A Certain Day in May: Frank Presentations

Sunday wasn’t too bad of a day.  I got my new earbuds, I got a brunch, and no one threatened to beat me up.  And I saw a sweet 2-in-1 laptop tablets for $650 that I’m really considering getting.  With a wireless keyboard and a display stand it would work out well here at the casa.

We saw the start of this little part yesterday, and the good news is I finished it yesterday.  That makes one scene down, one to go.

And the next scene is where Kerry gets his present.

And the next scene is where Kerry gets his present.

But first, there’s the issue of Annie flying with Kerry this afternoon during his flight class.  What’s all that about?  Well . . . this:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

He almost reeled back in surprise. “What? You’re flying with us? During class?”

“Yes, I am.” Her grin was wide and bright. “I was asked if I wanted to be a ‘guest minion’ today.”

“When did this happen?”

“I was asked last week during Advanced Spells. When you went out to the bathroom during lab Nadine and Riv told me that Vicky wanted me to fly with the group today while you’re out on your 4 Point Speed Test.” She twisted her head back and forth in teasing way. “It may be because you’re the last teenagers to join Advanced Flight One, and we have to keep an eye on you.”

Kerry rolled his eyes. Since Emma’s birthday exactly two weeks before he was the last one of the B Levels to turn thirteen, and the kids in AF 1 had taken to calling him “The Last Tween”. No one had bothered with these distinctions the year before when everyone was turning twelve, but with the B Levels entering their first teen year, being the last twelve year old in the level made him stand out slightly from the others. “Yeah, you gotta watch me now—”

Annie smiled softly. “Because we know how teenage boys are.”

He arced his eyebrows. “Oh? How are they?”

“They can get a little wild, or so I’ve heard.” She removed his glasses and levitated them to the table before slowly running her finger down the bridge of his nose. “That’s why it’s best they have a soul mate whom they love and to whom they—” She started intensely into his eyes. “—are connected, and whom they—” Her breath grew shallow and slow. “—love with all—” She drew her fingertip over his chin slowly towards his chest. “—their heart—” Her eyes closed as she took a long, slow gulp.

After a few seconds Kerry touched her cheek. “Annie?”

Annie ran her fingers over the back of his hand, her eyes still closed. Her words were spoken as a gasp. “My love—” She finally looked into his eyes. “There are times when I hate being thirteen.”


Okay, then.  Let’s discuss this, shall we?

I get kidded from time-to-time about how Kerry is this rock of fortitude because it seems like he’s not acting upon his, um, hormonal drives.  Because we all know boys his age got one thing on their minds, and that’s playing Fallout.  Okay, maybe it’s the second thing on their mind, and that’s a bit of Sexy Time with someone close to them.  Probably after they beat a level in Fallout, but I digress.

What we never heard about is Annie, who has been showed to be far more mature than Kerry, mostly due to her upbringing, but mostly due to being smart and aware.  And when it came to knowing how to act upon her romantic interests during her A Levels, she was far more forward than her soul mate.

Should it be any surprise that there are other urges of which she’s aware?

"Kerry, Kerry, Kerry!  What about my hormones?"

“Kerry, Kerry, Kerry! What about my hormones?”

Annie is a teenage girl deeply in love with a boy she’s known nearly her whole life.  And teenage girls can be just as big a ball of simmering hormones as the boys.  Not to mention this is a girl who knew who she wanted to marry at the age of six and a half, and that means she’s been playing The Long Game for nearly as long as she’s known The Ginger Hair Boy.  She’s already shown she’s pretty casual with public nudity, and while she told Deanna that she hadn’t done intercourse because she wasn’t ready for it, she refereed to other acts as “something for fun”.  So should we be surprised she’s brought up this point?

And that leads to a discussion they’ve yet to have:


Her head shook slowly. “We witches have such a paradox in our lives. Externally we age so slowly: in a few more years we’ll lock down how we’ll mostly look for the next ten or fifteen years after that point.” She chuckled. “There’s something nice about being thirty and still looking eighteen.

“But the other side of that, because of the energy we take in to craft spells, we mature faster physically. Once we hit puberty things move quick. We finish developing well before fifteen, which means most of us are having growth spurts now through the end of the year. We develop everywhere—”

She closed her eyes once more and took a deep breath. “I know we’ve said we’re not ready for sex, because mentally and emotionally we’re not. But what about next year? I don’t know.” Annie slowly opened her eyes. “I know your urges, and you know mine. And if I thought we were ready to more further towards sex, I’d—” She swallowed hard. “I’d give you a special birthday present.”


