Mornings With the Seer: Expectations of the Coming End

First, a couple of important updates.  The most important is that according to the tracking on my order, the new computer arrives tomorrow, which means after I get home from work I’ll have the fun job of getting it set up, which means getting logged into the router and wifi, downloading a browser, syncing that so I can get my bookmarks, then downloading Scrivener, Aeon Timeline, and Scapple and getting the licence keys into those versions so I can get them up and running–and, yes, I already have that information ready.

After that it’s just a matter of bringing over the files for those three things and making sure they run okay, and then I have the whole weekend to update my system with what I need like Sweet Home 3D, Gimp, and Blender.  My guess is that I’ll have the majority of everything I want up by Saturday afternoon.

That’s doesn’t mean I won’t be writing:  it just means I won’t be flipping the “Y” key back into position every minute or so in order to use it.  I also plan to keep this system for backup, and I’ll likely see about getting the key replace so I can use this in a pinch.  You never know, right?

I also have a new pair of tennis shoes, a pair of Ryka Teanna, which are an older shoe I picked up off QVC the other day.  These are my first really styling woman’s workout shoes, and I got them in Coral (or should I say, “CORAL!!!”?) and they fit wonderfully.  I don’t think I’ll need a lot of time breaking these in, and I can wear them to work now and then.

But what about the writing, Cassie?  Glad you asked–


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry took her hand as they exited the Pentagram Wall exit and proceeded down the garden walkway to the Great Hall. “When the date is right I’m supposed to give a penny for The Guy, but right now I’d rather give you a penny for your thoughts.”

“Oh, just considering our thoughts for the next few weeks.” Annie gave his hand a squeeze. “How we’re going to spend our weekends for the rest of the month—or at least our Saturdays.”

“Are we going to do anything that will allow you to wear your sapphire earrings again?”

She tried to keep from blushing at the mention of her most special pair of earrings. She wore them the evening of his birthday dinner, and though Kerry never once brought up that she was wearing them, she received several complements indicating how gorgeous she made them appear. After they returned to the school Kerry politely asked her if she’d wear them to the Madness, and though she felt as if she were showing off just a little, given that it was his birthday Annie left them on after they changed and headed off for the school’s weekend pajama party.

It was only in private, once they’d returned to the tower and realized they had some moments alone in the ground floor commons that she told him how much she enjoyed the complement—though she felt a touch guilty as she felt the attention she drew took away from his day. He kissed her and said that he loved that she drew attention. “That’s why I bought them; I knew how great they’d look on you.”

Annie lost track of time after that, and couldn’t rightly say when they finally managed to returned to their floor that night . . .

She put on her best coy smile. “It’s likely we won’t do anything before the end of the school year that would allow me to wear them, however—” Annie leaned upward and whispered in his ear. “If we spend the night in the same location we spent it before going home last year, I’ll be certain to wear them to dinner.”

Now it was Kerry’s turn to blush, for he knew what Annie meant exactly. At the end of their A Levels they were permitted to share a room at a bed and breakfast, the Sea Sprite Inn, that had connections to The Foundation. Though there’s been nary a word about a return to the Sea Sprite Inn from Helena, Erywin, or Deanna—the women behind their stay—both Annie and he suspected they’d be given another invitation.


Well, now, a few weeks before the end of the school year and their mind is drifting towards a night alone at the Sea Sprite Inn, which was their first real time alone together.  Sure, they were together in Kansas City, but there were two bad-ass witches on the other side of the connecting door, and do you really believe they would have knocked before coming in if they felt something was up with these kids?  They probably would have just jaunted into the room and stood hovering over their bed.

Also, we do see that even though she doesn’t show it, Annie loves a little attention.  I mean, she’s a thirteen year old girl, and thirteen year old kid want a little attention now and then.  Okay, sometimes a lot of attention.  But she did enjoy being told she made her earrings look lovely.  I wonder if she’ll wear them one night when her family goes out to dinner?


“I’d like that a lot.” They were almost to the entrance to the East Transept, but rather than wave open the door with magic he pulled it open instead. “After you, Sweetie.”

“Thank you, sladkoto mi tikva.” She looked back smiling as Kerry followed her through and joined her side after a few steps. “Preparing yourself for the return home?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I probably can’t go around whipping open doors with modified levitation spells right away—” He snorted as they cleared the transept and entered the Rotunda. “Otherwise the parental units will probably start freaking out and—”

“Annie; Kerry.”

Both turned and found Isis standing at the first floor railing looking down at them. Annie waved. “Good morning, Isis.”

“Good morning.” She motioned at them. “Could you both come up here? I need a moment of your time.”

“Certainly.” They headed straight for the stairs next to the hospital. Annie kept her voice low as she looked straight ahead. “I wonder what she wants?”


Yeah, what does Isis want?  Well, you’ll find out tomorrow.  At some point after I write it.

Which will be some point after my birthday dinner . . .

Which means if I'm not too blasted, I get to add to this.

Which means if I’m not too blasted, I get to add to this.

Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 2 Recap, “Home”

Hey, did you know that someone really *isn’t* dead? Funny how that happens.

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

Here’s my recap of Episode 2 (entitled “Home”) of HBO’s Game of Thrones:

  • Bran Stark (Issac Hempstead-Wright)–remember him? Well, he’s all grown up and having flashbacks all over the place thanks to enrolling in the Diploma of the Three-Eyed-Raven. In the “This Is Your Life” segment, Bran wins a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, the Three-Eyed-Raven won’t let him stay there but we learn just enough to find out Hodor’s name is actually Willis (which is completely hilarious thanks to the meme below) and for some strange reason Bran knows what his dad’s sister, Lyanna looks like. So who is this Lyanna? And why would she be important? Well…

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home Willis Hodor meme [Image via Reddit]

  • Just when you think it’s time for Davos to get his head bashed in by Alliser Thorne (Owen Teale), the giants and wildlings turn up just in time to fix things so Jon Snow (Kit Harington) can… still…

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