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A Certain Day in May: Surprises and Chocolate

Coming to you earlier than I did yesterday, but I would have come much earlier if my plans for brunch were messed up today.  Life, it happens, and you just roll with it.  Anyway, after the post is, um, posted, then I’ll head out and gas up my car and buy a new set of earphones, the sort that set nice and squishy in your ear.  And after getting into a few online “disagreements” with assholes yesterday–one person on Facebook finally kicked me out of her friend’s list because I made a comment about one of her friend’s intelligence, but only after this friend posted a homophobic slur at me.  Yes, but I’m the mean one.

Life goes on, yeah?

As Pupok told me yesterday, no one said it would be easy.

As Pupok told me yesterday, no one said it would be easy.

And speaking of life, it’s time for another birthday in my story.  It’s a chilly first Friday in May, 2013, and a certain Ginger Hair Boy has reached a milestone even though he lives in a country where the Metric System is used.  So how does this start out?  Alone, in his room at school.  But it’s six-thirty in the morning, and he can’t stay in there forever:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry tugged on his hoodie and slipped the hood back from his head before hand-combing his hair back into place. He checked the time on his computer—6:28—and gave his email another quick peek to see if his parents had sent him a greeting—they hadn’t. He didn’t worry about that last as he was about to receive the only greeting that mattered.

He set his computer to shutdown and stuffed it in his backpack before it had finished, then slung the pack over his shoulders. Once he was certain everything was in place he slowly opened the door to the second floor hallway—

Annie stood there in jeans, a red sweater, and her brown boots. He face beamed the second Kerry appeared in the doorway. “Happy Birthday, my love.” She reached out and grasped his hands so she could pulled him into the hallway. “How are you?”

He waved his dorm room door closed. “I’m good.”

“Why wouldn’t you be?” Annie led him down to corridor towards the open area before the stairs to the first floor. “Did you get a greeting from your parents?”

Kerry’s snort was loud. “No.” He rotated his shoulders before reached the staircase. “I figure I’ll get one tonight.”

“Perhaps.” Annie slipped in front of Kerry and stopped on the first step. “Follow me, please.”


Remember, the folks are at work, so, you know, they’re busy doing the BBC filming thing.  In fact, they probably are busy, given that the last days of filming for The Day of the Doctor, the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special, were under way at this time, and the actual last day of filming occurred in Cardiff the day after Kerry’s birthday, on 4 May, 2013.  So people are probably already busy getting sound and visual effects in place, and that means Kerry’s parents are right in the middle of that deal.  Kerry likely doesn’t know any of this, so maybe there’ll be a special treat for him in his email tonight?  Maybe you’ll find out in the next scene–

Since they are heading downstairs, it’s likely they’re going to one place:


“Oh? We going somewhere?” Though feigning ignorance, he had a good idea where Annie was heading.

“Yes, we are.” She headed down the stairs to the first floor before continuing to the ground floor. Annie hurried across the commons floor to the door leading to the stairs going down. She stopped at the lower level and headed straight for their private lab. She unlocked the door and waved it open. “Enter.”

Kerry didn’t know what to expect when he entered the room. It was here, upon their return from Yule holiday almost a year and a half ago, that Annie presented Kerry his broom for his last birthday. However, the large table in the middle of the room was empty, and a quick glance of the room showed nothing visible. Which didn’t mean there wasn’t anything hidden . . .

Annie burst that bubble, however. “Your present’s not here, my love.” She closed the door and directed them to the sofa. “You’ll get it later.” The moment they were seated she curled up against his left side. “For now, however, I want to have you to myself.”

“You always have me to yourself.” Kerry rested his head against Annie’s and turned to kiss her. Before he was half-turned she let loose with a yelp. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just—” She light touched her right breast. “You elbowed me, and I’m a bit sensitive.”

He nodded. “’Cause your period’s coming?”

“Yes.” She chuckled. “I’m probably the only girl at school whose boyfriend tracks her cycle.”


We learned last year that Kerry do know when Annie’s having her period, and as mentioned he’s probably tracking the days.  Now we know he is tracking them, and we see that one’s coming up.  Does Kerry do anything with this information?  Sure he does–


“You started this by telling.” Kerry was more careful this time when he turned before kissing her. “Besides, I want to know so when shark week is here so I don’t do something that will get you upset, and I can ask the kitchen to get you chocolate.”

Annie laughed. “I never say no to chocolate.” She snuggled against him. “And I never knew so many girls called this time ‘shark week’ until I came here. Penny and Alex say that.”

Kerry remembered the day last January when Annie told him about the girls in Basic Flight locker room discussing their periods, and she’d heard the term used and wanted to know if he knew of it, because he seemed to know everything. “You know us people from Normal backgrounds; we get all this slang from social media.”

“Well, let’s talk about something much nicer—” Annie twisted her head and smiled. “I’m flying with you today.”


And know we know Annie is aware of “Shark Week,” and I don’t mean she knows about The Discovery Channel.  As a few of you are, I’m certain, aware, Shark Week is the new slang for having one’s period, this due to people noticing that a woman’s reproductive system looks like a shark’s brain, ergo, Shark Week.  Most of my female friends call it that, or they’ll say they’re “really sharky”, which is to say they are dealing with the moon blood full on.  And when that happens to Annie Kerry makes certain she’s not aggravated and she gets chocolate, which she apparently enjoys, because he wants her to feel as well as possible.

Let’s hope Annie remembers this should it ever happen to Kerry.  Because, you know, it just may . . .

One other thing happened during the writing of this section:  that last sentence finally pushed the novel over three hundred thousand words.  And which word is number three hundred thousand?  “Annie”.  Yep, her name snuck in there and tipped the scales.

Its almost as if it were meant to be.

It’s almost as if it were meant to be.

What’s left is to find out about this flying thing, and–oh, yeah:  Kerry’s got to get a present here soon.  When?

You’ll know when I write it, that’s when.

20 thoughts on “A Certain Day in May: Surprises and Chocolate

  1. What ? What’s the gift ? aaargh. Oh, and are they going to have dinner somewhere ? In the city? If so, I guess it’s for the ambience, not the food. I bet the kitchen at Salem can whip up food even more fantastic than anywhere else , yeah ?

  2. Okay ! May 3 ! Your bday, Coraline’s bday, Kerry’s bday …… May 3, may 3, May 3. Slap me on May 3 if I don’t get to greet you a happy birthday. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you.

      • This coming Tuesday is Super Tuesday. Don’t forget to vote. Are u registered Democrat ? If not, you cannot vote. Philadelphia is a closed Primary state , like New York. Only registered Dems can vote. But I tink you can register the day before.

        I’m right now watching CNN’s Parts Uknown by Anthony Bourdain, new season. It’s about the Philippines. Aaaaargh ! 6PM , EST.

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