The Calm Before the Light: Prelude to Surprise

Well, how was your evening?  Better than Kerry’s, I hope!  Actually, nothing’s changed for him since I wrote those last few words about him yesterday, the ones that seems to have left him freaking out just a bit.  And why wouldn’t they?  As I told my manicurist yesterday while I was discussing this latest plot twist while she applied Gelish “Manga-Round With Me” to my nails–

A bright pink which does not give me a big, ass-kicking manga, sorry to say.

A bright pink which does not empower me with a big, ass-kicking mecha, sorry to say.

–that it’s one thing to have a girlfriend who has a period, and it’s something entirely difference to find out that one day you’re the girlfriend with blood coming out of your vagina.  Sure, it’s possible that Carrot Girl–or should we just start calling her Kerry Girl?–may have, you know, kinda mentioned this at some point during their dream discussions, but if she did it didn’t stick–or Dream Kerry spent the time walking around his dreamspace with his fingers in his ears going, “Lalalala, I can’t hear you, can’t HEAR YOU!”

It doesn’t matter, kid.  This new Gift is about a done deal, and–oh, yeah:  your Significant Other has thought of something you didn’t:


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“What’s wrong with having a period?” Annie chuckle felt light and relaxing. “You don’t seem to mind when I have one.”

“Yeah, but—you’re a girl.” The second the words left Kerry’s mouth he realized how ridiculous he appeared.

Annie replied to his comment before the others could speak. “If what Coraline is saying is true, when you’ll be that way, you’ll be a girl, too.” She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. “It’s possible I may not be the only one here with little witches waiting to appear, my love.”


It’s already been shown that Annie is quite aware that she’s sittin’ on some eggs that are just waiting to incubate, and she wasn’t afraid to tell Kerry months before that she when the time came, she was gonna be proud to get down to the baby making.

Now, it seems, she may not have the market cornered on this family thing.  She’s heard, “Vagina, uterus, ovaries, cycle,” and being that she’s already got that equipment, it isn’t a great stretch to figure out on the fly that under the right conditions Kerry could likely conceive and bring forth “little witches,” as Annie says.  And, yes:  this is also discussed in the next chapter.  I’m leaving no stone unturned here.  And way to go, Annie:  you are really toughening up your soul mate.  How soon before she’s rubbing his belly and saying, “Anyone in here?”  Oi, this girl.

Keep in mind, too, that I’m very big of Chekhov’s Gun, a literary device that says if you show a gun in the first act of a play, by the last act that gun is used.  How likely is it that I’ve introduced Chekhov’s Menstrual Cycle?  You’ll just have to wait . . .

Just as Kerry’s waiting on an answer, too.  But right now there’s something else to discuss:


Kerry waited for the enormous blush to dissipate before looking to Coraline. “Is that true?”

“We’ll discuss that later.” Coraline believe that going into some limited detail about the issues Kerry could face while female was better handled when it was just him, Annie, and herself. “What you need to know now is that this first transition is the only one over which you’ll have no control. After that you’ll be able to control the transition from one physical aspect to the other, though a few of the people who had this Gift indicated that after the first transition it took anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours before they were able to switch back to the original body.

“Now, keep in mind is that you are in full control of this Gift, just like you are as a Mimic. You don’t need to worry that you’ll be walking to class in the middle of the day and then—BAM, you’re a girl. That will never happen. You determine which of your forms in which you’ll live, and you determine how long you want to stay in those forms.” She gave a mild shrug. “If after the first transition you decide to never become a girl again, that’s your choice, Kerry. No one’s going to force you to do something with which you’re not comfortable.”

Kerry looked off to his right while slowly nodding. “Okay. I guess—I mean, that’s good. I wouldn’t want—” He returned to looking straight ahead. “If I don’t have to be that way, that’s fine.”

“Why is that?”

He turned to Annie, who had been moving closer to him throughout the discussion, and was now pressed against his left side. “I don’t want you—”

“To be upset? Why? Because you think I’m going to feel that way if you’re a girl?” She lowered her head slightly to the left. “When we spoke with Erywin in The Grove last year, and I told you both about how I’d decided that I was going marry you, and I was upset that I hadn’t given you any say in the matter, do you remember what you said?”

Kerry vaguely noticed the looks on the faces of the headmistress and Jessica, who weren’t involved in counseling and wouldn’t have known of their discussion from their A Levels. “I said that even after hearing your plans I wasn’t going anywhere.”

“That’s right. And just because you can change into a girl isn’t going to alter my love for you. You’re becoming an expert on transformation—” She looked about the room. “Should I leave you because you may be able to change into one of the women in this room? Or into me? Or into this sofa?” She kissed him on the cheek. “Obicham te, skŭpa moya polovinka: I would never leave you for something that—minimal. No, my love:  I’m not going anywhere.”


No, this Gift isn’t a Ranma Curse where someone tosses cold water on Kerry and he has to run off to his tower in get into his fuku.  Like Annie is with her Flight and he is with his Mimic, he’ll be in control of Bigender.  After, you know, spending maybe a day at the other side of the physical gender binary.  And when does this happen?  Well, if it’s supposed to occur within a year of this Acceptance Dream he’s going to have, then it happens either at the end of this novel, or sometime during the next novel.  But happen it will–

And the comforting thing is that Annie has accepted this part of him–or as she puts it, she’d not going anywhere.  He said that when she revealed that she’d never given him a choice when it came to wanting to marry, and she’s saying that just because there may be times when he’s a member of Team Vagina, that doesn’t mean she’s gonna scoot on his ass.  She gonna remain at his–um, her side, and while it remains unsaid that there may be some adjusting necessary on her side of that particular equation, she’ll always love him–um, her.  She won’t leave him–

Something Deanna echoes, only . . .


Deanna spoke almost immediately after. ”No, Annie, you’re not.”

She looked at the seer. “I know I’m not.”

“No, Annie—” Deanna’s tone turned serious. “That’s not what I mean.”

“I know what she means.” The Phoenix motioned to both children. “Tell her to hold up a moment, then both of you—come here.”

Annie relayed the message as both Kerry and she approached The Phoenix, who stood in the open area to the right of Mathilde’s chair and in front of the library entrance. “Now stand here—” She positioned Annie with her back to the door and Kerry facing her, then moved them together until they were close enough to hug.

All the women watched in silence as the couple took direction from an unseen force, and once Annie and Kerry were in place Deanna decided to speak up. “What is she doing?”

“I’m not sure.” Annie followed The Phoenix, who was now taking up position behind their sofa. “What’s going on?”

The spirit smiled back. “Deanna wants to show everyone something, and I’m—” She winked. “—going to make things a little easier for her.”

“What do you mean?”

The Phoenix’s smile grew wide. “Watch.” She threw open her arms—

The room exploded in light.


And what the hell is THIS?  Why is the room exploding in light?  What is The Phoenix doing?  What does Deanna want to show?

What?  Did you think I only had one surprise up my sleeve?