The Final Days and Nights: PTown Bound

Better late than never, but there’s always a reason why I’m coming to you so late, an that’s because I’m keeping my mind off eating.  I intend to head out after this is posted to do a little happy hour just down the street, then come back here for a nap before I do a little more writing tonight.  I’ve also been busy getting things ready for this post and, believe it or not, fixing a mistake I found in my story.  But more on that later.

We come to Chapter Thirty-four, and this is the penultimate chapter of the novel.  There remains one more after this, but the writing’s on the wall:  another couple of weeks and B For Bewitching is finished, and with it another year of my life spend working on a novel.  Two days ago someone asked me, “What’s next?” and you probably already know the answer.  But I need a rest first; I’m in a serious state of burn out, and I need to recharge and do some editing before I can even consider getting into another original story.

But all that stuff is for later.  Right now my mind is on this:

The scenes are coming, but not for long.

The scenes are coming, but not for long.

This chapter deals with the last week at school, and the next chapter, Thirty-five, deals with the last day Annie and Kerry spend together before going their separate ways for the summer.  And with the day set forth in this scene, the last Sunday at school, there’s less than a week before they say their B Level goodbyes.

But first, there’s something on their agenda for this day–


This excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Though the day was overcast and cool—as was the case with most of this May—everyone was in great spirits. Kerry felt there was something about getting away from school and being out on your own for just a little while that instantly lightened moods and had people enjoying their surroundings.

Though he had to admit the start of this little adventure hadn’t come without issues . . .

Today was Graduation Day at Salem, and the majority of activities were geared around the students who had completed their studies and their families who were there to celebrate their children’s success. Because today’s focus was on the seventeen departing F Levels, that meant the remaining one hundred and twenty-three students moving on to their next school levels were pretty much free to do as they pleased.

And what pleased Annie and Kerry the most was the ability to leave the school grounds, with permission, on their own.


It was the thrid paragraph that gave me trouble and made me start looking around for twenty minutes because there was a mistake in my history.  I know:  gasp!  It happens.

What went down was this.  I know how many students there are at school:  for this year it’s one hundred and forty-nine.  Seventeen students are graduating, and with nine not doing well enough to move on to the next level, that meant I have one hundred and twenty-three students coming back next year for Annie ‘sand Kerry’s C Levels.

Only I noticed that when I added up all my F Levels from each coven I had sixteen, so I need to figure out where I was light and fix that.  After that I decided, what the hell, I’ll check all the numbers.  And what did I find?

I was missing a student.

It took me a moment to figure out the missing student was in Blodeuwedd, and it took me a few more minutes of number checking to figure out I was light one D Level n that coven.  With that know I put a maker there for a student, reran my numbers to make sure everything was good, confirming that they were.  Now that I had all my students accounted for, I could get on with my writing.

See the insanity I put myself through?  It would be so much easier to just make shit up, but noooooooo . . .

Now that we know what makes my kids happy, what are they gonna do about it?


During their A Levels Annie and he had taken the day and flew westward, where they spent most of the day relaxing at Pearl Hill State Park. This year, however, they had a different destination in mind, and they decided they wanted to enjoy their time in the company of friends, so earlier in the weekend they asked Penny, Alex, and Jario if they wanted to come along, and let Alex know her boyfriend Kahoku was invited as well. By the end of the day all four friend accepted the invite, and Kerry, Penny, and Alex filed their plans with Vicky the next day.

All six gathered in the Pentagram Garden right before nine-thirty, well after breakfast so they had plenty of time to return to their covens and grab a few things before leaving. The plan for reaching their destination was simple: Annie, Penny, Alex, and Kerry were going to fly while Jairo and Kahoku would ride on the backs of their girlfriend’s brooms. Alex and Kerry brought their backpacks which gave Penny and Annie a place to set their purses, and Kerry had his tablet computer mounted on the control shaft of his Espinoza so they would have music for their short trip.

Right at the bottom of the hour they lifted off from the garden. Rather than use a broom, Annie rose into the air under her own Gift, wearing her new flying jacket for the first time. They ascended to three hundred meters, put their light bending spells in place, and headed off towards their destination: Provincetown, Massachusetts, at the tip of Cape Cod.

Though Jairo and Kahoku knew where they were going, the four fliers thought it best not to tell their passengers all the details of their flight there. They headed south towards Bass Rocks, but instead of turning right and to the west, the flight turned slightly to the left and sailed out over the Atlantic, picking up speed until they were cruising along as a comfortable one hundred eighty kilometers an hour. Annie and Kerry took the lead while Alex and Penny pulled into position behind them, and both seemed to enjoy having their boyfriends clutching on to them for fear they were going to be lost at sea.


Unlike last time they are not going out on their graduation flight alone but with friends, and rather than go to a park they’re heading to a town. Provincetown, MA, is one of the nicest places I’ve ever visited, and one of these days I’m going to find a way to attend a writer’s retreat there.  That’s why this scene is labeled Party of Six, for the Cernunnos Five, plus Alex’s boyfriend, make for six.  I also find it a bit funny that other than Kerry the two boyfriends have to ride on the backs of their girlfriend’s brooms, because those boys should have stuck to flying if they wanted to ride along side their ladies.

Here’s their quick trip across the ocean, though we’re being very liberal with the term ocean here.  Still, if you don’t like being over open water, you’re probably not going to be happy out here.

It's ocean if you only look at it that way.

It’s ocean if you only look at it that way.

The total distance is only about seventy-seven km/forty-eight mi, which is why at the speed they were going they were able to make the trip in about thirty minutes.  It would have taken them a lot longer to hug the shore and make the trip that way, and at some point flying across open water was the only way to get there without being crazy about thing.

And once they arrive at their destination, the rest is simple.


Kerry would glance over at Annie every minute or so as she kept about a four meter separation between them. This was her first flight since her last solo flight, and her flight helmet and goggles couldn’t hide the pleasure she felt being airborne once more. Nearly every time he looked to see how she was doing she’d look back and smile, letting him know she felt wonderful. There wasn’t a need to talk during the flight: there was no mistaking her joy.

Twenty-five minutes after leaving land behind they rapidly closed on the tip of Cape Cod, passing directly over the center of the Provincetown Airport runway as they approached their landing area: a grove of trees near the Pilgrim Monument on a hill overlooking the main town. They set down and remained invisible until they were certain they were alone before unmasking. After that it was a simple matter to leave the park, head down High Pole Hill Road to Bradford Street before strolling down to the main part of the town, where they would wander around window shopping before stopping for lunch at the Coffee Pot Restaurant in Lopes Square.


I would seem that both Annie and Kerry don’t mind flying out over the water now, probably because they know they could be back over land in about five minutes if they really wanted to turn on the speed.  I checked and most of the flight is never more than thirty kilometers from the shore.  I don’t know if the two boys would enjoy zipping into shore at three hundred kilometers and hour, however.

This is the area where they landed:

Well, near here, anyway.

Well, near here, anyway.

The area where they landed, the Pilgrim Monument, is just out of sight in the upper left hand corner, and the street the kids walk down is right there disappearing toward that direction.  Their eventual lunchtime destination is right in the center of the picture:  the Coffee Pot, where one can get things other than coffee.  And the area around there looks nice, too.

A nice street view which obviously wasn't take on the day my kids were there.

A nice street view which obviously wasn’t take on the day my kids were there.

This is where the rest of the scene takes place.  Which I’ll get to tonight and tomorrow.

Assuming I don’t find any more mistakes.