Yeah . . . so there you have it:  that particular genie is out of the bottle, and it can’t be put back in.  Fortunately, the less mature member of The Good Ship ChestnutGinger didn’t give in to certain impulses–


Kerry held himself still, continuing to lightly touch Annie’s cheek. He felt the thing of which she mentioned: in the last few months he’d begun feeling changes that had only seemed to be a small part of him last year become more pronounced. Without realizing it, his breathing had changed to match his soul mates. Was it because of their bond, or was it because of something they’d felt before? “I know. I can sense it. But—” He shook his head. “We can’t.”

Annie held his hand against her cheek. “I know.”

“We just can’t do that. Not yet.”

“I know.”

Kerry pressed in and kissed her tenderly, not rushing the experience. It seemed like every since they’d discovered their bond last month things were becoming less like they’d had during last school year and becoming more advanced. Not that we’ve had a relationship like the other kids. We’ve been told from the start we’re mature together, and it seems as if that’s so true now . . .

He finally broke the kiss and held Annie gently. “We shouldn’t stay down here, not after talking like that.”

She nodded against his shoulder. “You’re right, we shouldn’t.” She tapped her fingers against his chest. “You’re not upset I brought this up, are you?”

“Nah.” He stood and helped Annie to her feet. “It’s not as if we haven’t known this moment was coming—”


They’ve known the moment was coming.  And trust me, it’ll get resolved.

Actually, it’s gonna get resolved in a few more scenes . . .

A Certain Day in May: Surprises and Chocolate

Coming to you earlier than I did yesterday, but I would have come much earlier if my plans for brunch were messed up today.  Life, it happens, and you just roll with it.  Anyway, after the post is, um, posted, then I’ll head out and gas up my car and buy a new set of earphones, the sort that set nice and squishy in your ear.  And after getting into a few online “disagreements” with assholes yesterday–one person on Facebook finally kicked me out of her friend’s list because I made a comment about one of her friend’s intelligence, but only after this friend posted a homophobic slur at me.  Yes, but I’m the mean one.

Life goes on, yeah?

As Pupok told me yesterday, no one said it would be easy.

As Pupok told me yesterday, no one said it would be easy.

And speaking of life, it’s time for another birthday in my story.  It’s a chilly first Friday in May, 2013, and a certain Ginger Hair Boy has reached a milestone even though he lives in a country where the Metric System is used.  So how does this start out?  Alone, in his room at school.  But it’s six-thirty in the morning, and he can’t stay in there forever:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry tugged on his hoodie and slipped the hood back from his head before hand-combing his hair back into place. He checked the time on his computer—6:28—and gave his email another quick peek to see if his parents had sent him a greeting—they hadn’t. He didn’t worry about that last as he was about to receive the only greeting that mattered.

He set his computer to shutdown and stuffed it in his backpack before it had finished, then slung the pack over his shoulders. Once he was certain everything was in place he slowly opened the door to the second floor hallway—

Annie stood there in jeans, a red sweater, and her brown boots. He face beamed the second Kerry appeared in the doorway. “Happy Birthday, my love.” She reached out and grasped his hands so she could pulled him into the hallway. “How are you?”

He waved his dorm room door closed. “I’m good.”

“Why wouldn’t you be?” Annie led him down to corridor towards the open area before the stairs to the first floor. “Did you get a greeting from your parents?”

Kerry’s snort was loud. “No.” He rotated his shoulders before reached the staircase. “I figure I’ll get one tonight.”

“Perhaps.” Annie slipped in front of Kerry and stopped on the first step. “Follow me, please.”


Remember, the folks are at work, so, you know, they’re busy doing the BBC filming thing.  In fact, they probably are busy, given that the last days of filming for The Day of the Doctor, the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special, were under way at this time, and the actual last day of filming occurred in Cardiff the day after Kerry’s birthday, on 4 May, 2013.  So people are probably already busy getting sound and visual effects in place, and that means Kerry’s parents are right in the middle of that deal.  Kerry likely doesn’t know any of this, so maybe there’ll be a special treat for him in his email tonight?  Maybe you’ll find out in the next scene–

Since they are heading downstairs, it’s likely they’re going to one place:


“Oh? We going somewhere?” Though feigning ignorance, he had a good idea where Annie was heading.

