors about the mental stability of their charges.  She is the school’s Chief Medical Officer, and that sort of falls under her area of control.  And it’s true that just like any other school, Salem has their issues with stressed out kids, depression, and even the occasional suicide attempt.  Only here, when someone decides to end it all, they just set use magic to light themselves on fire, or simply stop their heart.  Which is one of the reasons why every one is watched so closely.

No one is worried about Kerry hurting himself.  But someone wants to get to the crux of the matter tonight–


Erywin asked the question to which she was certain she already knew the answer. “Did he say he’d had one of those dreams?”

“Yes.” Coraline turned back to the guest in her office. “Annie told Gretchen that he’d confirmed he’d had a dream: when he arrived he told her the same when she asked him to confirm his story.”

“Well, shit.” Erywin ran her fingers through her hair. Normally she’d begin pacing, but with three people in the office that was impossible. “How’s Annie?”

“Doing as you’d expect. She’s stoic and putting on a brave face, but her aura tells me otherwise.” Coraline stared up at the ceiling for a moment. “She’s stressed out. I’m probably going to have to give her something to help her sleep, otherwise she’ll sit by his bedside all night long, and she won’t be any good come morning.”

“When you arrived did she reiterate her story about how she was awoken by Kerry’s screams?”

“She told that to Gretchen when she arrived at the coven, and Gretchen relayed it to me when I arrived here.”

“What’s our next move?” Deanna sat on the edge of Coraline’s desk. “It would seem these dreams have taken a turn for the worse, and we’re no closer to an answer on what they mean or how Kerry should handle them.”

Coraline released a long, exhausted breath. “We don’t even know the questions.”

Erywin turned to face the other women. “If I may suggest something—”

“By all means.”

“Perhaps we could gather at lunch time to go over what we have and see what makes sense. Also—” Erywin gathered her thoughts. “Jessica gave me some new data to examine. I received it late last week, but Ostara made it impossible to find enough free time to look it over.”

Deanna pushed herself up a little further on the desk. “Is that information related to your due diligence report?”

“It is, but at this point anything I share with you won’t affect anything that goes into that report.” She grunted. “Assuming I need to write one now.”

Coraline liked the idea of getting everyone in a room and brainstorming things out. Deanna and she had spent a couple of weeks coming up with different hypothesis that never panned out, and while Erywin wasn’t nearly the expert on dreams and visions as Deanna, she had ways of examining information that were far different than Deanna or she would. “We’ll worry about the due diligence later. I agree: we should get together, look at this new data, and see if it relates to what we’re following now.”

“Do you mind if I bring Jessica?” Erywin rolled her shoulders forward and stretched. “She told me yesterday there was something she wanted to discuss, but she figured we’d do it later—”

“Today?” Coraline chuckled. “Then she picked a great time. Where do you want to meet?”


What does Erywin have that Jessica handed over?  Could it be . . . video?  Yeah, I think that’s it.  Which means we’re probably going to get to see Kerry doing his Mimic thing.  But before that happens we need to get through this night.

And see something else we’ve never seen before . . .


7 thoughts on “Hospital Visitations: Questions Asked

      • Annie is the emotional one, in my opinion. She even fought for her honor when the taunting became too much for her to take. Kerry, in my opinion, is ” todo pasa ” , that’s the term I’ll use to describe him, at least at this point in the story. Even his ” friendship ” with Emma does not take into account Annie’s feelings, even if Annie does not say anything about it. Like, with Emma blatantly ignoring Annie….. Emma and Kerry having a conversation as if Annie wasn’t there….. exchanging email addresses ( and Emma letting Annie know ), Skyping her, and all this knowing that the girl likes him… this is my # 1 issue with Kerry. Of course , he’s just a boy and doesn’t know any better. He’s young and relationships are new to him. Also, he’s used to keeping to himself all his anxieties , like his relationship , or lack thereof , with his parents. I can go as far as saying Kerry’s self – absorbed. This is just how I see it at this point. Of course , there will be huge character development after this. And I’m dreading it.

        • Kerry does just let everything go by–that’s how he learned to do things growing up. I can relate to that because that’s how I was growing up. When your parents are emotionally and mentally abusive–like Kerry’s–you get to where you try to blow everything off because fighting just wears you down more. I don’t know how many times I’ve got to say it, but Kerry is a mess, and he’s slowly learning to put all of that past behind him. There is no way the Kerry from before his A Levels would have said some of the things he’s said to my parents–mother at least–and he’ll keep changing.

          You continue ignoring who he was just two years before, and how he’s changing. And again, he knows Annie’s feelings, and he knows she can trust him. I’ve explained all this a dozen times before.

          And from what we’ve seen so far, Annie knows where to pick her battles, and it appears Kerry does as well–and maybe getting in Emma’s ass about something she did a year before isn’t worth their time.

          • I am well aware his childhood was a mess. I even said I couldn’t imagine how a mother could allow a minor to fend for himself, and I also mentioned that in California , where he used to live, that’s an offense, and I even called Kerry a latchkey kid. Good thing no neighbors called the authorities. In my elementary school, kids who cannot be picked up at dismissal time can stay at school ( I see them at the cafeteria doing their homeworks and are supervised by volunteer tutors ). Here in our city, a parent allowed that to happen. the oldest , who was in Grade 6 took care of her younger siblings, but then, she tried to cook food for her siblings, the oven on High , and when the parent came home at 5:30, the house and her 3 children were gone. The state didn’t have the heart to charge her …. the punishment was grave enough. And Kerry was in a similar stuation.
            But despite that, it didn’t really change his natural kind disposition. I understand, too, that he has gotten used to not rocking the boat, but I seriously feel there should be a limit to that. Good thing he finally told Emma off. ( and Annie with Lisa ) He should have done that a long time ago, or at least before they got empowered by the lack of reaction.

            About this Kerry starting to open up….. has he told Annie about his life before salem, yet ? Another thing, I’m as sure as the sun is up there Kerry actually knows what’s going on, but he’s holding it back. I understand that this situation is freaking him out, and he knows it’s a game changer…. a gender identity problem. How will this affect his relationship with Annie ? On his Assessment with The Phoenix, he chose to be a guy because he was afraid Annie would react to him differently, and not even be friends with him anymore. And that’s only friendship he was thinking about then.. And now that he’s in a full – blown relationship with Annie, with plans of marriage in the future, I ‘d understand the fear he’s experiencing now. Coraline and the teachers concerned have an idea, but still unconfirmed. But they did mention gender identity problem. ( I don’t have a problem with that, just so you know, but at this point, I don’t know how it will affect Annie’s relationship with Kerry ? I’m hoping Kerry will open up, tell everything that’ on his mind, his relationship with his mother, and so on and so forth.

            At this point, the sand castle I’m building up for these two are starting to crumble. The ship will not sail anytime soon.

          • Annie’s known Kerry his whole life, so she knows of it before they came to Salem. And Kerry’s only 12; it’s growing up fast, and it’s hard to put things behind him. If he changed overnight it wouldn’t be him, and it wouldn’t be realistic. It’s hard to put a near-decade of learning how to deal with life to the side and become a new person. He’s got a lot of growing still to do.

            And we won’t even get into Annie’s daddy issues . . . 😉

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