Once More Unto the Curtain: The Last Secret Unfolds

Between fits of hacking up the last of the  fluid in my lungs, talking to people I know so I can make future plans, and getting in a nap before sitting down to watch a little TV before going to bed, I managed another five hundred words in this story.  Let me tell you, it’s been a little rough going onward because I haven’t felt anywhere close to one hundred percent for a while now, but this next part–oh, boy.  Are you about to be surprised.

These five hundred words are the set-up, and the words that follow tomorrow (I Promise!) are the payoff, but this is going to help explain a lot of things from the past and going into the future.  Well, maybe:  you know how this magic stuff goes.

Needless to say, Kerry’s question of “What’s those?” left off the last excerpt, so it’s only fair that get answered . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie turned and saw all the women on their feet, as Deanna had finally decided to stand with her fellow instructors and administrators. Each woman’s physical form appeared outline by a hazy but colorful field of energy that was their aura, showing their current state of mind and emotions. She was fascinated by the brightness of each aura and remembered something her mother told her: that the auras of the Aware are far brighter than those of Normals, because witches are constantly channeling mystical energy into their forms.

There was something else, though: the things that of which Kerry was inquiring. Emerging from behind each woman was a tendril of silver cord, as thick as two fingers pressed together, extending about a meter and a half above their heads. The cord shimmied slowly from side to side like a silver snake moving through the a misty gray grass.

Deanna keep her eyes on the young couple remaining close together. “Those are lifelines.” She motioned to Coraline, whom she saw clearing without having to turn away from either of the children.

“They extend out of our physical form into the astral realm, and it’s through those we’re able to pull the mystical—and dark—energy we need to power our spells.” She didn’t know if Annie was aware of one of the facts about them, but she knew Kerry wouldn’t know, so she continued for their benefit. “You can’t see it with Astral Sight, or even while performing Astral Projection. It can only be viewed by going through the Curtain and physically entering the astral realm.”

Kerry scanned the adults before looking at the girl standing before him. “Where’s Annie’s?” He looked around her. “I don’t see hers.”

“I don’t see yours, either.” She turned to Deanna. “Where’s Kerry’s lifeline?”

Deanna looked across the room to the nebulous creature positioned behind the sofa. “You knew, didn’t you? That’s why you did this.”

The time the room-filling chuckle seemed to carry a bit of warmth, perhaps even mirth. “It’s possible, but—” The golden eyes brightened. “You know my credo.”

“I most certainly do.” The seer nodded slowly.

“Given that the rest of us aren’t experts in the these astral matters—” Erywin’s aura disclosed her true concern and confusion. “—what the hell are you two going on about? And where—” She pointed at the children, who everyone could now see shared a merged pink and light blue aura. “—are their lifelines?”


If there’s one thing you could say about The Phoenix, it’s that she he comes off as a bit of an asshole.  It’s probably more than possible that she knew something was going on here, but as she says, you gotta figure it out for yourselves, otherwise she knows she’s just a huge-ass deus ex machina that everyone expect to hand over answers when they get stumped.  And what’s the point of bringing together the best and brightest witches throughout the world if they’re gonna turn to you every time they get their butts in a bind?

The silver thread thing is an old concept:  in fact, it is believed to have originated in Ecclesiastes.  Simply put, when you astral project, your spirit remains attached to your body through a silver cord, and that’s how you remember where you parked your car when your essence is walking around in the spirit world.

And most of the time you're dressed in whatever you're wearing at the moment, so woo be to those who sleep in the nude.

And most of the time you’re dressed in whatever you’re wearing at the moment, so woo be to those who sleep in the nude.

Don’t confuse this with Dreamwalking, which is something completely different.  Confusing, I know.

But the question remains:  what did she know, and what was it Deanna wanted to show?  And in case you were wondering, this ties back to Deanna’s little stroll through the astral realm in another chapter.

Well . . . if you want to know what’s up with these two, and where their missing lifelines are located–here you go.


Deanna stepped away from the rest of the women and stood facing the young couple. “Annie, Kerry: I want you to keep facing each other and—each of you—take three steps backwards.” She motioned for them to start. “Go on: you’ll see.”

The couple turned and, without taking their eyes from each other, did as instructed, moving backwards as their auras separated but maintained the same colors. Once they were in position they began staring in amazement at what Deanna wanted everyone in the room to see—

A single thread of glow silver emerged from Annie’s chest and stretched across the two meters of empty to Kerry, where it vanished into his chest. As with the older women’s lifelines the thread undulated, but at no time did it pull away from the bodies of either child.

Annie lightly placed her right hand upon the thread: as soon as her fingers touched the cord Kerry gasped. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m—” He looked to Annie’s hand. “It felt like you were tickling my chest.” Kerry tried the same thing, only he lightly glided his fingers over the thread towards Annie—

She nearly went up on her toes as she inhaled deeply. “It was as if—” Her eyes widened slightly as a smile slowly formed. “I could feel you inside my essence.” She locked her gaze upon Kerry’s loving stare. “I don’t understand this.”

Even with her limited knowledge of the astral realm and associated magic, Erywin did understand what Annie didn’t. Her words came out in a quiet, controlled tone. “Dear Brigid, they have an astral bonding.”


Erywin!  Dammit, woman, what do you mean by that?

What she means is . . . well, you’ll find out tomorrow.  I promise!