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A Certain Day in May: Frank Presentations

Sunday wasn’t too bad of a day.  I got my new earbuds, I got a brunch, and no one threatened to beat me up.  And I saw a sweet 2-in-1 laptop tablets for $650 that I’m really considering getting.  With a wireless keyboard and a display stand it would work out well here at the casa.

We saw the start of this little part yesterday, and the good news is I finished it yesterday.  That makes one scene down, one to go.

And the next scene is where Kerry gets his present.

And the next scene is where Kerry gets his present.

But first, there’s the issue of Annie flying with Kerry this afternoon during his flight class.  What’s all that about?  Well . . . this:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

He almost reeled back in surprise. “What? You’re flying with us? During class?”

“Yes, I am.” Her grin was wide and bright. “I was asked if I wanted to be a ‘guest minion’ today.”

“When did this happen?”

“I was asked last week during Advanced Spells. When you went out to the bathroom during lab Nadine and Riv told me that Vicky wanted me to fly with the group today while you’re out on your 4 Point Speed Test.” She twisted her head back and forth in teasing way. “It may be because you’re the last teenagers to join Advanced Flight One, and we have to keep an eye on you.”

Kerry rolled his eyes. Since Emma’s birthday exactly two weeks before he was the last one of the B Levels to turn thirteen, and the kids in AF 1 had taken to calling him “The Last Tween”. No one had bothered with these distinctions the year before when everyone was turning twelve, but with the B Levels entering their first teen year, being the last twelve year old in the level made him stand out slightly from the others. “Yeah, you gotta watch me now—”

Annie smiled softly. “Because we know how teenage boys are.”

He arced his eyebrows. “Oh? How are they?”

“They can get a little wild, or so I’ve heard.” She removed his glasses and levitated them to the table before slowly running her finger down the bridge of his nose. “That’s why it’s best they have a soul mate whom they love and to whom they—” She started intensely into his eyes. “—are connected, and whom they—” Her breath grew shallow and slow. “—love with all—” She drew her fingertip over his chin slowly towards his chest. “—their heart—” Her eyes closed as she took a long, slow gulp.

After a few seconds Kerry touched her cheek. “Annie?”

Annie ran her fingers over the back of his hand, her eyes still closed. Her words were spoken as a gasp. “My love—” She finally looked into his eyes. “There are times when I hate being thirteen.”


Okay, then.  Let’s discuss this, shall we?

I get kidded from time-to-time about how Kerry is this rock of fortitude because it seems like he’s not acting upon his, um, hormonal drives.  Because we all know boys his age got one thing on their minds, and that’s playing Fallout.  Okay, maybe it’s the second thing on their mind, and that’s a bit of Sexy Time with someone close to them.  Probably after they beat a level in Fallout, but I digress.

What we never heard about is Annie, who has been showed to be far more mature than Kerry, mostly due to her upbringing, but mostly due to being smart and aware.  And when it came to knowing how to act upon her romantic interests during her A Levels, she was far more forward than her soul mate.

Should it be any surprise that there are other urges of which she’s aware?

"Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!  What about my hormones?"

“Kerry, Kerry, Kerry! What about my hormones?”

Annie is a teenage girl deeply in love with a boy she’s known nearly her whole life.  And teenage girls can be just as big a ball of simmering hormones as the boys.  Not to mention this is a girl who knew who she wanted to marry at the age of six and a half, and that means she’s been playing The Long Game for nearly as long as she’s known The Ginger Hair Boy.  She’s already shown she’s pretty casual with public nudity, and while she told Deanna that she hadn’t done intercourse because she wasn’t ready for it, she refereed to other acts as “something for fun”.  So should we be surprised she’s brought up this point?

And that leads to a discussion they’ve yet to have:


Her head shook slowly. “We witches have such a paradox in our lives. Externally we age so slowly: in a few more years we’ll lock down how we’ll mostly look for the next ten or fifteen years after that point.” She chuckled. “There’s something nice about being thirty and still looking eighteen.

“But the other side of that, because of the energy we take in to craft spells, we mature faster physically. Once we hit puberty things move quick. We finish developing well before fifteen, which means most of us are having growth spurts now through the end of the year. We develop everywhere—”

She closed her eyes once more and took a deep breath. “I know we’ve said we’re not ready for sex, because mentally and emotionally we’re not. But what about next year? I don’t know.” Annie slowly opened her eyes. “I know your urges, and you know mine. And if I thought we were ready to more further towards sex, I’d—” She swallowed hard. “I’d give you a special birthday present.”


