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Trouble On the Site of Word

Well . . . if anyone can help me out I could use it.  It seems that I am unable to get into any of my blog posts without going through the straight up wordpress.com crazy little blue and green admin area.  I can access the post there and edit them, but I can’t view anything.  And not just my own posts, but anything attached to workpress.com.

Of course I can’t access the forums to even see if there’s a fix, so I’m sore of in a screwed position.  I can continue to post, but not much beyond that.

I’ve cleared cookies and cache and still nothing.  It’s also the same way on all my browsers, which leads me to believe I may have an issue with my internet provider, which I will check with tomorrow or Sunday.

So . . . if things seem a little slow the next few days, you know why.

B For Bewitching What To Write

“Why, wordpress?  Why do you vex me so?”

8 thoughts on “Trouble On the Site of Word

  1. I had a problem myself about a month ago where it appeared the pages weren’t loading completely and several buttons on the pages were non-functional. I didn’t find anything about it by googling and just assumed there was something between me and wp that had a bad copy of one or more js scripts in cache. Went away after a couple of days and I haven’t had the problem recur since.

    • I remember now having this issue about a year ago, and I know it’s something to do with my ISP. I wonder if they’re doing something like regenerating addresses or something, ’cause it’s strange that I could get in and add and update posts, but I couldn’t see them.

  2. I have this problem often at work, where I happen to write 90% of my posts, but I blame it on their network system. Security’s so tight here, it wouldn’t surprise me if their ISPs constantly changed. I know we have to change passwords every other 30 days (Leap Day really threw a lot of us off this year. lol), but… *sigh* I haven’t ever had that issue from my home computer though.

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