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The Remains of the Day: Setting By Sunset

There was writing last night–a whole lot of it.  Naturally with it being Monday most of it went into my Fear the Walking Dead recap, but I still managed just over four hundred words on my own novel, pushing everything up over three hundred and the thousand words total.  It seems like only yesterday I was pushing up over three hundred thousand words–well, two weeks ago on 24 April–but three twenty-five is getting closer all the time.  And so it the end of this novel.

Before the words come there’s something else that needs mentioning.  I left work early yesterday because it was time for a new hairdo, which means it was time for a new wig, so I headed off for a fitting.  And I found something that, so far, everyone tells me works well.

What did I decide?  I decided to join the most hated group of people ever:  I became a ginger.

I'm not evil. I swear.

I’m not evil. I swear.

I’m really liking the color and style, and surprised at how much hair there is on this wig.  I was told this is “happy hair,” and it really does make me look and feel better.  Also, my friends tell me this suits my complexion better than blond, and if I like this, it may just become the color of choice.  Not that I have a problem with doing such a thing.

Now, about that writing . . .

I wanted to have a bit of a melancholy feel for the rest of this chapter, and to do that I needed a good setting.  So I found one, because they are all over the school.  You just gotta know where they are and when to use them.


All excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

A bright spot of light lingered in the western overcast, marking the location where the sun had settled below the horizon only five minutes earlier. Annie thought the coming evening would be much nicer were the sky clear, but at least the wind was calm and the temperatures had finally begun moving into the upper teens Celsius.

Despite all that happened today, the day was winding down into something lovely.

After their meeting with Deanna they went through the rest of the day as they’d planed: they went down into their lab and watched a movie on Kerry’s computer tablet; they went into Salem with other students and had lunch with their friends; they spent the afternoon window shopping and returned to the school for dinner.

There was one thing they didn’t do during all this time, however.

While Kerry avoided discussing their morning meeting, Annie found she wasn’t eager to talk about the newest revelation about their relationship. It wasn’t that she was afraid to bring up anything, it was more about not giving Kerry anything more to worry about or concern himself with the end of school, and his return home, so near. She wanted him to relax and enjoy their classes and what little remaining time they had together, and not bother with one more thing impacting his life.

There remained, however, what she wanted . . .

They were headed back to the tower to rest a little before changing for the Midnight Madness when Kerry made the suggestion that they head out to Sunset Tower and, as he stated, relax. Annie found the idea a bit unusual in that they’d never done this at any time since arriving for their A Levels. On a few occasions they’d walked the walls just to observe the world beyond the school walls, but they’d never taken the time to come out to the wall to be alone. They’d been to Observatory Tower on many occasions, and sat on the roof of The Diamond to watch the Beltane bonfires burn, but the wall? Never.

And they’d never visited Sunset Tower.

The tower was famous because, before what became known as The Dogtown Expansion to the south occurred, Sunset was the furthest western point of the main school walls, and just as Sunrise Tower on the other side of the grounds was first section of the outer wall to receive the morning light, Sunset caught the last light of the day. While this was no longer true, the tower retained the name and the reputation, and was responsible for the large, fast Green Line turn being given the name Sunset Boulevard.


Sunset Tower has been visited once before:  it’s where Wednesday went to reactivate the nodes controlling the detection and communication grids during the Day of the Dead attack, and where Erywin almost zapped her while doing this.  But as far as the kids going there, as stated they’ve been on The Wall before, but not out to Sunset.

Real close by, you know?

There it is. all by it’s lonesome.

And as was pointed out, there’s a section of the Green Line that goes past there, and it’s where Emma was racing Kerry before they were told to stop and Emma screwed up Kerry’s knee in a slight collision.  But no one remembers that except some Bulgarian girls with long memories.

B For Bewitching Sunset Tower Far

There’s that long bend that led to Kerry having knee problems at eleven.

This is a good view of the school showing nearly all the main class buildings and The Pentagram Complex with Sunset Tower all they way out there sitting off in the woods.  It doesn’t look like it’s that far, but it’s about a good kilometer from The Pentagram, and while it can be reached by tunnel, most kids don’t bother walking there.  Now from the air . . .

And a note about something mentioned in the excerpt.  We discover that the push for land in the south was known as The Dogtown Expansion, and that’s because Dogtown was once a real place on Cape Ann.  It was once the major community on the Cape and was the location of the main road between Rockport and Gloucester.  After the War of 1812 people moved out of the area and settled on the coast, and the only people who were supposed to be in the area after that were, um, witches.  What a shock, huh?

Today, in my story, Dogtown is right outside the Gloucester Gate, the southern entrance into the school.  That way people can visit there without having to walk into the grounds, but as with everything else, if they get too close to the walls–well, magic takes over and they think they’ve gone on a long walk in the woods.  It’s better for everyone that way.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, maybe we’ll find out what’s happening with my kids . . .


29 thoughts on “The Remains of the Day: Setting By Sunset

          • If a transwoman got elected, I wouldn’t be surprised. Filipinos are very accepting. That’s why they’re in the list of top 10 most accepting.

          • The people who have elected him are those who have not experienced how life was under a dictatorship. The current President, Pres. Aquio is a gentle man , and has brought the country’s economy to great heights…. so far, the country’s GDP is highest in Asia, even higher than China’s , at 8.0 . ( US is 4 something ) . The problem is, it doesn’t trickle down to the masses. Almost half of the population are below poverty line and , and the rest are living it up. Unlike the US, the Philippines ‘s poor do not receive welfare checks … so no money, no food, no homes. And there’s population explosion. It ws only recently when the government approved over the counter birth control pills. That was a very contentious bill , because as you know, it’s a Catholic country, and the Church fought hard to reject this bill.

            Ah, politics sucks. Oh, well, I’m not Filipino, anyway, but I’m still very much concerned.

      • Duh, of course ! !

        I ‘m just wondering how in the world the US government isn’t aware of its existence….. I mean, at least the structures. Is there bewitching involved ? Of course there is, but how is it done ? The school itself is massive.

        • Oh, I’ve mentioned that. It’s a combination of magic and technology that keeps it hidden. I don’t know if I posed it, but in the first novel Kerry is trying to locate the school while Annie and he are on the train to Rockport. He’s looking all over Goggle Maps and sees nothing. So he’s like, I don’t understand where we’re going: there’s nothing there!

          Of course, now that he’s in the system, there’s a mod on his computer that lets him see the school on G Maps. It’s the same way with the other schools: until you’re an accepted witch, you can’t see these places.

          • Yes, I remember that…. Annie had to explain the situation to Kerry.
            Kerry is such a geek. He he
            I wonder what they’re going to talk about at the Tower. Like, they need to have a greater will power now not to succumb to you know what. I notice the barrier to not have sex is getting blurry . Its just a matter of time.

          • Well, they are teens in a long-term relationship, and as you have mentioned, those hormones tend to drive you a little crazy at times. Annie’s mentioned in a roundabout way that *she* feels it, and you can see she’s ready to be of age so she can get married and, you know, do all the things her parents get to do.

            It was eventual that it would show up. Now can they be “adults” about the situation and deal with it? It may not be easy.

          • With those raging hormones, it would be very, very difficult to put up a wall between them when the going gets really passionate , especially at that age.

  1. I have special eyes; they see everyone as equal and free but I still don’t see any porn. Or haters😂!

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