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Once More Unto the Curtain: Land of Mist and Honey

We have Kerry’s Big Secret out of the way and we’re into the last part of this part about his big life change.  But as I said, there’s another secret about to get uncorked, and it’s going to change a lot of things.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.

Here is what’s ahead:

Looks like a normal chapter to me, Cassie.

Looks like a normal chapter to me, Cassie.

But this is going to set up and wrap up everything.  Well, for what’s been happening through most of the novel.  There are still three parts to the novel remaining, and I’m wondering if anyone has guessed how it’s going to end?  Beside finding “The End” written at the bottom of a page.  Don’t get wise with me, Sunshine:  I’m way ahead of you.

When we left the library it had exploded in light, which, under most circumstances, isn’t a good thing.  But this is the world of magic, and The Phoenix is working her grove, which is probably uber magic these other witches have never seen.  That means it’s not as bad as you’d imagine . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The walls of the library were covered in glowing embers of energy that bathed the room in bright pastels and striking neons, while hazy, creamy light seeped through the ceiling above. Though Annie had never seen something like this before, she knew what was happening almost instantly: she was seeing the room as it appeared from within the Astral Realm.

She wasn’t the only one who understood what was happening, either. Erywin was on her feet, a sharp breath preceding her words. “My god; she’s pulled back the Curtain.  We’re inside the astral realm.”

Jessica slowly made her way to her feet. “She can do that?”

Deanna was the only one now sitting, as Coraline and Matilde were also standing. “Apparently she can.” She pointed toward the sofa where Annie and Kerry were sitting moments before. “Maybe you’d like to ask her directly.”

Behind the sofa hovered a amorphous mass of hazy light that slowly shifted from a tendrillar blob into something that appeared almost humanoid in form. In the middle of what appeared as the head a pair of golden eyes broke through the haze. A dry chuckled filled the room, seeming to come from everywhere. “Sorry I didn’t prepare a better form, but when I first appeared it wasn’t my intention to entertain a lot of guests.” The eyes turned on Deanna. “Doesn’t seem that long ago we were facing each other, does it, Seer?”

Before she could formulate a reply Kerry’s voice rang out excited and high pitched while indicated the five women. “What’s those things behind you guys?”

Annie turned and saw all the women on their feet, as Deanna had finally decided to stand with her fellow instructors and administrators. Each woman’s physical form appeared outline by a hazy but colorful field of energy that was their aura, showing their current state of mind and emotions. She was fascinated by the brightness of each aura and remembered something her mother told her: that the auras of the Aware are far brighter than those of Normals, because witches are constantly channeling mystical energy into their forms.

There was something else, though: the things that of which Kerry was inquiring. Emerging from behind each woman was a tendril of silver cord, as thick as two fingers pressed together, extending about a meter and a half above their heads. The cord shimmied slowly from side to side like a silver snake moving through the a misty gray grass.


First off, don’t get any ideas that what everyone in the room is seeing is the true form of The Phoenix.  That old spirit pretty much does whatever she feels like doing, and she’s probably screwing with a few people by starting out looking like some kind of astral Abomination.  Yeah, she was a floating ball of something with identical.  Cute.

As for that end there . . . that’s what’s coming next, and trust me:  it’s right after that you’re going to see the really big secret here.

As Genesis once sang, tonight, tonight, tonight . . .

28 thoughts on “Once More Unto the Curtain: Land of Mist and Honey

  1. I’m actually happy now that Kerry can change his gender, inside and out. He can go take vacation in Bulgaria as Annie’s ” bestie “. Mom, Dad, this is Renxkyoko, my bestfriend at Salem. ” ” Oh, no, it’s okay, you don’t have to prepare a room for her. We’ll hang out in my room. ” Ha ha ha

      • Heh ? You’ll do that ? Well, it’s not something I just thought randomly. Annie did invite Kerry, right ? Do you think Dad and Mom will find out ? Otherwise it’s BISTADO ! !

        • It’s actually something I’ve thought about for a future scene. Remember, I have this all plotted out, so it’s not as if the KIDS wouldn’t think of this. 🙂

          Something to keep in mind, however: Annie’s mom has a lot of friends in The Foundation hierarchy, and she seems to learn things about Kerry pretty fast.

    • And the thing is, with his Mimicking/Transformations skills, eventually he COULD look like a girl from the Philippines. You’d never know if it was Kerry walking behind you when you go back to visit. 🙂

  2. Well, I’m so happy Annie has a girl bestie now, someone she can shop around with. It’s a bit strange that Annie doesn’t have a girl pal, just like any girl.

    • She has Penny and Alex as friends, and though it’s not been shown, you’ll hear them talk about the last year, and what they’ll do in the upcoming year. Kerry’s also gotten friendly with Jario.

        • Nadine is friendly with Annie, too, and Penny and she are close to Kerry. It’s funny that it seems like all of Annie’s girlfriends are fliers and racers, which is something she didn’t want to get involved in after her A Levels. Now she hangs out with then, and they do have a rule: no race talk. Just like when they first met in Berlin.

          • Well, duh, her Jowa’s a racer….it follows she gets to hang with the team.

            By the way, Jowa means GF/BF/ crush in the Philippines. It’s gayspeak.

          • You mean the father–and mother–of her kids? 😉 You gotta know there’s gonna be some adjustment on Annie’s part, too.

            AND here’s something else: guess who just became the ONLY boy in school who’ll be able to ignore the enchantments that keep boys out of girl’s rooms?

          • Ooooh, by the way, using jowa is the mainstream term now over there. Young folks borrow gaylanguage from their gay besties. Remember I talked about ” deadma ” ? ( literally dead malice, no malice ) That’s gayspeak too, but it’s now part of Filipino lingo.

          • It’s funny how language changes like that. Give it a few more years and it’ll be something else.

            Kerry will have a lot to learn, though There’s more to being a girl than wearing the clothes.

          • , Jowa’s been around since my mother’s college days, in the 70’s. And last time I heard the word was 2 nights ago when I watched a Filipino show on youtube.

            But you’re right. Words evolve. Even their original meanings. We don’t use groovy anymore , right. lol

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