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Mornings With the Seer: To the Coven Called

Good morning, and how is your day?  Well, with mine, we have a bridge shut down here in The Burg this morning, and it’s right in my back yard.  Not the actual bridge, mind you, but a retaining wall came down on the side of the valley where Cameron Street runs, and that fell on to a building, and all hell broke loose last night, apparently.  And the good thing is, I can even show you.  Look right here:

Mostly up there, in the left-hand corner.

Mostly up there, in the right-hand corner.

That’s the bridge, and the yellow arrow up over by der, that’s where the wall came down.  And me:  I live in the building in the lower left-hand corner, Executive House Apartments, so I’m about a half-mile/eight hundred meters from where this all happened.  Oh, and I love having Goggle Earth with the 3D setup with me now.  It’s so nice.

And in the continuing adventures of “I Have a New Computer” I snapped a picture after arriving home from my local Mexican eatery, doing my part to have a good time on Sinkhole de Mayo, or as I like to call it, “Americans Getting Drunk On What They Think is Mexican Independence Day”.

Two tacos and a margarita are all I need.

Two tacos and a margarita are all I need.

And, true, last night was the first time I used the New Beast to sit in front of the TV and make notes for my Orphan Black recap.  It was nice.  This computer is lighter, I had four hours of battery life, and it doesn’t produce a lot of heat–and that last was murder on me, for reals.  The only real complaint is that I’m still getting used to the keyboard, so I was making a lot of mistakes, but I’m getting better.



All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Though they’d been past Åsgårdsreia Tower numerous times—the paths leading north from The Pentagram started at the Northern Portal next to the coven—neither Annie or Kerry had ever entered the coven itself. In the nearly two years they’d been at school the only other time they’d been inside another coven had been once early on during this level when they were invited into Mórrígan Tower by Erywin as they were returning from the Spell Center on Reacquaintance Day. She was getting something from her office before heading off to dinner; they looked about the commons for about a minute, marveling that while it was the same floor plan the interior decorations and colors made it look completely different from their commons in Cernunnos; and they all departed together.

That time entry was gained through a casual invitation: this time their presence was being requested. And even though they both knew Deanna in a way far more personal than that of a student to instructor, Annie felt the request somehow carried the weight of their friend’s position as leader of Åsgårdsreia Coven.
That was why she couldn’t put aside the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a casual meeting.

Both children entered the northern most point of The Pentagram and turned to their left, following the curve of the tower a few meters to one of the three entrances to the tower. They stood before the entrance for a few seconds wondering how they should announce their presence. Kerry looked to his left. “Maybe we should knock?”

She wasn’t certain if Kerry’s idea wasn’t the best way to proceed. Just as with the entrances to their coven, there weren’t any visible ways to notify the people inside they were expected. “That may be the best—”


As established Åsgårdsreia Tower is the northern most point of The Pentagram, so all those little shield maidens are up there overlooking everyone else in those other loser covens, and so I popped into Blender to have a look-see.  And getting in closer than the picture below shows, I’d completely forgotten that I’d added doors to the three covens where people enter and leave the wall on their way to classes.  They aren’t good doors–really just rectangles–but I put them there almost three years ago when I designed this.  Gotta admit, I’m good.

I love seeing the detail now.

And I love seeing the detail now.

I also should make Lagertha the patron witch of Åsgårdsreia Tower or something.  Is or was she magical?  Was she really real, being more than the legend she has become?  Hummm . . . could be on both accounts.

So, did they knock?  Didn’t have to ’cause–


A hologram flashed into existence to Annie’s left, that of a young multi-ethnic girl dressed in a school uniform adorned with a six-star cluster in Åsgårdsreia purple. “Annie, Kerry: how are you?”

Kerry was somewhat surprised but Annie had encountered this technical apparition on a couple of occasions. “Hello, Sabrina. It’s good to see you again.”

The hologram student aid nodded towards the entrance. “You can go in: Professor Arrakis is expecting you.”

Annie returned the nod. “Is her office in the same place as the other coven offices?”

“Um, hum.”

“Thank you.” She waved open the door before taking Kerry by the hand. “Let’s go, my love.”

The Åsgårdsreia commons felt fare more like their coven in Cernunnos in as much as the floor space was less cluttered than what they’d observed during their visit to Mórrígan, with only a couple of sofas and a few chairs scattered about the area. The biggest differences were both sofas sat before the huge fireplace to their left, and most everything possessed a smattering of purple or violet as either a primary color or a trim.

Kerry leaned close to Annie as they approached the coven office door. “That’s Sabrina?”

Annie chuckled as she gave him a coy wink. “Yes, it is.” They stopped before the door to what they assumed was Deanna’s office, and this time Annie did knock.

The door opened revealing Deanna standing a few meters back from the entrance. She greeting them with arm held wide. “Welcome. Please come in.”


Kerry’s never really met the school AI, so he’s never had a conversation or even seen her.  The kids know about her because it was stated she left all the covens unlocked when everyone returned from Yule holiday so people could mingle, but people didn’t actually see her.  And since Kerry was with Vicky when they gave Annie her wings, he didn’t see her then, either.  This would be the third time Annie’s run into her, though “run” is a subjective word.

I now have my kids ready to speak with Deanna.  All that remains now is to get them to talking . . .


10 thoughts on “Mornings With the Seer: To the Coven Called

  1. Been waiting for this, but…. oh, well…. it’s about 4 AM now…….. anyways, who again is Sabrina ? Her name is familiar, and now I know she’s an AI, but when and where exactly did Annie first meet her ? Definitely not with Kerry coz this is the first time he’s met her.

    • Annie first met her when she went to speak to Deanna about Kerry’s dreams, and both of them went up to the meditation room on the first floor of Memory’s End. Annie met her the second time as I indicated in the post.

      Kerry probably knows of her by now, but this is the first time he’s “seen” her.

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