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Once More Unto the Curtain: The Last Secret Kinda Explained

First off, Happy St. Pat’s Day, or as we called it in Chicago, “Drunk Teenager Day”, back when all the suburban kids would take the train into the city and booze up at any number of beer tent set up around The Loop, and drink until they were laying face down, literally, in a gutter.  I’ve seen this many a time, but few of those memories are fond.  Also, I’m sure the Chicago River is a bright green this morning, as opposed to the dark, murky green that is it’s normal color.

But there be other business we be handlin’ this morning, right?  Yur damn tootin’!  Humm . . . not sure if that’s Irish or more a Fargo-like accent.  No time to worry about that.  Erin Go Braless, as Kerry would say–

It appears that despite hacking up part of a lung last night, I finished the first scene of Chapter Twenty-nine:

Image of hacked-up lung not included.

Image of hacked-up lung not included.

This was all after I spent about an hour and a half working on my time lines, mostly redoing on and making modifications to another.  All a bunch of future planing, including a major change to one of my lines for the purpose of throwing in something that I know Annie would want, and that she alone would likely know.  As Collective Soul might sing, I’ve still got a long way to run.

Now you’ll see a time line, but not until after the excerpt.  And because this is right around six hundred and eighty words, you get it all.  And this picks up right after Erywin’s exclamation, which means . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Yes, they do.” Deanna turned towards her fellow instructors and staff. “As Coraline knows I found Annie’s explanation of how she heard Kerry’s screams during the night somewhat suspect, so a while after I left the hospital and strode into the astral realm. It took about a minute of examination before I realized their lifelines weren’t visible, and after a bit of searching—” She nodded in the couple’s direction. “I found the bonding.”

Jessica’s aura shifted through a number of colors as it was evident she was having difficulty believing what she heard and saw. “Why didn’t you say something about this during our meeting?”

Deanna shrugged. “It wasn’t relevant. It is now, however.” She turned back to face Annie. “Like you said, you’re not going anywhere—and this confirms your statement.”

While Annie was apparently adjusting quickly to this new development, Kerry—rocked throughout the last thirty minutes with a number of incredible reveals—was now trying to process this latest. “What does this mean?”

The look in Annie’s eyes seemed to indicate a moment of sudden clarity. “It means we’re connected.”

“She’s right.” Deanna slowly approached them, her aura showing her feeling of intense curiosity. “I imagine this is why you share a dreamspace, and why you’ve been able to visit each other in your dreams without having to actually used magic to make the walk.” She gentle ran her right index finger over her lower lip. “I believe this is how Annie was able to hear you screaming: it didn’t come from your room, it came from your dreamspace, and filtered up through your shared space into hers.

“The reality is, as Annie says, you’re connected. You’re lifelines are fused—it likely occurred immediately after your birth, Kerry. The point is, you’re linked through the same element that allows you to draw magical energy, and this is why when you are close together your auras merge.” She shook her head. “I should have seen this earlier. Do me a favor, please?” Both children perked up.  “Turn so you’re facing away from me.”

Annie and Kerry turned so their backs were to Deanna and the rest of the room. The seer looked to her right at the astonished women. “See?”

“Damn.” Coraline stepped up next to her fellow counselor. “So that’s why.”

Kerry half turned to his right so he could see everyone. “Why what?”

“My love—” Annie nodded towards the space between them. “Look.”

Kerry promptly noticed what Annie, and the others, could see. His lifeline progressed down through his left arm and out his hand before arcing over to Annie’s right hand and making its way up through her right arm. He slowly spun to his right and reached out with his left hand as Annie turned towards him, holding out her right hand. They held hands and he saw how their lifelines moved from one hand to the other. “Wow.”

“That’s what Coraline meant—” Annie gave her a knowing grin. “Why we always walked right hand in left. Yes?”

The doctor nodded. “It follows the natural line of your dominate hands.  That’s not a coincidence.”

Deanna shook her head.  “It’s not.”

Annie turned to Kerry and smile. “This means we truly are soul mates.”

“It kinda looks that way.” He turned to Deanna. “How long are we going to be like this?”

Deanna seemed nearly confounded by the question. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, no one else is like us—” He used his right hand to motion around the room. “How long is this gonna . . .”

Annie’s stare stopped his question in mid-sentence, but it was left for Deanna to make certain he understood completely. “It’s always going to be this way. You’re lifeline is a part of you from the moment you’re born until the day you are no longer part of the physical realm—

“This bonding you share: it’s the same way. For this lifeline between you will only break upon the end of one, or both, of you.

“You’ll remain bonded together until the day you die.”