“Yes, we are.” She headed down the stairs to the first floor before continuing to the ground floor. Annie hurried across the commons floor to the door leading to the stairs going down. She stopped at the lower level and headed straight for their private lab. She unlocked the door and waved it open. “Enter.”

Kerry didn’t know what to expect when he entered the room. It was here, upon their return from Yule holiday almost a year and a half ago, that Annie presented Kerry his broom for his last birthday. However, the large table in the middle of the room was empty, and a quick glance of the room showed nothing visible. Which didn’t mean there wasn’t anything hidden . . .

Annie burst that bubble, however. “Your present’s not here, my love.” She closed the door and directed them to the sofa. “You’ll get it later.” The moment they were seated she curled up against his left side. “For now, however, I want to have you to myself.”

“You always have me to yourself.” Kerry rested his head against Annie’s and turned to kiss her. Before he was half-turned she let loose with a yelp. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just—” She light touched her right breast. “You elbowed me, and I’m a bit sensitive.”

He nodded. “’Cause your period’s coming?”

“Yes.” She chuckled. “I’m probably the only girl at school whose boyfriend tracks her cycle.”


We learned last year that Kerry do know when Annie’s having her period, and as mentioned he’s probably tracking the days.  Now we know he is tracking them, and we see that one’s coming up.  Does Kerry do anything with this information?  Sure he does–


“You started this by telling.” Kerry was more careful this time when he turned before kissing her. “Besides, I want to know so when shark week is here so I don’t do something that will get you upset, and I can ask the kitchen to get you chocolate.”

Annie laughed. “I never say no to chocolate.” She snuggled against him. “And I never knew so many girls called this time ‘shark week’ until I came here. Penny and Alex say that.”

Kerry remembered the day last January when Annie told him about the girls in Basic Flight locker room discussing their periods, and she’d heard the term used and wanted to know if he knew of it, because he seemed to know everything. “You know us people from Normal backgrounds; we get all this slang from social media.”

“Well, let’s talk about something much nicer—” Annie twisted her head and smiled. “I’m flying with you today.”


And know we know Annie is aware of “Shark Week,” and I don’t mean she knows about The Discovery Channel.  As a few of you are, I’m certain, aware, Shark Week is the new slang for having one’s period, this due to people noticing that a woman’s reproductive system looks like a shark’s brain, ergo, Shark Week.  Most of my female friends call it that, or they’ll say they’re “really sharky”, which is to say they are dealing with the moon blood full on.  And when that happens to Annie Kerry makes certain she’s not aggravated and she gets chocolate, which she apparently enjoys, because he wants her to feel as well as possible.

Let’s hope Annie remembers this should it ever happen to Kerry.  Because, you know, it just may . . .

One other thing happened during the writing of this section:  that last sentence finally pushed the novel over three hundred thousand words.  And which word is number three hundred thousand?  “Annie”.  Yep, her name snuck in there and tipped the scales.

Its almost as if it were meant to be.

It’s almost as if it were meant to be.

What’s left is to find out about this flying thing, and–oh, yeah:  Kerry’s got to get a present here soon.  When?

You’ll know when I write it, that’s when.

The Last Laps: Season’s End

Here I am, coming to you late, and for that I apologize.  I’ll get to that at the end.  First–novel.


Chapter Thirty-One is finished.  So is, by extension, Part Nine.  There wasn’t much to the part–it clocked in at just over eighteen thousand words–but Act Three is just about three thousand words from one hundred thousand words, and the novel is about six hundred words from three hundred thousand.  It’s come along a lot better than I have ever imagined.

And the end really is near now.

And the end really is near now.

How did that someone Kerry questioned think he did?  How do you think they thought?


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie fell into his arms and accepted the hug before giving Kerry a long kiss. “I’m proud of you. Fifth place is better than my father did his first year: he only managed a seventh.”

“Yeah, well—” Kerry smiled while a touch of blush filled in his cheeks. “Let’s keep that quiet for now.”

Some of this may be due to Kerry not wanting to brag, and some of it may be due to Kerry being slight afraid of Annie’s father and not want any more strange stares from him.  Changes are pretty good that, at some point someone in the Kiralovi Household will ask how the coven did for the season, and that will lead to, “Oh, Annie, how did Kerry do with racing?” and Annie will have to answer.  You ain’t gonna stay secret forever, dude.


“I will.” They walked slowly towards the entrances leading to the area under and behind the grandstands. “You’ll want to rest tonight.”

