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We Are A Chickensh-t Nation

I’m sending this out because it’s true: fear has turned us into a bunch of chickenshits.

Mike the Mad Biologist

In a very interesting article by Philip Bump arguing that the Clinton-Sanders race is very close, this graphic was interesting:


If we assume that roughly 30 percent are either Democrats or Republicans, with independents comprising the remaining forty percent of the U.S. population, we notice something very disturbing: almost twenty percent of respondents are “very concerned” about “you or a family member being a terror victim.” Over forty percent would be either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned.”

This is fucking stupid. At this point, one is supposed to don his Wise Pundit Thinkin’ Cap, talk about lizard brains, and note how awful we are at assessing threats.

Well, I’m not going to do that. The Republic is being hamstrung by a bunch of idiot chickenshit cowards who believe ISIS is going capture Ottumwa, Iowa. Or something.

If they were mentally ill, I would urge patience and decency. But…

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5 thoughts on “We Are A Chickensh-t Nation

  1. Well, I’m not, but for a while then, ( when I was in grade school, ) we were terrorized by the thought that some man with high powered automatic rifle shooting 100 bullets in one minute would come to my school and kill us all.

  2. I agree with you Cassidy, I worry much more about my children being shot up by some crazy homegrown fella. (And even then, it’s still to the somewhat degree.)

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