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Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 3, “Ouroboros”

Boats, Planes, and Zombies Galore. Just another beautiful day on the Dead Coast on “Fear the Walking Dead.”

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

FTWD S2 E3 Flight Wreckage

Here we are at Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, and at last we learn the outcome of something some of us followed over the winter–

“Please place your tray tables and zombies in their upright positions.”

We’re in the ocean and there are people screaming and stuff floating: Out of the water pops Alex (Michelle Ang), the Asian woman from Flight 462, and we’re sitting the aftermath of that voyage. She’s looking for Jake (Regen Wilson) and finds him. She gets him into a raft with other survivors. One of the guys pulled on-board has a bite on his leg: he gets whacked the fuck out with a paddle right then and there. The camera pulls back and there’s debris everywhere.

Alex’s checking out Jake, but he’s not good. His face is half-burnt and he’s in pain. She’s trying to keep the wound clean with little bottles of airplane vodka…

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