“During the Madness?” He shook his head. “Not a chance. Hot chocolate and banitsa for us. And I promise not to spend the evening talking about the race.” Kerry turned and lightly brushed his nose against Annie’s cheek. “I’m all for you.”

“Um hum.” She waited until they were in the tunnel and mostly alone before she spoke in a soft, questioning tone. “May I ask something?”

Kerry had expected this question since about a minute after he crossed the Start/Finished line. “You may—and no, I didn’t.”

There was a quizzical look in Annie’s eyes. “You didn’t what?”

“I didn’t let Emma beat me.” He looked around before speaking in the same soft tone. “I knew as soon as she crossed the line before me I was gonna get asked about this.”

Annie smiled. “And you knew I would.”

“I figured you might.”

“Does that mean you also know what I think about that question?”

Kerry nodded. “I do. You know I wouldn’t just let her beat me.”

She leaned against his arm. “I do know you wouldn’t let her beat you. The way I saw it, once you both caught Alex, it was a battle to see whom was going to finish were. I saw Alex shake Emma’s hand after the race, too.”

“Yeah. She told her it was a good race and that she look forward to racing with her next season.”

Annie gave a slight sigh. “Looks as if she learned her lesson.”

“Oh, I think she did.” Kerry chuckled. “At least until next season. I may have to remind her to chill again at some point.”


It sounds like a tough, clean fight for the fourth, fifth, and sixth position of that last race, and it turns out the finish was Alex, Emma, and Kerry.  And he is telling the truth:  he wouldn’t let anyone win, so it must have been a tough fight coming through Diamond Chicane.  And everyone got out alive.  It would also appear that Alex and Emma have made up, too.  At least until next season.

And speaking of that–


“I’m certain you will.” They stopped before the lift leading to the team ready rooms on the upper levels. “Tonight’s the sort of evening I wish we could get away to somewhere private.” She slipped around so she was facing him. “Or even go into Salem for dinner.”

Kerry gave a half-hearted shrug. “I would say ask Helena and Erywin if they’re going into town, but as the school is making a big deal of the end of the season at dinner—”

“Your birthday is two Fridays from now.” Annie tugged at the collar of Kerry’s racing uniform. “Maybe we can do something special for that.”

With everything happening over the last month Kerry hadn’t given any thought to the fact he was going to turn thirteen in just under two weeks. “I would like that.”

“So would I.” The lift opened and they stepped in, waiting a few seconds to see if anyone else was getting in with them. The doors closed without without anyone else entering. “I remember at the beginning of the school year you were unsure if you wanted to race—”

The lift began to ascend slowly. Kerry brushed hair from his forehead. “I remember that.”

Annie watched him closely, noticing how he was trying to act nonchalant while at the same time managing the slightest of smiles. “Do you still feel that way?”

The left corner of Kerry’s mouth curled upward while he watched the numbers above the door. “You know what I think?”

Annie returned the smile, knowing his wasn’t thinking about the insecurities he felt last October. “What?”

Kerry glanced to his left and raised his eyebrows as the lift doors opened. “I can’t wait for next year.”


Yes, Kerry kept saying at the start of the novel he didn’t know if he was going out for the team, and then it was like, I don’t know if I can do a good job.  Well, he did a good job, and because of that the expectations for next season will be high.  Do I know what is going to happen?  Yeah.  Racing.  And other stuff.  You gotta trust me on that.

Now, for the reason I’m late–well, if you wanna read beyond the point you can.  If not.  You can split. Continue reading

Vikings Mid-Season Finale: Season 4, Episode 10 Recap, “The Last Ship”

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

Welcome to the worst Vikings finale episode ever. While I completely loved the battle scene, History Channel really should have just stuck with that rather than adding on a time hop and ruining everything. Here’s the recap for Episode 10, entitled “The Last Ship” of History Channel’s Vikings Season 4 mid-season finale.

History Channel Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 The Last Ship Ragnar and Rollo fight [Image via A&E Network]

The Epic Battle Between Ragnar And Rollo

Okay, so while I hated the time jump at the end of the episode, I was completely captivated by the battle scene at the start. If History Channel had mad a longer battle scene or a shorter episode I would have been completely happy with this episode. The battle between Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen) was really hard work. But in a good way. I love how History Channel has managed to bring a more realistic version of battle to our TV screens. While I…

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Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 2, “Transgressive Border Crossing”

How about a different kind of border crossing–the transgressive kind?

