The Wings of Angels

Last night was the Writing Stint From Hell, for it has been a long time since I’d created and/or assembled nearly four thousand words into something resembling coherency in a long time.  Which means that when I finished at sometime around thirty minutes before midnight last night, I’d been at it for probably five hours.  Or more.  I sorta forgot.

Anyway, I can take a bit of a rest tonight before I crank out the rest of this scene and then get into the start of Orphan Black.  And then I’ll rest this weekend.

If only I could rest this way right now.

If only I could rest this way right now.

I put down almost seven hundred words here, something I didn’t expect at all.  But when you least expected it, one finds they can reach down and pull something out and get it down.  And I did.  And that something comes in the form of wings:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Resting on a white bed of silk sat a light parchment cut in the form of a set of pilot’s wings, much like she’d seen pilots wear the few times she’d actually flown. To her eye they looked remarkably like the medical monitor before it was embedded in Kerry’s and her chest. Now I know why they wanted me to wear my uniform. Given that information, Annie was certain that this would involve a bit more than having something material pinned upon her clothing.

Isis removed the parchment and stood erect. “Come stand right in front of me, Annie.” After she was in place, Isis rested the parchment directly above the two Coven stars and held it in place with her left hand while she slowly waved her right hand over the jacket lapel. After a few seconds she lowered her hands to her sides and took a step back. “There, all nice and pretty.” Isis solidified the air before Annie and mirrored it much as Coraline after her monitor was in place.

The wings sat flush against the jacket lapel. Though they looked solid, they glowed a soft violet in the brightness of the room, leading Annie to believe they would appear brighter in soft light. She pressed her fingers against the emblem. “It feels so cool to the touch.”

“You can thank mystical energy for that.” Isis raised her left eyebrow. “Doesn’t your monitor feel that way?”

Annie’s eyes snapped upward. “You know about that?”

“I have to: I set up the server to pull the information.”

Vicky chimed in. “I know about it because I may have to answer questions from students who see Kerry’s, and I was informed you have one as well.”

Kerry sounded almost as if he was having trouble as he tried to speak. “I didn’t know that.”

“I didn’t either.” Annie turned back to the ornamentation on her jacket. “How do I set this on another jacket?”

Isis smiled. “There’s no need. It’s enchanted in such a way that it will appear on any school jacket you wear. As for your other coats and jackets—” She shook her head. “It’ll only appear on those if you so desire.”

“Wonderful.” She turned so Kerry could see. “What do you think?”

“I think it suits you great.” He applauded softly. “Congratulations: you’re probably the only student here with those.”

“She is—” Vicky stepped closer so she could examine them. “All the other pilots get stylized call patches, but for people who can actually fly, they get wings.” She gave Annie a hug. “Congratulations, Annie.”

“Thank you, Vicky.” She turned and hugged Isis as well. “Thank you, too.”

“You’re welcome, Annie.” Isis turned to the headmistress. “We can get photos now.”


I indicated in comments that while Annie gets her wings, all the other students who pass Basic Flight get a stylized patch for their jackets based upon their call signs.  We’ve seen Vicky’s and Erywin’s patches, and we’ve seen Emma’s and Kerry’s.  Annie has to have one, though we’ve not seen it, and since we know Wednesday’s call sign is Shadowcat and Isis’ is Sekmet, you can bet they have patches on their old jackets that reflect those signs.

But little glowing wings on your school jackets because you could just step out of class and rocket off into the air without needing a broom?  Yeah, that’s a bit of bragging right there.  Not that Annie likes to brag, but . . .

Before they move on, someone has something to say–


“Before we do—” Mathilde came over so she was standing directly in front of Annie when she spoke. “From everything I’ve heard you performed wonderfully.” A slight smirked appeared in the left corner of her mouth as she glanced at Kerry. “And this last time I couldn’t help but hear you.”

Kerry looked downward. “Sorry about that, Headmistress.”

Mathilde nodded slowly. “Three times now you’ve begun blasting music before entering the school ground. In the future, Kerry, I’d appreciate if you waited until you were inside the walls before you celebrated with song.”

He chuckled. “I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Good. Because you and I may need to have a private discussion if it happens a fourth time.” The headmistress smiled as she turned to Isis and away from the blushing Kerry. “You can start with the photos now.”

“One moment, please.” Annie turned to Vicky. “I can now fly anywhere on my own?”

She gave a slight nod. “Well, within reason. It would be much like you did in the past: just file a flight plan before you leave the grounds. But you’ve both showed you can be trusted outside the walls.” She glanced between the two students. “Why do you ask?”

“Just something Kerry mentioned when we were resting at Marker 3.” She took his hand. “There’s a place we’d like to visit next month.”


Yeah, watch that shit, Kerry, or they’re gonna be a discussion in the office across the hall.  And what is this mysterious thing Annie wants to do?  You’ll see in a later scene three chapters from now, I promise.  It’s gonna be good.

This scene is almost over, save for one last thing–and that thing isn’t really pictures.  I’ll hit it tonight, for sure I will.

I mean, you’re hung in this long, may as we get this over and done so we can get closer to the end.