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Welcome to the Underworld

After noon came and went yesterday I had to head and do a few things, and came down with a serve case of motion sickness.  This has happened to me a few times in the past couple of weeks, and it’s been a real pain in the butt.  Yesterday was particularly bad, but I think part of it started of with me having a bad case of the caffeine shakes when I left the shop.  Since I’ve stopped drinking coffee at work, I believe two cups is quickly becoming my limit for coffee ingestion.  Can’t have that these days.

I ended up taking a long nap in a cool room, and felt better, but I really didn’t have much in the way of writing chops in me at that point, not to mention that last night was recap night, and I needed to save my fingers for the sixteen hundred words I was gonna type in an hour–for reals.  But there are other creative endeavors one can get up to as well, one of which–as I mentioned in the comments in yesterday’s post–is that I’m going to work on my “movie trailer” for this novel, much like I worked on one for A For Advanced, and . . . I’m doing one for the C Level novel.  Yes, I’m gonna tease the hell out of that book, and let me just say, there is gonna be some stuff in it.


But the biggest thing I did last night was finish the lower levels of Cernunnos Coven, and I now know what they look like.  So let me show that off–

A common bit of information, first.  Both of these levels are 3.2 meters high, or 10.5 feet.  It’s high for a reason:  that the height of the walls beyond the coven towers, and it keeps the students from feeling claustrophobia when they’re below ground.  Claustrophobic witches are panicky witches, and you don’t want that.

So, lower level first:

Here it is in all its underground glory.

Here it is in all its underground glory.

Just so you have your orientation, the path going off to the left is lower level wall passage to Åsgårdsreia Coven, and the one at the top leads to Ceridwen Coven.  That means the big fireplace on the level above is directly along the right-hand wall.  As you can see, the lower levels is full of storage areas, and several of the rooms here are used for things like informal gatherings and meetings:  it’s down in the lower levels of Mórrígan Coven that Erywin holds her LGBTAIQ support meetings.

The most important section of this level, however, is in the central-left section of the tower, near the east exit:

It looks much better this way.

It looks much better this way.

In the slightly-top-of-center of the photo are the stairs going up to the ground floor and down to the sublevels.  Below that is the kitchen where students can go and make their own food if they so like.  Pantry, refrigerator/freeze, oven, stove, sink, dishwasher:  it’s all there.  Of course the stuff is all magical, and there’s an area where your plates of finished delicacies are jaunted to whatever floor you so choose, much like it’s done in the Dinning Hall.  It’s either that or having students walk up several flights of stairs with food and drink, and that’s never a good thing.

And there on the left, with the black table and gray sofa, is a certain private lab that a couple of kids I know have.  No one’s there right now, however:  they must be off snogging in another part of the school.

Last but not least is the sublevel:

Diggin' deeper into the dirt.

Diggin’ deeper into the dirt.

This area is pretty bare, and doesn’t have nearly as many rooms at the level above.  That’s because the center of the level is taken up by the coven “storm cellar”, the fortified section of the coven where students go when there’s a Level Three Security Protocol instituted, much as Isis did when the outer defense screens of the school were breached during the Day of the Dead attacks.  When that goes into place everyone heads down the stairs and right across the hall to the double doors leading to the room, and the joint is sealed and locked.  And in the instance there’s a Level Four Security Protocol set into place, they have a way of getting out of this room and proceeding to a large room below the Great Hall where they are just one step ahead of evacuating the school for safer parts unknown.  Which hasn’t ever happened, but it’s there just in case.

There you have it:  all the stuff below ground that you now know and see.  As some wit once said, from here, the only place to go is up . . .

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Underworld

  1. I wonder if those secured rooms ( I call them panic rooms ) if they will be used in the future ? Oh, wait, they were used already during the Day of the Attack. Maybe i’ll reread a few parts of the novels , like the DOA while waiting for the story 3.

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