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

OB S4 E2 Sarah Iceland

Today we’re Back in the Black–Orphan Black, that is.  Let us go right to Episode 2, Shall we?

Iceland.  Sarah and Mrs. S are getting Kira ready.  Mrs. S asks about M.K, but Sarah has almost no information.  Mrs. S says they’ve covered their tracks, while Kendall, her mother, thinks MK may be flushing them out.  Kira looks out the window and says they’re coming.  Everyone’s looking out the window now, and there they are:  all sorts of lights headed their way.  Everyone makes their way for the truck while Mrs. S gets out the petrol and gets ready to burn the joint.  She soaks everything down and puts a match to the mess.  The house goes up in flames; the sock monkey is behind on the floor, burning.

OB S4 E2 Sock Monkey

Quick montage:  Opera playing:  Fee is doing stencils.  Phone call.  Allison in purple doing her workout.  She’s gets a call…

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The Last Laps: Truth and Accolades

Finally, here I come to the start of the end of Chapter Thirty-One.  After this there are four chapters, fifteen scenes, and I’m done with another novel.  Also, I’m close to going over three hundred thousand words, like twelve hundred words close, and I’ll probably head over that point during the first scene of Chapter Thirty-Two.

And I know you’re going to find this a little strange, but with all the other stuff going on–the novel writing and the recapping–I’m working with someone else doing a little world building on another project.  Yes, like I don’t have enough to do, I decide I’m going to do a little more.  The obvious answer to “Why?” is probably “I’m nuts,” but right now I’m not coping to that.  Let’s just say I’ll probably have more to say about that in the future.

Now, for the main event . . .

The race is over, as is the season, and all that’s left now are the cheering and the accolades.  Both of which happen . . .


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

As soon as the final race concluded the entire student body was asked to report to The Diamond for the ceremonies surrounding the final race of the season. Kerry stood with the rest of the team while Vicky stood at a podium and read from the list of names of those fliers who’d finished at the top of the final standings.

There were three sets of podiums set up in the infield. The lowest one, just a step up from the ground, was a long, flat surface; behind that, two steps higher and fitted with steps on the sides, was a smaller podium designed for two people. Behind that, two more steps higher than the middle surface, sat the classic inverted “T” podium, with a raised middle section flanked by two smaller sections, and accessible from the back by stairs.

Vicky asked the crowd for silence and began her address, first recognizing the Individual standings. The lowest podium was set up for those fliers who finished Tenth to Sixth, with the fliers walking on to the surface from the audience’s left and moving all the way across to their right.

The lowest finishing flier was called first and Kerry smiled when he heard the name and coven. “Tenth place: Emmalynne Neilson of Mórrígan.” Her fifth place finish gave her just enough in the way of points to sneak into the last recognized Individual position. She turned and flashed Kerry a thumb’s up as her teammate, Nattat Adriano, was announced at the ninth place finisher. The other three students to take that podium were Fana Okeke of Ceridwen—the only flier from outside the top three covens to place—and Rezi Lahood and Getasew Berhanu, both from Åsgårdsreia, in seventh and sixth place respectively.


Something tells me I should model this set-up so people can actually see what it looks like.  ‘Cause I know I’ll get that question at some point.  And as for the question, “Emma got into tenth by finished fifth?”, the answer is going to come later in the scene.

It’s interesting how nine of the top ten are from the top three covens, which once again goes to show, consistency is how you win.  And if you keep being consistently good, you’re going to push out all the others who aren’t.

Now we have tenth through sixth out of the way:  what about the Top 5?  Glad you asked:


Then came the moment for which Kerry had fought and waited. “In fifth place:  Kerrigan Malibey of Cernunnos.” He marched up the stairs on the audience’s right and stood in his racing uniform with his arms dangling at his side. Kerry looked to his right as the next name was called out. “In fourth place:  Alexandria Chorney of Cernunnos.”

Alex bounced up the stairs, almost unable to contain her excitement. She waved to the crowd before turning to Kerry to give him a hug. “We did it.”

He nodded as he released his covenmate. “We sure did.”

Vicky waited for the applause to settle down before speaking again. “And now, at last, the top three positions in the Individual Computation. In third place:  Penelope Rigman of Cernunnos.” Penny stepped on to the podium position directly behind Kerry, and both Alex and he shook her hand. “In second place:  Nadine Woodley of Mórrígan.” Nadine took her position behind Alex and the congratulations between the four fliers in the top five happened once more. “And lastly, the winner of the 2012/2013 Salem Racing Individual Standings: Rivânia Suassuna of Åsgårdsreia.” Penny and Nadine each gave Riv hugs and congratulations while all the students and instructors gathered applauded and cheered.

