Setting Sail: Casting Off Lines

I’ve written a whole lot about my kid’s relationship over the last two-and-a-half years, and now . . . well, it seems as if it’s really coming to a head right here and now in this part of the second novel.  They’ve had a difficult time of things over the last almost two years of their existence, which kinda sucks when you realized they’re finally getting ready to start out as teenagers.  At least it seems like they coming into the world as a couple of bad ass witches, but you know what happens when someone thinks you’re a bad ass, don’t you?

So now the day winds down, and remember this is still the same day that started in Chapter Twenty-seven with Kerry screaming his butt off in the middle of the night.  It’s night once more, and the scene is set to get them back to the point they were almost twenty-four hours earlier.  But, as they poem goes, they have miles to go before they sleep.  Well, maybe not miles:  probably more like a kilometer of walking ahead of them–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The walk from the Instructor’s Residence towards the Great Hall was covered mostly in silence. Annie suspected that the main reason was due to Kerry’s habit of taking a lot of information and falling into deep introspection . . .

After Deanna’s comment about their lifeline remaining in place until the time of one or both of their deaths, The Phoenix said her goodbyes and returned the library space to the physical realm. Coraline then sat them down and told Kerry some specifics about what they knew of the gift—which they learned was not a great deal—and that The Foundation would likely ask for medical examinations while Kerry was in school, as, it turned out, no one had ever discovered someone with the Bigender Gift at his age.

After Coraline was finished speaking Deanna had a few words concerning the children’s astral bonding. She explained that while they had likely developed a natural empathy for each other’s feelings, the bonding helped amplify that and other emotions. She emphasized that the bonding wasn’t the reason they loved each other—that had occurred well before they knew it existed, after all—but just as with their empathy, their feelings of love for each other wouldn’t allow them to feel the same way for another person, ever.

As Deanna put it, they could date others, marry others, even engage in sexual relationships with others, but any feelings of love and affection they might develop for those people would be, as she puts it, nothing but shadowy reflection of what they feel for each other.

It was as Annie had always expected: she could never love anyone as much as she loved Kerry. Nor would she ever try . . .

Coraline sent them back to the hospital, informing them that they could have Nurse Gretchen order them a night snack from the kitchen while they prepared to spend another night, and that she’d be along as soon as she finished business with the headmistress and the others. It was from that point on, as they walked back to the Pentagram, through the Walls and into the Garden, that Kerry remained quiet, completely engrossed in his thoughts.


There you go:  you’re never gonna feel the same way for someone else, you’re never going to love them the way you love each other, and even if you decide to have sexual partners other than each other, it’s going to leave you feeling empty.  There really isn’t any upside to fooling around outside this relationship, cause everything either my kids would experience would be, as Deanna says, “nothing but shadowy reflection of what they feel for each other.”

Hummm . . . there’s a world I’m looking for here.  Well, not so much word as phrase.  Yeah:  “Soul mates”.  They really are that no matter what anyone else might think.  And, of course, that’s likely on Kerry’s mind right about now–


They were a few steps from the inner wall door when Annie leaned into Kerry, wrapping herself against his left arm. “You’re quiet.”

He glanced over, nodding. “Well, yeah.”

“I hope you’re not bothered by anything that we learned tonight.”

A few moments passed before Kerry began smiling as he allowed a low chuckle to emerge. “Nah, I’m not. I mean—” He shook his head as the smile grew wider. “There isn’t a whole lot I could do about it if I was, right?”

Annie regarded him carefully. He’s not acting sad or sarcastic; he’s stating a fact, and he’s comfortable saying it aloud. “That is true. There’s nothing either of us could do.”

They walked a few more steps before Kerry found his voice again. “What do you think The Foundation is going to do with me?”

Annie redoubled her hold on his hand. “Coraline said she was going to do everything to keep your examinations unobtrusive and your direct contact with The Foundation limited. I don’t seen her going back on her word.”

“I don’t, either. I just don’t want—”

“To become a lab rat?” She used the same phrase he had back in the library when voicing his concerns about the medical examinations. “She won’t allow that to happen.”

He looked straight ahead as he nodded. “You’re right.” He looked off to his right and into the garden as he drew in a breath. “So you’re stuck with me.”


Kerry’s had a lot of shit dumped on him in the last hour or so, and it would likely weigh heavy on the mind of any twelve year old a few weeks from this thirteenth birthday.  But when your girlfriend is the Bulgarian Pop Princess, she’s gonna remind you of something in your past that will lead her to dropping a major truth bomb on your butt:


She rested her head lightly against his shoulder for a moment as something he said in his dream encounter with his female self came back. That moment is still bothering him—but I know how to put him at ease . . . Annie walked upright, slowly swinging their arms as they made their way down the covered walkway. “When we were in Kansas City last year, on our first night together in our room, do you remember what you said to me while we were sitting on the bed?”

He watched her out of the corner of his eye. “Are you going to call me?”

“No, silly.” Annie laughed as she cheerfully slapped his arm, remembering how enchanted he appeared while she sang along to Call Me Maybe. “After that.”

“I know.” He didn’t have to spend time remembering that night. “I said I was probably the only eleven year old boy in America sitting on a bed with the twelve year old girl that was probably going to be his wife one day.”

She turned her head his way. “That’s correct. Do you remember what you said when I asked if you were happy with that?”

“I said I was happy with the idea, and I still am.”

“I see.” Annie looked down the path as she slowed their pace. “Do you know what I’m thinking right this moment?”

Kerry shook his head. “No, what?”

She pulled him to a stop near the end of the covered walkway, right in front of the bench they’d come to call their own, and turned so they faced each other. “That I’m the only thirteen year old girl in America walking along on a cool March night holding hands with her twelve year old husband.” She nodded her head towards the bench, now on her left. “Can we sit for a moment?”

Kerry seemed neither shocked or confused. “Sure.”


First you’re set up with the, “Remember when I sang Call Me Maybe and then jumped into bed with you?” line, and then down comes the hammer:  “Did I mention you’re my husband?”  Sure, Kerry doesn’t appear worried or shocked, but still . . .

"We're not going to discuss what we're going to name our kids, are we?"  "No, my love.  Not yet."

“We’re not going to discuss what we’re going to name our kids, are we?” “No, my love. Not yet.”

But as the post title indicates, the mooring lines are being cast off–

You know what’s coming next.

Vikings, Season 4, Episode 5 Recap, “Promised”

As “Promised”, here’s the latest recap for “Vikings”. #SeeWhatIDidThere?

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History Channel's Vikings gets renewed for season 5 [Image via A&E Network] Here’s what went down in episode 5, entitled “Promised” of season 4 of Vikings.


This week in Kattegat, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) are discussing who is the shittiest husband ever and I am pretty sure Ragnar has this one in the bag. But then Torvi (Georgia Hirst) wants to talk about their relationship and Bjorn edges up in the shitty hubby department quicker than I expected. However that conversation takes an unexpected turn of events and Bjorn finally finds out who the ring belongs to he found on the beserker that attacked him.

When Bjorn isn’t being a shitty husband, he is channeling his shitty father and being a smart arse to King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen). While Finehair is all about bragging about his boats and army, Bjorn is making penis envy comments that are burning the fuck out of Harald…

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