Orphan Black Season 4 Predictitons

Just like Tatiana I’m not happy unless I’m recapping more than one show. And up next week is one of those shows: “Orphan Black”. Come see my predictions for Season 4.

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Welcome, Sestras and Brother Sestras! In a little over a week Season 4 of Orphan Black begins, and as I will recap the season, it’s up to me to offer some predictions for the season.

First off, though: I have what are believed to be the episodes titles. And as each season bases their titles upon the work, or works, of an individual, Season 4 is no different. The titles below are supposedly based upon the works of Donna Haraway, Distinguished Professor Emerita in the History of Consciousness Department and Feminist Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, United States. The titles are:

Ep 1:  The Collapse of Nature
Ep 2:  Transgressive Border Crossing
Ep 3:  The Stigmata of Progress
Ep 4:  From Instinct to Rational Control
Ep 5:  Human Raw Material
Ep 6:  The Scandal of Altruism
Ep 7:  The Antisocialism…

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The Final Solo: Ready Marker One

The start of a new scene and you know what that means, right?  Only about three hundred or so words were written last night, because whenever I’m starting a scene it seems as if I have a hard time getting going these days.  It’s like, you gotta picture the stuff in your mind, then figure out how you want to get the feeling down so you have a bit of a hook to get people interested.

Not to mention it’s the beginning of the week, and that means I’m tired from the first day of work, and it was cold, and I tried to nap and I couldn’t because I got a hang up call on my mobile just as I was drifting off to sleep.  Not cool, people.  Don’t you know this girl needs her sleep?

Anyway, I did get something done last night, but the real news comes after.  First–


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The timer on Annie’s countdown clock was showing eighteen minutes and twenty-four seconds when her HUD picked up the active pinging from the marker buoy that represented her objective. She slowed by fifty kilometers an hour almost instantly, then when she was two kilometers out she slowed to two hundred and arced towards the marker.

Annie was a bit surprised to discover that her course deviation from the marker was only a little over one hundred meters. She didn’t have a problem maintaining the assigned heading, but after ninety-five kilometers she expected that she might deviate from the marker by half a kilometer and not a fifth of that distance. I know I’m good at this— She spread her arms to the side as she began to brake. There are moments, however, when I’m surprised by my talent.

She lowered her legs and positioned her body until she was almost upright, allowing the additional air pressure to slow her even faster. When she finally came to a complete halt she found herself twenty meters away and fifteen meters above the her objective: a large orange cylinder perhaps three meters in diameter and five meters tall, with four “1” icons placed at ninety degrees angles around the top and bottom segments of the marker.

Annie moved slowly towards the marker as she tried the comms. “Flight Deck, this is Salem Final Solo. We’ve arrived at Marker 1. Awaiting instructions. Over.”

When the comms remained silent for three seconds Annie wondered if there was a possibility they were not only outside the school’s visible detection range, but out of verbal communication range as well. Her concerns were but to rest a few seconds more. “Salem Final Solo, this is Flight Deck. We see you’ve reached the marker on time. Over.”


There’s Annie, floating in the air out in the middle of the Gulf of Maine, though “the middle” is a subjective term.  Given there’s no only else around them, it feels like the middle.  Oh, that you know for sure that I have her time right for getting close to the Marker 1 because I did my calculations, and at three hundred kilometers and hour you’ll cover three hundred kilometers in about thirty seconds.  And you know my numbers are right because they are.

The real story is about an event that is coming, and soon.  It’s strange:  while I had this story plotted out before I began writing, I’ve also changed and added a couple of things that weren’t in my original design for my kid’s B Levels.  And it was during my walk home from work, which was a bit chilly and gloomy but not all that bad, that I hit inspiration

No, I don't look like this.  I live in a city, and certainly wouldn't wear heels like that for walking.

No, I don’t look like this. I live in a city, and certainly wouldn’t wear heels like that for walking.

The interesting thing is I was figuring out what to write for this current chapter pertaining to the next scene, and not the one I’m in now.  I do that quite a lot:  work a scene over and over in my head again and again until it feels right.  A lot of times I’m adding things because I feel the scene isn’t “full” enough, and if I don’t actually write down everything in my mind, that’s okay, ’cause I can edit at some point.

It was while I was working out one part of Annie’s test that, during one of her rests, Kerry and she spoke, and I thought up a comment that Kerry would say, because it’s something that he would say.  It was immediately followed by something from Annie, and it was only then that inspiration hit and I went, “Well . . . that would be interesting.”

The that I began contemplating stayed with me last night, and by the time I wrote the above I was also deep into putting my inspiration together into a new scene, one that will take place in the future in place of a similar scene that I was going to write, but that wasn’t nearly as cool.  Because that’s how I roll.

And now that I’m coming up to a rather important moment in this novel, rolling is everything–