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Meditations Before the Curtain

After all the stuff with walking around town yesterday, there really wasn’t much else to do for the rest of the day.  I went out to get groceries and didn’t return until after two in the afternoon, I sat down to watch Doctor Zhivago not long after that and missed about thirty minutes at the start because I feel asleep, but that was mostly due to starting to cry about thirty seconds into the credit roll at the beginning of the movie.  I actually cried throughout most of that film–I usually do–and even when I thought I was done crying, I found a few more tears to shed.

I wonder if Kerry’s seen Doctor Zhivago?  I’m sure he has, because that’s the sort of movie he’d watch.  That and Aliens.  Maybe back-to-back.  I’m guessing Annie’s never seen either of those films, and the first time they watch them together will be an interesting one.  Maybe Annie will cry when Lara goes away forever.  We’ll see.

But now we have a scene that’s not about the kids–not really.  The focus is shifting, and we’re out of the Great Hall now . . .

This is going to be an unusual scene, because I’m taking the story to a place it’s never been before.  The good thing is I spent a lot of the last couple of days thinking about how to put this scene together, and even coming up with a few little refinements here and there.  That’s how I do it in my mind:  now if I can only get it out on paper.

Here we go then, all four hundred words to start the new scene.  Let’s see if you know where it’s going . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

After leaving the hospital Deanna didn’t return to the Instructor’s Residence, but went instead to her office in Åsgårdsreia Tower. She wanted to think, to consider what they knew happened tonight, and while she could have done this just as easily in her room in the Residence, she felt just as comfortable sitting here with the door locked, the lights low, and a few pillow thrown on to the floor to comfort her while sitting.

There was a huge hole in Annie’s story, and while Coraline was right about not confronting her this evening, Deanna couldn’t let go of the feeling of wrongness the story left. She wasn’t only the school seer, but she was, as she like to say, the Interpreter of Dreams, and her interpretation of this dream situation was defined by Coraline earlier in the evening—though Deanna could never face Annie and express her feelings using those words.

There was something she knew of, however, that could tie into the reasons behind Annie’s panicked walking and running to Kerry. She’d never investigated that reason because doing so would involve a slight amount of danger—

She didn’t feel it was something she could put off any longer.

Deanna’s office was a good place to perform the magic required to allow her to begin gathering her own facts. There wasn’t any possibility of interruption, and she was closer to her eventual destination than if she were crafting this spell in her room in the Residence. She rose from her lotus position and kicked the pillows off to the side before facing the south wall of her office. Deanna didn’t require a flat surface: just the energy, vision, and willpower to properly craft her art.

A moment of concentration brought the image of the effect into her mind’s eye, and she pulled the energy together in a matter of seconds, for this was a spell she’d crafted a few times in the past. Raising her arms to her side, Deanna reached out with her willpower and pushed it into the fabric of the physical realm—

The air before Deanna fractured and was pushed to either side of her body, leaving a glowing, door-like opening two steps away. She spent another twenty seconds crafting another spell, then a few seconds more staring into the opening before her.

Deanna stepped through the Curtain and quickly sealed the astral doorway behind her.


Astral Doorway.  That’s where we’re going next.  You’re heard about it, and it’s been teased, but now I’m off to see what the Astral Plain looks like.

The place may even look like this.  Or an Arby's.  Hard to say.  In And Out Burger, perhaps?

The place may even look like this. Or an Arby’s. Hard to say. In And Out Burger, perhaps?

It’s time to take a walk–and see what we can see.


12 thoughts on “Meditations Before the Curtain

  1. I was not expecting to go there. I have been wondering if Annie was trying to reach Kerry through Dreamspace (Did I get that right? Ack! My brain is still foggy. Bleck!) and that’s how she knew. Hmmm… Tricky Deanna. Tricky.

    • She wants to see something that can’t be seen in Dreamspace, so she’s heading right into the Astral Plain. She hinted at it a while back, maybe 150,000 words or so. It has to do with Annie’s and Kerry’s auras–

      • That makes sense. I wonder if their auras have been connecting when they’ve been asleep. I thought their auras had to meld in order for them to share Dreamspace. Am I wrong? Or does it just make it easier, not a necessity?

        • Deanna noticed when they are close together their auras join. She’s not aware they are sleeping together, but she knows they’re staying in the same bay, so it’s a no brainer. This means they’re auras should be joined while they are sleeping this close. When their are in the tower, however, they aren’t joined. Which makes the shared dreamspace thing more mysterious.

  2. Also, I’ve never seen either of those movies. Doctor Zhivago or Aliens (or any of that movie franchise to be exact). I made the mistake of walking into the living room while my parents were watching the first movie years ago when the android was sliced open and white fluid and guts were flailing everywhere. Back then I had a weak-ish stomach. I didn’t get sick, but I had no desire to watch the movie after that.

    • “Alien” is more a horror movie than sci-fi: Stephen King says it’s like going out into space and finding H. P. Lovecraft’s Old Ones. “Aliens” is straight-up action, a very different movie.

      If you ever watch “Alien” here’s a true story: when the infamous “chest buster” scene was filmed, the only ones who knew what would happen were Ridley Scott, the director, John Hurt, the actor who would get “busted”, and the sfx guys along with some of the crew. All the actors knew was a link in the script that said, “Something happened to Kane: react.” So they get to the point where they gotta bust the alien out of his chest, and Scott clears the set so they can dress Hurt with the fake body. They bring the actors back in and start filming, and shit starts ripping and the fake blood is flying. The actors were, for the most part, freaking out ’cause they had NO idea all this fake blood was gonna go flying. Veronica Cartwright, who played Lambert, caught a good stream right in the face and felt backwards, and Yaphet Kotto, who played Parker, was really about to attack the puppet because he didn’t know what the hell was going on. Even Sigourney Weaver, who played Ripley, admitted to being freaked out by what happened on the set.

      So when you watch that scene and you see how the actors are reacting to Kane’s death, they’re not acting. Those are real reactions.

  3. I have seen at least 10 times Doctor Zhivago in the past 30 years… and yes! each time I cried until making my eyes swollen and red.
    Funny that I do have often the same thinking… about the characters of my books getting into our real life. But then one single question came to my mind: which one is the “real life”? Ours or theirs? Since I can put my self “inside the story”, as you do when writing about Kerry and Annie…
    I like this part… and you put it down on words nicely. I love astral travels and this one I guess is going to be full of surprises. By the way, I’m sure you know that magic is proven to be quantum physic… and THAT is what make it more interesting!
    Have a great day :-)claudine

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