Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 5, “Human Raw Material”

How do you feel about some human raw material? Well, I let you know with this episode recap of “Orphan Black”.

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OB S4 E5 Cosima BB

Believe it or not we are half-way through Season 4 of Orphan Black, but things are not only becoming darker, but taking on shades of crazy gray-–

All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.

Wrist wrapping leads to working out. It’s Krystal! Yes, she’s back and working with her personal trailer. She’s not the airy blond we saw the prior season: no, now she’s talking about her Internet investigation of Dyad and the time these twins abducted her. She puts her trainer on his ass with a fierce body throw—she’s definitely a force to reckon with now.

"I am woman, like hear me roar.  For reals." “I am woman, like, hear me roar. For reals.”

Sarah’s spending time with Kira (Skyler Wexler) at the safe house, and they’re painting the wall of her bedroom. There’s a text on Sarah’s—it’s Helena—and Kira’s face heads right for the basement. Sarah ain’t about to disappoint her little monkey, and she…

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The Remains of the Day: The Differences in Ourselves

Chapter Thirty-three is over, done, finished, and that also brings Part Ten to an end as well.

It's right here, all over the page.

It’s right here, all over the page.

This means that there’s one more part–Part Eleven, of course–two more chapters, and eight more scene to do before I put “The End” at the bottom of this sucker.  Not a lot left to do.  Figure, at best, if I spend two night and days on each scene, that’s sixteen days, and by 30 May I’m posting my excerpt for B For Bewitching.  The end is pretty close, isn’t it?

I will confess there was a bit of wine drinking going on as I wrote, and at the end, while listening to Distant Sun by Crowded House, I decided to raise a glass and get a picture:



Even two.

Even two.

So where does this excerpt go?  Right here, and it starts with Annie explaining this writ:


This excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“It forbids us from studying the things mentioned by Deanna. We can’t buy any books that have that particular information within, or look up those books in a library, or even have someone do either of those things for us. I can even imagine that for school The Foundation would edit our texts, and if any of those things are discussed in class, we’d have to leave.” Annie leaned forward as she sighed. “I never imagined I’d find myself forbidden to study a particular type of magic.” She glanced sideways at Kerry. “You know why, don’t you?”

Kerry shot a glance back at his soul mate. “No, why?”

“Because we’re different. It’s what you told me back in October, that like it or not we weren’t like the others in our level.” She wrapped her arms around Kerry’s left arm and snuggled against it tight. “You said then we could either change and become an image of what others expect of us, or we can ignore them and simply be ourselves.” She killed Kerry’s cheek. “I embrace my differences. I accept that I will never be like those in our level—with the exception of one person: my love. My soul mate.”

He reached up and cupped her hands in his left. “The one person just as different as you, and who will never, ever tell you to change.” He laughed. “Not that you would if I said anything.”

Annie joined in his laughter. “You know me all too well.”


This was how Act One ended, with Annie and Kerry wandering the streets of Salem after getting dissed in minion duty during B Level Sorcery, and Kerry explaining what he thought “being different” meant to him, and how they both were different than the other witches.  Annie accepts that she’s different, and she has a different person as her side as well.  She’s always known she was a witch, but until now she hadn’t thought of herself as being a “different witch.”  Get with a geek and this is what happens.

It’s right here that they also make a decision on their future, with Kerry setting the tone:


“I’ve known you all my life: how could I not know you?” He rested his head against her. “We have our one vision and your dream that says we stay—” Kerry chuckled. “—pure until we’re married, and we have another that says we might not. Whatever happens will just happen. But I promise—” He gave her hands a light squeeze. “I won’t put any pressure on you to make a decision on what we do there. Whatever happens is going to be totally consensual, and totally up to you.”

Annie maneuvered so her chin rested upon Kerry’s shoulder. “Do you know how lucky I am to be paired with someone like you?”

“Not a lucky as I am to be paired with you—” He kissed the tip of her nose. “Mrs. Malibey.”

“Not yet: not for a while.” She stared into his bright green eyes. “Eighteen is the age of emancipation. We can always petition The Foundation for early emancipation, but the earliest emancipation can come is at sixteen. If we’re lucky we could get seventeen, but—” Annie gazed off to her right for a moment. “Probably another five years before you can call me by that title.” She winked. “Mr. Malibey.”

Kerry untangled his left arm from Annie’s grip and wrapped it around her shoulders. “We know the truth: we don’t need anyone telling us otherwise.”

“Of course they can’t.” Annie rested against Kerry, closing her eyes and feeling wonderfully comfortable in his embrace. “We’re different from those who’d try to change us—and I don’t care what they think about us—

“We are who we are. Always.”


So, no hanky-panky until Marrying Time, and Kerry promises he’ll never try to force Annie into, well, you know, that sex.  And that could be at least five years off in the future, as we see even The Foundation doesn’t consider these kid legal adults for that sort of stuff until they’re eighteen–though is is possible it could happen early.  As I say, I know.

At least we’ll probably have them calling each other “Mr. and Mrs. Malibey” when they’re alone, just because that’s something kids do because they see it as cute.  We’ll see how long it goes before it becomes annoying.

One last thing:  last night, after the noveling was finished, I was speaking with The Real Annie(tm) and we were going over some of the things I’ve done with the story, and she was showing me something she was working on as well.  During this time I showed her the image of “Annie” with the auqa hair, which she thought was perfect, and she mentioned that she was so happy that she picked Jodelle Ferland as the “body image” for my Bulgarian Pop Princess.  It was right then that I discovered another picture that I thought could be Annie when she’s away from school and relaxing at a certain location that was made expressly for her.

So here you go:  this is how I imagine Annie when she’s out to the Lake House, working on magic, listening to music, and thinking about her Ginger Hair Boy.

I'm totally not judging anyone out there.  Yet.

Completely relaxed and totally not judging anyone else she knows. Yet.