The Calm Before the Light: Talking the Panic

I come to you feeling all down and lowly this morning because the cold that I thought I’d completely shook back in January, and that I’d miss even though all these people in my office are sick, has done its damnedest to creep back into my life.  The last couple of days I’ve had to deal with a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and a general feeling of blah all the time, and it hasn’t made writing any easier for me.

"I'll get right to dropping Kerry into the Pit of Hell just as soon as my head stops spinning."

“I’ll get right to dropping Kerry into the Pit of Hell just as soon as my head stops spinning.”

And even though it’s 40 F/4 C right this moments, in a few hours it’ll be 77 F/25 C, which means one can’t dress too warm or you’ll overheat by the early afternoon, and that won’t help at all when it comes to getting better.

Which is why my legs are bare, because of course they are.

Which is why my legs are bare, because of course they are.

At least I have pink on, because it’s Wednesday, and on Wednesday . . .  You know the rest.

What this all means is that pretty much the moment I hit five hundred words last night I stopped and saved and then sat down for some American Crime Story, because my mind wasn’t on getting Kerry’s story out, it was on getting some medication and warm fluids in my body.

Though I did get the party started, the one that came after Kerry’s big revile.  And as you might expect, there’s one person who has a little trouble believing his comment . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“What do you mean the girl is you?” The puzzled tone in Annie’s voice extended to her face. “She can’t be you.”

Kerry scratched the inside of his right ear. “She is me. She’s not just some girl who’s like you, a person different from me. She’s . . .” He glanced down and away, unable to meet Annie’s confused gaze. “Me.”

Annie quietly regarded Kerry for several seconds. “You’ve said you’ve spoken with her—”

“I have.”

“If that’s true, then she—”

Kerry straightened and turned towards her, tucking his leg under the other much like Annie did a minute before. “Darling—” He took both her hand in his. “Remember the dream I had the night we came back from Yule holiday?”

She stiffened slightly. “I do.”

“And you were tossed out by the girl when you tried to get into my dreamspace?”

Annie’s jaw tightened as the memory returned. “How could I forget?”

“Annie . . .” Kerry kept a grip on her hands as he slowly closed his eyes for a moment. “That wasn’t her.”

Nearly five seconds passed before Annie grasped the full meaning of Kerry’s statement. “That was you?”

“Yeah.” He allowed his shoulders to slump a bit as he explained. “The was a dream before that, the one when you first dreamwalked me and tried to get into my space—”

“I remember that, too.” She turned her body so she was sitting comfortably once more so she could move closer to him. “I could hear you.”

“It was probably a good thing I didn’t know you were there.” He swallowed hard, finding it difficult to speak. “That was the first time she told me about what was going to happen, how we were—”  Kerry shrugged. “She said we we were going to be the same, which meant nothing to me. And then, after what felt like maybe another five minutes of talking, we, um . . .” His face grew red. “We switched.”

This time Deanna—who was sit standing around the sofa with the headmistress and the other women—spoke. “You switched?”

“Switched bodies. She was me and I was—her.” Kerry rolled his eyes. “And then you showed up and I panicked and—” He sheepishly rubbed his forehead. “I didn’t know I could toss you out like that.”


Of one of the mysteries set up here, it was how Annie got the bum rush from Kerry’s dreamspace, and who this bitch was that was doing the rushing.  Well, that weren’t no girl, pal–it was your soul mate.  Who was a girl in their dream.  ‘Cause they switched?  Yeah, they did.  And once Annie gets past that point in the narrative, she asks what is probably the most important question so far:


Annie didn’t doubt a single word told by her soul mate, but now that he was so clear about the matter, there was a loose end that required explanation. “Why didn’t you tell us any of this before?”

“I wanted to but I couldn’t.” Kerry looked up at the Phoenix, who was standing just beyond end table behind Annie. “What did you do to me?”

The spirit seemed surprised. “What did I do?”

Yes. You started this with my E and A.”

“Really?” The Phoenix examined the nails of her right hand. “Perhaps you’d like to tell everyone how you first met this special girl.”

“My love.” Annie lightly rubbed the back of his left hand. “I’d like to know how this happened.”

Erywin nodded. “So would I.”


You gotta hate all-powerful spirits who just stand then, checking their nails, while they pull a Joker on you.  “Me?  I didn’t do anything.”  Though in this case she may not be the guilty party . . .

At least Annie wants to hear about how this all went down, so when I get home tonight, and I hope I’m able to get my head together, because tonight Kerry finally talks about the first time he met the Carrot Girl–