After the podiums cleared the fliers returned to their teams and moved to the larger inverted “T” podium used for the Team Standings. There wasn’t any surprises here: Mórrígan took third, Cernunnos finished in second due in a large part to the team’s three best fliers, and Åsgårdsreia took the top position, only four points ahead of second place. All the teams took turns congratulating each other, and Manco took a moment to stand together with Nadine and Rivânia for the team captain’s picture.

The moment Kerry saw a certain person step out of the stands he excused himself and headed towards her and her waiting smile. He held his arms wide as he neared Annie. “So how’d I do?”


Because Kerry missed the first few races of the A Team season he essentially had five DNFs (Did Not Finish race) against him, and that meant he didn’t point there.  He made fifth place because he consistently finished in the Top 5, just as Alex did in order to finish fourth.  Same with the ladies at the top of the podium:  you get there with good finishes.

The Top 5 this season are going to be really fighting it out in Kerry’s C Levels.  The biggest question is whether or not Rivânia decides to race during the 2013/2014 season, as she’ll be a F Level and sometimes the F Levels just drop out of racing and let people from the B Team come up.  She may do the same.  I haven’t decided yet.

I should also point out there are three gingers in the Top 10:  Emma (10th), Kerry (5th), and Nadine (2nd).  Just imagine if they all make the Top 3.  Ginger Podium!

Now to finish up this scene and get ready for someone’s birthday.  Before I can do that I need to write a recap and probably work on my other project doing a little world building.  Busy writer, am I.

Assuming I can finish this post writing like this.

Time be passing, I be writing.  Sometimes.

The Last Laps: Bothered on Blue

Welcome back to the Blog That Continues Spitting Out Work!  Just joking:  I’m in that sort of mood today.  The weather is getting warm and the days are enjoyable, so my mood is beginning to improve.  I seriously need to put a few more sun dresses in my wardrobe, or even something that I can wear that are light and flirty, but still be able to wear them to work.

This will do for now, especially on Wednesdays, 'cause as we know . . .

This will do for now, especially on Wednesdays, ’cause as we know . . .

Like I said yesterday the chances were good I was going to finish the scene I started Tuesday last night, and not only did I finish it, but I managed almost a thousand words doing so, and put the cap on the scene in time to sit down and watch The Americans.  It wasn’t very long, and with one last scene in Chapter Thirty-One, it’s possible this one will come in at just under six thousand words, making it a one of the shortest in the novel.  (The shortest is fifty-one hundred word, and I’m certain I’ll go over that count.)

Since Renxkyoko Iglesias said she couldn’t wait to see what Evildoer Lisa was going to do, don’t let me keep you from that.  But first, a little racing:


(All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

As they flew through Woodland Path Alex turned on the speed and put a dozen meters between her and Kerry by the time their exited the woods and headed into Selena’s Meadow. Kerry pushed himself trying to catch up, but with all on his mind on unimportant things, his willpower to force himself faster falter slightly. The only thing he could do was take a few chances—

He entered Meadow Climb at close to two hundred kilometers and hour and whipped the broom through the turn as he sped into the sky after Alex. The g forces were incredible, causing his vision to gray for a moment, an nearly blew two elevation gates in the process, but by the time he’d leveled out on the entry to Pentagram Pass Kerry was perhaps seven meters behind Alex, and he closed that to five by the time they reached Trench.

Kerry’s mind was no longer on the possibility of being wrecked. While he casts glances into his rear view every few seconds, his concentration was on the back of Alex’s broom, and the need to negotiate Quarry Turn perfectly and at high speed so he could try to stay close enough to Alex to make a run on her during their final lap on the Green Line. He was up and out of the woods and passing Observatory Tower as he set up to take Observatory Bend at as great a speed as he could, ‘cause he knew Alex as going to do the same.

He leaned forward and braced his elbows against the broom’s column as he entered the turn, seeing Alex do the same. The centrifugal force was brutal but Kerry kept his eyes on the girl in front of him and held tight. After a few seconds of agony they were both out of the turn, and while he hadn’t gained any distance on Alex, as they entered Skyway Kerry knew he hadn’t lost space either.

