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The Last Laps: The Captains Three

After all the excitement of the prior night things last night, and yesterday afternoon, was pretty slow.  I stared the next scene and of course I was getting it started.  But start I did–

Just like Annie and Kerry I keep moving onward and upward.

Just like Annie and Kerry I keep moving onward and upward.

What we have now is the meeting before the race that had Kerry worried.  It doesn’t take long for him to find out what’s going on here:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

After sitting with the rest of team in the main Flight School ready room, Kerry immediately noticed a few things. For one, Cernunnos, Åsgårdsreia, and Mórrígan were the only covens represented: no one from either Blodeuwedd or Ceridwen were present. He then noticed that Manco wasn’t sitting with them, and Nadine wasn’t with the other Blackbirds, and thorough check of the room show that Rivânia wasn’t sitting with the Åsgårdsreia Shield Maidens. Kerry took this all to mean that the team captains were off doing something together—or someone was speak with them privately.

Minutes after everyone was settled and quiet the back door to the room opened and Vicky entered with the three coven leaders close behind. However, they found chairs along the back wall and sat while Rivânia, Nadine, and Manco headed to the front of the room. Rivânia pushed the podium back against the wall and stood before it, while Nadine and Manco took up positions respectively on Riv’s right and left.

Rivânia cleared her throat before speaking. “Rather than have the coven leader stand up here and talk, we—” She indicated the team captains on the dais with her. “—thought it better to speak instead. This way, perhaps what is going to get said will make more of an impact.

“We all know what’s happening today; if you don’t, you have no business being here.” Soft laughter rippled through the room. “For the first time in a long time three covens are the clear contenders for podium finishes in the Team Standings, and the three teams representing those covens are here now. In addition, eight of the people in this room are in the Top 10, ten are in the Top 15, and five people sitting here pretty much have a shot at podium finishes for the Individual Standings.

“For the first time in a long time final standings are pretty much up for grabs, and that’s due to a lot of hard racing from nearly everyone in this room. However, during this last season we’ve also seen some real BS out on the course, and we—” She once more indicated the other two captains standing with her. “—are here to say that we will not tolerate any bullshit on the course today. Manco?”


So, the major concern here is the top three teams, and the fact that that a lot, if not nearly all, the top individual racers are sitting in that room, and as Rivânia points out, in the past there’s been some “bullshit” on the course between them during races.  With Manco speaking next, you can imagine that it’s only a matter of time before Nadine has her say, and it’s been shown she can get pretty colorful when necessary.

And in case you were wondering who all the top fliers in the room are, well . . . guess what?

I got them right here.

I got them right here.

We’ll get into this list a little more tomorrow.  For now just know they exist.

8 thoughts on “The Last Laps: The Captains Three

    • Keep in mind the team captains are probably saying this to give it more weight. That’s going to come up in the next excerpt. And yes: Emma is there (she’s Mórrígan) and Lisa is there (she’s Åsgårdsreia).

      And Kerry doesn’t seem worried about Emma, probably because Emma did straighten up.

        • She got away with that one wreck and then fessed up to it. This kinda stuff happens in racing. It’s when she just out-and-out wrecks someone and it doesn’t seem like she was avoiding it that you get nailed. During Katahdin Emma got the normal penalty and then she got shit from everyone after that when Anna said it looked like she hit Kerry on purpose.

          Even in real racing you damn near have to try and kill someone before they’ll sit you down and suspend you for a race. That happened in a NASCAR race last year where one driver T-boned another and pushed him into a wall at about 70 mph. They had no choice but to park him and suspend him from the next race.

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