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Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 5, “Human Raw Material”

How do you feel about some human raw material? Well, I let you know with this episode recap of “Orphan Black”.

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OB S4 E5 Cosima BB

Believe it or not we are half-way through Season 4 of Orphan Black, but things are not only becoming darker, but taking on shades of crazy gray-–

All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.

Wrist wrapping leads to working out. It’s Krystal! Yes, she’s back and working with her personal trailer. She’s not the airy blond we saw the prior season: no, now she’s talking about her Internet investigation of Dyad and the time these twins abducted her. She puts her trainer on his ass with a fierce body throw—she’s definitely a force to reckon with now.

"I am woman, like hear me roar.  For reals." “I am woman, like, hear me roar. For reals.”

Sarah’s spending time with Kira (Skyler Wexler) at the safe house, and they’re painting the wall of her bedroom. There’s a text on Sarah’s—it’s Helena—and Kira’s face heads right for the basement. Sarah ain’t about to disappoint her little monkey, and she…

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One thought on “Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 5, “Human Raw Material”

  1. I’m so sad that the season is half over already. I was thinking of that myself last night, and how this season JUST started… how am I supposed to live without more new episodes (again)?!
    I’m not sure that I buy that Adele is Phee’s sister. I have a couple of theories. We don’t actually HEAR Scott tell Sarah the results. We hear Sarah acknowledge what Scott says, hang up, and then TELL everyone that is what the result was. Rule 1: Clones lie. But why lie about this when you’ve been so hell bent on sticking your tongue in Felix’s face and saying “I told you so!” in true sestra fashion? Perhaps in that moment she decided she didn’t want to break his heart. Maybe she wants Adele to THINK she believes that so she can get close to her and find out what is REALLY going on with her (which is probably more likely)? Or 1800 other reasons that she may have thought of. I think Adele looked a little surprised that the test showed she was his sister, too. My other reason is that in the first episode she shows up in. About the first time she shuts up long enough to take a breath is when Felix starts talking about his bio mom, and she seems actually INTERESTED in actually listening to what he has to say, and even tries to get a little deeper by asking what he remembers about her. Phee says he can feel his bio mom’s presence in the way the sun shines just right sometimes, and Adele intently listens to him, the sun aglow behind her. I wonder if perhaps they are related, but that SHE is his actual bio mom. That could explain why their DNA would have similar markers. Sarah never told Scott that they should only have matching paternal DNA (that I recall off the top of my head). Could it be possible that bio mom’s death was faked for some reason yet unknown to us all? Of course it is! Time shall tell!
    As far as the whole thing with Susan and Ira go, I didn’t feel like she was a “child molester” per se, but I got the feeling that the writers want you do feel… disturbed (? can’t find quite the word I’m looking for) by it, because of the warped tone and key of the music they chose for the scene. I’m of the same school of thinking you are here though. Of all the things this woman has done, I doubt we know the worst of it yet, but this is certainly not even in the top 10 of the worst things she’s done that we DO know about. About the only “main” characters NOT making out with clones these days are S, Scott and Felix (well sort of Felix, he got some lip action with Tony).
    So after Sarah finds out that Helena ran off a day or two ago, why was Sarah not immediately calling Helena? Helena MUST have her clone phone, because she texted Sarah earlier that day to not worry about her. It was important enough to find out right away if Allison was a drug lord, so what about our prego sestra?! Also, “Ronnie” cracks me up, and I pity his poor sac. I wonder if anyone ever found him passed out on the floor with a painful case of blue balls?

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