Since Helter Skelter was one of his favorite turns Kerry made it through and even managed to pick up a meter on Alex as they entered Residences. With a few seconds of relatively easy flying ahead, He checked his rear view—

Lisa was about four meters back, with four other fliers about three meters behind her.

Kerry felt a slight knot twist up in his stomach. He knew what she was going to try: she would attempt to close on him from Back Path to South Side Dive, then once they were in The Sweep, she’d try to wreck him. Just like she did that time with Anna and him. Since the race was almost over and she had no chance at a Top 10, getting parked wouldn’t hurt her, and with them both out of the race their coven standings wouldn’t take too much of a hit, though he’d finish out of the points and drop out of the Top 5—

He wasn’t going to let that happen. He pushed the broom harder as he jetted through Aerodrome.

It was only when he nearly missed an elevation gate at Back Path that Kerry realized he was still on about what Lisa might do and understood he was getting rattled. I’m over-thinking this, as usual, and doing this during a race is not the place . . . He cleared his mind, negotiated Van der Kroff Heights, and pushed onward.

Kerry held the left side of the course, setting up to enter South Side Slide. He shot a glance at the rear view and saw Lisa set. He ready himself for her to move on him hard—


When you get to the point where you over-think the fact that you overthink everything, then you’re spending too much time overthinking stuff.  And, after almost two years of school, there are probably people within the school walls who know Kerry tends to overthink things.  In short, Lisa is playing a mind game on The Ginger Hair Boy, and it rattled him just enough to get him spooky.  Kerry’s not a machine:  he has flaws, and this is one of them.  And as he suddenly realizes, overthinking on the race course is a bad idea.

Well, then:  what happens.  Kerry knows something bad is coming.  And he’s right–only it’s not what he expects . . .


Right then another flier dropped down in front of Lisa, slammed on their air brakes, and cut so hard to the right and down that Kerry thought they were going to lose control. Since he was setting up the turn from the left side of course, he adjusted his turn and followed the other flier down and to the left. Before entering The Sweep he checked behind him once more: the move at the start of South Side Slide ruined Lisa’s entry into the turn, and she’d not only lost several meters but was mired in with the group of racers behind him.

He pushed his broom through The Slide, the other racer hold their turn on his right through the outside of the turn. Once they were out of the turn and moving along Diamond Lane, Kerry flipped up his visor to see who was next to him—

The other flier’s visor flipped up, and Kerry immediately recognized the bright red bangs that belonged to Emma. A smile came to her eyes. “Someone last year told me that racing on brooms is three dimensional—” She glanced forward. “Funny how people tend not to look up.”

“Isn’t it?” He noticed that Alex was now about seven meters ahead and slowly putting distance on them. “You wanna race?” He nodded ahead as they neared The Diamond. “See if we can catch Alex?”

Emma’s eyes smiled back. “Hell, yeah.” She slapped her visor down and pushed her broom forward.

Kerry flipped his visor down and entered the Green Line at close to three hundred and seventy kilometers an hour, crossing the Start/Finish line maybe a third of a broom length. He didn’t need to worry about Lisa any longer, and he certainly didn’t need to worry about Emma. He eased his broom through Rockport Lane and focused on Alex. Three fliers competing for fourth— Kerry leaned slightly to the left. This is how the season should end.


Only fair that after Kerry helped out his wingmate with a smack down that got her back in line that she’d come and do something that might have let him finish the race in one piece.  Before you ask, let me answer:  yeah, Emma did something that she was technically warned on before the race.  However, no contact was made, she wasn’t screwing around with Lisa, and since we know people in Race Control were watching what was about to unfold, after the move they probably looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to checking out the last lap of the race.

And, no:  they couldn’t order Lisa not to do anything because this isn’t Minority Report and Salem doesn’t have a Pre-Crime Department, and as one of the best seers in the world–who, incidentally, is sitting in Race Control as this goes down–would say you can’t act on those visions ’cause you’re liable to make things worse if you do, all anyone can do is watch thing unfold and wait for the outcome.  Or maybe Deanna was back in Race Control telling everyone “Wait for it” and leaving things like that.  We’ll never know–well, you’ll never know.  I know.  Bawh, hahahahaha!

Anyway, one last scene to write for this chapter:

You can see it right there.

You can see it right there.

And there you’ll discover how the final standings of the final race of the season shake out.  I should be able to get to that before I need to take notes for tonight’s Orphan Black episode–