iZombie, Season 2, Episode 15: “He Blinded Me… with Science”

And here we go with my recap “iZombie”.

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iZombie S2 E15 Liv With Brain

As Rachel is busy with stuff around the home and preparing for the eventuality that Jon Snow really is dead (Ha!), I’m recaping the last three episodes of Season 2 of iZombie. So here we go with Episode 15:

  • Last time we saw Blane (David Anders) he was getting this throat cut and doing the dirt nap. But you can’t keep a good zombie down, so now he’s on a city bus wearing a checkered tablecloth straight out of an Italian restaurant and discussing Duran Duran songs with some bald dude. Given that’s he’s just crawled out of a fresh grave, it’s pretty much a given Blane’s eying the dude as a quick snack ‘cause he’s Hungry Like the Wolf.

"They say looks aren't everything--" “They say looks aren’t everything–”

  • Liv (Rose McIver) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) are discussing the whole Gilda/Rita thing, with her sleeping with Major and getting punched the fuck out…

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Prelude to Dreamland: How We Check Up On Your Summer Holiday

I made it through my iZombie note taking last night and managed to work out another six hundred and fifty words on the novel as well, though I worked up right around a thousand words on the recap notes, which is normal for me.  As I pointed out to my friend Rachel last night, even when doing a simple recap a thousand words of notes is usually the norm, and I think when I did my last recap of The Walking Dead I wrote about fifteen hundred words in notes.  And then I turn around and write a longer recap off those.  Go figure.

One of the reasons I can rip out a thousand words for a forty-five minutes television program but only six hundred and fifty words in ninety minutes for an original work is that the former requires just making observations on what you’re presented, while the later requires you to think about what you’re developing.  The later is a lot harder.  Everyone should give it a shot.  I’m telling you, they both have their moments, but making stuff up and then putting it down on paper, or whatever medium, as you make it up is one difficult little bastard.

Speaking of making stuff up . . . we’re back in Salem’s ICU, just my kids and Doc Coraline, discussing what the later is holding in her hand.  And since you want to know . . .


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Both children eyes the parchment with Kerry the first to find his voice. “What is that?”

“It’s an active medical monitor.” Coraline gave the small parchment a shake, letting it wave back and forth for a few seconds. “It doesn’t look like much now, but once enchanted it’ll gather as much medical data as needed and transmit it for later examination.”

She nodded at Kerry. “This one is designed for you, Kerry. It’ll keep track of all your bio-functions—EEG, EKG, circulatory, integumentary, skeletal, digestive, respiratory systems, all that stuff—over a twenty-four hour period, and then at a designated time—for you, that will be eight in the morning—it’ll burst transmit everything collected over The Foundation Medical Network to one of our secure medical servers in the sub-levels of the Great Hall. All the data will be encrypted, and there will be only three people who’ll be able to access that data—I’ll make sure Paris knows that.”

Annie smirked. “What if they don’t agree to that?”

“Then I’ll tell them as a minor Kerry doesn’t have to agree to active medical monitoring.” She gave a smile as she winked. “You Guardian-types aren’t the only ones with a Right of Refusal.” Coraline rested her fists on her thighs, the monitor secure between her thumb and forefinger of her left hand. “Now, the most important system we’ll monitor is your endocrine system, for obvious reasons. As soon as you transition over—”

A panicky look suddenly appeared in Kerry’s eyes. “I just thought of something—what happens if I have this transition thing when I’m at home?” He ignored Annie’s chuckle. “I mean, how am I gonna hide that from my parents?”


Yeah, changing at home and then doing something like walking out of your bedroom as a completely different person–that would probably get the parents to freaking in a major way.  But by this time Kerry will be out as a witch, so . . . what’s another coming out, right?

"Mom, Dad? You know how we're told we change during puberty? Well . . ."

“Mom, Dad? You know how we’re told we change during puberty? Well . . .”

Yeah, that would be considered a big change, Kerry.

An interesting passage above was the one where Coraline called Annie and Kerry “Guardian-types”.  She knows they’re doing stuff for them, mostly because she had to okay the transfer from The Foundation’s facilities at the CDC, and she knew what goes on down there, so it’s not a stretch to label them as Minions to the Guardians.  She is wise enough to do it all in private, though, because she’s not about to blow their secret.  Though if the other kids haven’t figured out something by now, they’re not thinking.

Coraline does have an answer for Kerry about what to do if one changes at home–


Coraline raised her hand to stop further questions. “I was just going to get to how this will work. Once you change your body will start producing estrogen: it’ll have to because you’ll have ovaries instead of testes. Since we know the normal estrogen count of a thirteen year old girl, I have this monitory set so when your estrogen count reaches a point about twenty-five percent lower than average, and remains there for thirty minutes, an alarm will go off—one that I’ll get first. And once that happens I’ll grab a couple of people, come and get you, and bring you into the school so you can relax and we can start the preliminary examination process.” She shot a fast glance at Annie. “And, yes: someone will come for you, too.”

It all sounded good to Kerry, save for one thing. “What are you going to tell my parents? I mean, I expect you’ll probably show up in the middle of the night, so they’re gonna want to know what’s going on.”

“The cover story we’re going to use that is we detected a slight abnormality in your circulatory system during a routine examination, and I’m monitoring you over the summer to see if it’s something we need to deal with once you’re back at the school.” Coraline shrugged. “You’ll be out to your parents as a witch in a few months, so, if necessary, I’ll make them believe it’s something magical.”

Coraline slipped the container back in her jacket and got to her feet. “Okay, Red: lets get this on you. Annie, I’ll need you to move—” She stood in front of Kerry making a circular motion with her free hand . “Take off your shirt and lay down.”

Kerry did as asked, watching removed his shirt and lay back on the bed. “Where are you going to put that?”

“Right here—” Coraline lay the parchment in the middle of his chest, directly over Kerry’s heart. “Once enchanted the monitor sets itself against your skin and remains there until deactivated.”

Annie stood at the foot of the bed with her arms crossed. “How long is that?”

“Until seventy-two hours after the estrogen alarm goes off; after that it just dissolves away.” Coraline looked down at the slightly nervous Kerry. “Ready?”

He released a long, slow sigh. “About as ready as I’m gonna get.” He nodded. “Let’s go.”


There’s still plenty to do–like, how is this monitor going to appear?  And are there any more surprises?  And finally, how to get these kids off to bed?

That last:  that’s the easy part.