Starting the Start

For a long day with a lot of writing, there wasn’t a great deal done on my novel.  Quite simply, I needed to get out an episode recap for my sister site where I snark along with my friend Rachel, and that turned into a twenty-two hundred word missive before I was finished.  It’s easy to say, “Nah, I didn’t expect to write that much,” but given I’d written almost a thousand words for just the notes, the finished product was going to be longer.  And come next month this is gonna be the norm, ’cause I take up my recap hat and start doing at least ten weeks of two new shows.

I’m gonna be a busy girl.

It isn’t unusual, however, that I start off a new scene slow, and I was starting a chapter the same way.  Yes, it’s time for Chapter Twenty-eight, and now comes the time when we start learning the truth about Carrot Girl and what she means to Kerry.  I looked over the chapter last night before writing made a change to the scenes:

Which is right there--see?

Which is right there–see?

You don’t, so I’ll tell you:  I took the first scene of Chapter Twenty-Nine and moved it up to become the last scene of Chapter Twenty-eight?  Why?  Because it makes sense.  And you’ll see why when I get there–which, at the rate I’m writing, should be near the end of the month.  Though it looks like getting a thousand words out on each day of the weekend is becoming something of a norm, and that puts me at around forty-five hundred to five thousand words a week still.  Hummm . . . maybe I’ll reach the end of this chapter by the Ides of March.  I’d beware.

What you have is a setup that doesn’t tell you much, but it does get you into the scene–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Deanna arrived at the First Floor Library in the Instructor’s Residence fifteen minutes before the meeting was expected to start. She didn’t to this out of habit, but rather because she expect the gathering to start a few minutes early: she knew the guests they’d invited, and they both had a habit of showing up for an appointment a few minutes early. Even though the majority of students feared a summoning to the Instructor’s Residence, the last time these individuals were invited they showed, as expected, a few minutes early.

There was a feeling of nervousness in in the room, for even though four of the five women in the room had set their afternoon aside and had minions monitor lab work where needed while they poured over documents, they felt the enormity of their research. Once they found the information for which they were searching—all under the watchful eyes of two people from Paris who were tasked with bringing the original volumes from the archives and returning them as soon as Erywin and the others were finished—and made notes of their findings, the awareness of being on the verge of something important wouldn’t subside.

Deanna voiced the opinion that if what they discovered proved correct, life at Salem was about to change for several people. No one then present on the third floor of the hospital disagreed—

That was one of those moments where Deanna wished her sight prepared her for what may lay ahead.

Erywin was up pouring herself some water when there was a knock on the library door. Coraline looked at Headmistress Laventure, who sat closest to the entrance, as was her habit. “They’re here.”

“Everyone take their seats.” She stood as the other women sat, and once Mathilde saw everyone was in their place, she placed herself near the door before waving it open. “Welcome. Come in, please.”


Tonight I get more into what’s happening here in the Instructor’s library.  And if you haven’t figured out who the guests are–well, you’re not paying attention, are you?