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A Quick One While I’m Away–

No, I’m not going to play The Who song here.  This is just to let you know that I’ve been up since six forty-five writing, and though I’m five hundred words into the scene, I’m not going to finish it before I have to leave to get my nails done, so as soon as I’m back from the manicurist I’ll put the finishing touches on the scene–which should come in at just under a thousand words–and post it in it’s entirety this afternoon, along with all the stuff I started doing last night to put the scene together.

Trust me, it’ll be good.

Oh, I lied:  here’s the song A Quick One, While He’s Away, taken from the deluxe edition of the seminal Live at Leeds album.  It’s here, in these nine minutes, that the album Tommy was born.  For reals.


10 thoughts on “A Quick One While I’m Away–

  1. in their original Quick One – the Who sing the words cello cello repeatedly because they didn’t have the budget for real cello players

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