When they say “lifelines” they aren’t kidding.  Deanna knows what she’s talking about, and when she says, “Until the day you die,” she means it.

Now, a little bit of history here.  As with Kerry’s sudden “change of life”, I’ve known of this event for a while as well.  I first started putting it together during the summer of 2012, but it was during the July, 2013 Camp Nano, where I wrote The Foundation prequel novel The Scouring, that this finally took hold.  That novel showed Jessica, Erywin, and a few others, reacting to the April, 2000, Deconstructor attack on the school, and it was in that same novel that I first wrote about Isis, Wednesday, and Deanna, who were only students at the time, but who still did their part to defend their alma mater.

There was a scene, however, the penultimate scene, actually, and that scene has been read only by myself and one other person.  I sent that scene off with the message:  “This is why Annie and Kerry will always be together,” and when that person finally got around to reading what I’d sent, I was told they’d actually read the scene several times over a couple of days, because reading it made them happy.

That scene is hidden away, and perhaps I’ll let it out one day.  But . . . it’s there, almost three years ago now, that I showed something incredible happening.  I’ve even got it down on a time line–just as I have all of the dreams and events during the B Level that has brought us here–

You don't know how long I've waited to put this out.  A long "time", you might say.

You don’t know how long I’ve waited to put this out. A long “time”, you might say.

There I have it:  all of Kerry’s dreams laid out, and then down in the lower right, the events that are occurring now.  And just like these moments, I have others laid out for the C Levels that are approaching.

But all of this leads back to a moment where my two kids found themselves bound at the heart–pretty literally as well, I must say.

Now comes the time when the full realization of that moment hits them both right over the head . . .


18 thoughts on “Once More Unto the Curtain: The Last Secret Kinda Explained

  1. Ha ! I could have just written my previous questions down, not as questions , but as statements, because it seems they have all been answered here. The only thing new is the reason why Annie is always on Kerry’s left….. It’s like, as you said, the dominant hand

    Here’s the thing though. ( or maybe I’m overthinking again ) I notice Annie has taken in everything unquestioningly. I expect at least some why’s and how’s, from both, but Kerry’s curiosity is a bit ……… can’t put my finger on it. For instance, here’s Kerry’s line of thinking.
    .“It kinda looks that way.” He turned to Deanna. “How long are we going to be like this?”

    Deanna seemed nearly confounded by the question. “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, no one else is like us—” He used his right hand to motion around the room. “How long is this gonna . . .”

    I can’t put my finger on Kerry’s questions. ” It kinda looks that way. …. How long ar we going to be like this ? ”

    No wonder Deanna seemed confounded by the question.

    If I were Deanna, I’d tell him, ” well, tough luck Kerry, this is gonna be forever. “

    • Kerry’s had a lot of stuff thrown at him in just the last 30 minutes story time–that’s really all that’s passed at the most. Annie isn’t questioning things mostly because she already had a good idea of what’s going on, and it’s fascinating her–remember, too, she doesn’t go out of her way to let people know what she’s thinking, but Deanna would know her feelings since she’s looking right at Annie’s aura.

      All of this stuff are things Kerry doesn’t know, but Annie probably has an inkling of, if only from earlier reading. He’s never heard of the term “lifeline” before, so he’s asking a question. Would it have been better if he’d just said nothing and jumped to his own conclusions?

      There’s a lot more on this in the upcoming scenes.

        • You’ll see in the next scene she’s surprised as well. It’s not something she ever expected. She’ll also have something else to say–

          I had to approve this comment. That’s strange: maybe Kerry kicked you out for a bit. 😉

          • I wonder if you’ll have Kerry wear green. I’ll be Irish Asian myself today. Gonna wear something green…. maybe a pair of jade earrings, coz I don’t have anything green in my closet. I already donated my one and only, and it was dark green anyway. You’ve seen a pic of that dress on my travel posts. It was a dress. Somehow, green doesn’t do anything for me. And neither does yellow color.

          • He didn’t wear green in the last novel, but he did yell, “Erin Go Braless!” which is his go-to cry. St. Pat’s came and went in this novel: no big deals here.

            I have a greenish top on today.

          • PMS ! Heh ! Don’t tell me he’d still be at it at that age ? Or maybe he’d want to experience the infamous PMS ? Mom says it’s like she’s burning up inside. She said they almost called 911.

          • That’s the monthly period. * Geez, can’t believe we’re talking about this, lol *

            I wonder what else would surprise Annie.

            And Kerry, get resigned to the fact you’re stuck to Annie for the rest of your life.

          • Hmmmph…. you just have to have the last words. Well, one thing, the fact that he’s stuck for life doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun with Emma , and some other girls later in life. Hmmmph.

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