Yeah . . . so there you have it:  that particular genie is out of the bottle, and it can’t be put back in.  Fortunately, the less mature member of The Good Ship ChestnutGinger didn’t give in to certain impulses–


Kerry held himself still, continuing to lightly touch Annie’s cheek. He felt the thing of which she mentioned: in the last few months he’d begun feeling changes that had only seemed to be a small part of him last year become more pronounced. Without realizing it, his breathing had changed to match his soul mates. Was it because of their bond, or was it because of something they’d felt before? “I know. I can sense it. But—” He shook his head. “We can’t.”

Annie held his hand against her cheek. “I know.”

“We just can’t do that. Not yet.”

“I know.”

Kerry pressed in and kissed her tenderly, not rushing the experience. It seemed like every since they’d discovered their bond last month things were becoming less like they’d had during last school year and becoming more advanced. Not that we’ve had a relationship like the other kids. We’ve been told from the start we’re mature together, and it seems as if that’s so true now . . .

He finally broke the kiss and held Annie gently. “We shouldn’t stay down here, not after talking like that.”

She nodded against his shoulder. “You’re right, we shouldn’t.” She tapped her fingers against his chest. “You’re not upset I brought this up, are you?”

“Nah.” He stood and helped Annie to her feet. “It’s not as if we haven’t known this moment was coming—”


They’ve known the moment was coming.  And trust me, it’ll get resolved.

Actually, it’s gonna get resolved in a few more scenes . . .


4 thoughts on “A Certain Day in May: Frank Presentations

  1. Well, yeah, I do understand the hormones, but I still feel a bit squeamish about their age. What was it like when I was 13 ? I had one or two crushes in mid school, but ,,,, they were just crushes. I don’t know. Maybe I was too busy doing other things like practicing the violin one hour a day right after classes for 6 years. I was that kid carrying a violin case, everyday, without fail. I wasn’t a dork. I was in fact very popular. ( A friend told me, Ren, do you know you were popular in HS ? ) Anyway, maybe I should have gotten myself a boyfriend. As it is, I have no idea how it felt like.

    I read that starting at age 13, boys have a gallon of cough , cough, of THAT, ready to cough you know what,….. at 30,t he amount is reduced to a bottle of beer.

    I don’t know about girls. They say girls become passionate just before their periods. I am clueless. Hahahahaha.

    • I’ve also read–and heard from friends–that they tend to get a bit “romantic” right before their periods as well, so it can be Annie’s going through a firestorm right now. But it is as she says: they do mature faster, and Annie is really a lot more mature, physically and emotionally, than Kerry. Both kids have admitted they masturbate, and it’s probably not unlikely to find Normal thirteen year old kids becoming somewhat sexually active.

      Now you get an understanding why all the students are getting dosed with magical contraceptives from day one. At thirteen they’re probably close to the same physical state as a seventeen year old. And we know what a mess that can be.

      This doesn’t mean they’re about to “go all the way.” It’s just that they know it’s there.

  2. I must admit… I didn’t want anything to do with boys and sex when I was thirteen. I knew others who did… or already were… but I wasn’t one of them. Then again, it may have something to do with the fact that my second cycle started on my thirteenth b-day, and that was not pleasant and kinda ruined the rest of the year for me. Why? I dunno. Not really.

    I applaud those two for being open and honest about their feelings for one another. I just couldn’t have imagined such for myself at that age. There are times when I really need a reality check because I knew the kind of urges she was having and I was mentally thinking, “so act on those urges dangit!”, and then she made the “hate being thirteen” comment and I immediately felt like a creep because I’d momentarily forgotten their age once again. They really do act, both of them, more mature than many others their age. It’s both a blessing and a curse for them – as well as my brain.

    • They really do have to be that way, they have to be far more mature that Normal thirteen year old kids, because they are maturing, they are growing, faster, and they’re going to run into situations that Normal kids won’t. Annie hit it on the nose: the energy that powers their spells matures them faster, and it does play hell with them in the hormone area.

      Also, they’ve seen their wedding night, and they both know how they’re supposed to be then, but they’ve seen something else, too . . . that all gets talked out in the scene after this.

      Really, though, this isn’t close to what would be the toughest time for them.

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