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The Remains of the Day: Visions of Dreams

The Eleventh of May–not to be confused with the Eleventh Earl of Mar–was a day of stone braining.  It seemed like I was in a fog for much of the day, and that isn’t good when your job involves trying to think.  Throw in the pain in my left leg and it was a good day for feeling as if you were down for the count.

So when I got home I opened the door to the balcony to air out the apartment and get it nice and cool, then stripped down to the knickers and climbed into that new onesie that I was given as a present.  And I took about an hour long nap.  I mean, I was out.  I was nice and comfortable and cozy, and once I was up I felt a lot better.

See?  I've fallen into the Onesie Trap and I can't gt up.

See? I’ve fallen into the Onesie Trap and I can’t get up.  Or maybe I did.

Then it was run off to mail a small package, then pick up some food, then come back here and change, then speak to a couple of friends who were having issues–and then I got to writing.  I was actually surprised that I managed as much as I did.

While getting in almost six hundred words isn’t what I’d call a return to the old form, it’s better than what I have done of late, and it seems as if I’m working towards the prophetic words of Winston Churchill, when he said, in part, that you struggle to finish a book.  I feel like I’m struggling now, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

And what happened after the exchange of titles that we’re sure at to come?  Well . . .


This excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Neither did I.” He began patting out a tune on his legs. “But—”


“It seems. . . natural.”

Annie flashed back on the origin of that particular comment: her rune dream from the first Friday evening she spent at school. Though by now she understood that it wasn’t so much a dream as it was a vision— Kerry’s was his mind telling him about our shared dream space and, in a slight way, about his Bigender Gift. Mine was showing me the aftermath of our first true night together, the aftermath of our shared vision

She slowly rolled her eyes from the right to her left. “Wait.”

Kerry immediately stopped his drumming. “What it is?”

“My rune dream: we mentioned The Three Bindings.”

Though it had been a little over a year since they discussed their rune dreams on the north shore of Lake Lovecraft, there was little about Annie’s dream that he didn’t remember. There were even times when he was alone that he could her her speaking to him, once again hearing her words of what happened the morning following their wedding night. Us waking up, getting the message from my mom; getting up and standing at the railing of the Lake House loft, talking about breakfast with her parents and mine up at the main house and what she wanted to wear; having coffee after we cleaned up—

He then remembered the part of the conversation to which Annie refereed. “I asked if you felt something—if you felt different.”

“Yes.” She didn’t look directly at Kerry, but rather stared down into the forest gloom beyond the school walls. “I said it was like my head cleared.”

“And then I said something like, ‘This must mean they were right’.” He looked up into the darkening gray sky. “Damn. You’re right.”

“It must have been The Three Bindings we were discussing there.” There was just a touch of exasperation in Annie’s sigh. “It just now struck me that’s what it meant.”


This is one of those instances where something I wrote in the last novel is coming to fruition once more.  Annie’s rune dream was written during NaNoWriMo 2014–according to when I posted it to my blog, it was written the evening of 20 November, 2014.  That’s like a year and a half ago, and in checking the story I see the scene was created in Scrivener on 12 June, 2014.  So I pretty much knew what was going to happen with this nearly two years ago–longer if you realize I had this in my head for a while.

And what part of the dream are we discussing?  Right here at the end:


This excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Consider it done.”  There’s a silence that stretches on for about fifteen seconds.  I’m almost about to ask what is wrong when you speak.  “Did you feel anything . . . different?”

“Yes.”  I release you hand and turn to face you.  “It was like my head cleared.”

“Same here.”  You face me.  “I guess that means they were right.”

“So it would seem.”  My right hand becomes entwined in your left as I draw closer.  “Now the question becomes, where do we go with this—“  I press against you and kiss you long and slow.  “Mr. Malibey?”

“The answer to that is simple:  anywhere and everywhere we want to go—“  You return the kiss, and when you step back, there is a gleam in your eye.  “Mrs. Malibey.”


That was where I had them, in their vision, realizing something was going on with them, and they were aware of what that something was.  Once more, I’ve been sitting on something for almost two years just so I can get it into this novel, and have them–like everyone reading–understand what’s going on.  Long game and all, you know?

This means Kerry makes an obvious connection, which Annie makes another–


This excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry said nothing as he continued staring out towards west. “You know what this means—” He half turned towards Annie. “It means we didn’t do that before we got married.”

“Obviously.” She almost laughed. “It also means that someone performed that physical binding ceremony at our wedding.” A veneer of seriousness dropped over Annie’s face as she whispered a name. “Deanna.”

He exhaled slowly between pursed his lips. “You think?”

“It must be her; it couldn’t be anyone else.”  She fully turned again, slipping on leg under the other. “She read my description of what happened and then had six months to figure out what it could mean.” She closed her eyes for a moment, and when they opened it was clear Annie had more than assumptions in mind. “I’ll bet Deanna knows everything about this ceremony—probably has from before she knew about our astral binding—and that she’s spent the last few weeks figuring out everything we might need to do the ceremony once we learned it existed.” She shook her head slowly as she swung her legs back over the outside of the wall. “It would have taken her a week or so to put that writ together and have it approved: it’s not as if she sent the information to Paris last night.”

“Oh, man.” He returned to dangling his legs over the wall, moving close enough to Annie that he was shoulder-to-shoulder with her. “So what does this writ actually do to us?”


Does this mean the Seer of Salem is gaslighting my kids about a whole lot of stuff in their lives?  It’s been established that she probably knows a lot more than she’s admitting, but some kind of Seer’s Code prevents her from saying things like, “Oh, and Annie:  don’t eat the truffles when you’re in France in two years.”  That can mean anything, and as Deanna says, once you’ve had a vision, it’s difficult to tell if you’re doing or not doing something will make it come true.

We’re getting into the end of the scene, chapter, and part, and in those few words that will come before I have to sit and write out notes for a recap, more than a few things are gonna get said–

"Maybe I should tell Kerry that this means he should marry me right now!"

“Maybe I should tell Kerry this writ means he must marry me right now!”

Nah.  You’ll know that can’t happen, kiddo . . .

9 thoughts on “The Remains of the Day: Visions of Dreams

  1. Eh. Second.

    Alright. I get it now. Astral binding…. done. Now , the physical binding is not some kind of binding that happens spontaneously. It’s done in a ceremony, like the one at a Native American’s wedding event that you had mentioned a while back. And of course the life binding is pretty straightforward.

    This also tells us the kids won’t do anything that will break the sequence.

    My question is, do they have to get married to complete this. I mean, does physical binding require a marriage ceremony ?

    • It doesn’t require a marriage ceremony, no, and that’s why Deanna issues the writ to prevent either of them trying to learn the physical binding ceremony before they get married. She doesn’t need sight to know what would happen in a couple of years if these two decided they were ready to “move on” in their relationship, and they wanted to get this Three Bindings thing out of the way. They’d probably figure it out.

  2. By the way, Cassie, what is the reason why Deanna cannot do the physical binding now…. why the delay ? Because she thinks they’re still minors ? She should do it as soon as possible. The kids’ hormones are about to go on rampage.

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